Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Wedding

marriage life has been very blissful, alhamdulillah. still cannot believe we are married to each other sometimes. it's been three weeks since we had our wedding and i missed every single thing about it. especially my henna stain which has officially disappeared from my hand (except finger nails). that's how you know you are no longer a pengantin baru, right? since hfz is out working and i have all the time in the world for myself, i thought i would take myself back on 16 sep '17 memory lane:-

i obviously had trouble sleeping the night before but thank goodness i had see hui to accompany me throughout the night. we talked about (shit, i cannot remember what we talked about) but it was along the line of how we both cannot imagine we are legit adults and i am getting married. remembered i wanted to post a picture of hfz on instagram with a long ass caption but woman kept talking and distracting me so i settled for a short caption instead. i managed to fell asleep at 1-ish.

the morning of 16 sep 17 was chilly. it was raining cats and dogs. i woke up feeling ready to take on the world (lol!) my makeupartist arrived at 0630am and started doing magic to my face. i was feeling pretty normal while she did my makeup. no jitters, no nervousness until i put on my nikah dress. fast forward to 1000am, i already found myself sitting at the dias with my mom. i remembered my heart did a little somersault when i saw hfz. damn, dood looks damn good in white he was glowing! my dad solemnized us. pity i couldn't hear what he was saying (ugh!) few seconds later, i heard hfz's voice, mouthing the words he has been practicing every single day. and in that moment, i was so damn proud of him. (': 


after all the jazz, we went our separate ways for the nikah outfit. we went blue for our nikah outfit. i had a very hard time choosing them. after seeing myself on all three outfits during the wedding, i can safely say i did not regret any of the choices. 

thanks to the gatecrash activities, hfz and i had mini quarrel the week before our wedding ugh. my bridesmaids made the boys recite pick up lines. ahh, i cannot wait for the videos to be ready!

ahh yes, and i cried during the salam part with both our parents.

our western outfit! this was probably one of my fave moment. we picked "perfect by ed sheeran" as our march in song at hfz's side. and "the one by kodaline" at my side. and we both decided perfect was so much better as a march in song. it's one of our fave song now and we couldn't stop signing. cannot wait for ed's concert in nov woo!

we made our way to punggol for a short photoshoot with our bridesmaid and groomsmen after reception. and the next day, we had outdoor photoshoot at four different location. super tiring nak mampos, but worth it. cannot wait to receive video footages and photos from our official (and unofficial haha) videographer and photographers.

okay bye, i need to pack for our hornymoon (hehe) now!