Thursday, December 6, 2018

marriage life

*wipes dust off this online journal* 

i forgot how this page used to be my whole life and how i vow to update them religiously but look at how "dusty" it has gotten ): well, no thanks to instagram and shiz. i've also stopped checking my friends' site until recently i read see hui's post on my wedding. 10 months too late but thank you girlfriend. 

speaking of wedding, marriage life been great. we recently got out of a quarrel and having a fight before and after marriage feels SO DIFFERENT man. we used to go on for a week giving each other the cold treatment before marriage but when you are living in the same roof, it is so hard not to give a hoot about hfz. i was constantly worrying he would faint inside his locked cave room ok. and when you finally made up, you just find yourself loving your s/o even more?! hfz better tell me he feels that way too! 

i recently read bubz's final chapter of her book on her marriage life and it got me in tears. here's a snippet from the book. 

"it takes no effort to fall in love, but it takes hard work to stay in love. let our story be a reminder that relationships aren't meant to be rainbows and butterflies all the way. relationships can be incredibly painful and hard. love isn't a feeling but rather a choice. you choose to stay in love despite your loved one's short comings and all your differences. a great love isn't about having a pain-free "perfect" fairy tale relationship; it is about being able to overcome hardship together. "
here's to all the marriages and relationships in the world; may we overcome all obstacles life throws us!