Monday, December 31, 2007

to: ________,
hey hello. who are you calling an ass?!
watch out dickhead, see you in court!!
like seriously, what you said keeps me thinking & thinking.
& i feel confused. confused. confused.
grrr, someone fill me in please.(?)
oh bad news for you i guess, but i love him seriously &
i'm not playing ard with him or wht.& i believe he's serious abt me too.
that explain the almst a year relationship we have.
oh-great, you have the looks.girls will all be attracted to you & all.
i did too, but it was all in the past.
anyhoos, your the ass here. not him. grrr.

tmr's the new year of 08 & im not excited at all.
neither am i going for any countdown, like what fad's say,
it's all a waste of time.
i just want t meet gfriends. we sure have alot of catching up to do.
but the problem is, most of them is busy working.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

its been donkey years since i saw you.
meeet me sooon babe, i miss you
the cousin was admitted to the hospital due t some kind of
throat infection. oh well, serve him right for
smoking too much. blahs.
i'm gonna visit him sooon, the aeroplane is waiting for me now.

Friday, December 28, 2007

everything's back to normal[: iloveyou dearest.
i've got a major project to complete.& the deadline is due in two mths time.
ill also be away t france and only be back on january 09.
gooodbye singapore, hello france!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

if i had one wish,

oh god, pretty please let me have that job.
i want it badly. i need $ to buy _____ badly.
oh & the grandmother will be staying over at my home for a month
due to the eye opt she's having in january.

i dont know why, but we used t be strong.
its wrong of me to always bring up the unhappy moments we had,
to always remember the hurts & sadness being with you.
i'm sorry.
i never fail to pray to god everynight too that this love will always be strong,
that its not gonna end & that we are gonna passed Os, going to the same poly
& that mummy is gonna accept you someday.
only god knows that.
&jyeah right! your a b* who says sorry but keeps on repeating and hurting you all over again.
but i'm like that too am i?
your also the one kind of b* that i feel comfortable being with.
you might not knw this but i am what i am only in front of you.
like that" vainity and self-praised & yadeeyadeee"
i dont do all that i front of my friends or cousins.
this feeling sucks.
what make you say that your the last on my piority list?
that i went out with guys regularly?
grrr, im so dissapointed in you.only god knws how hurt i am tht night.
i'm getting sick-er as each day passes.
& i think i loses 100 strands of my hair each day.
im afraid. what if i ... ?

if i have only one wish..
i want to be the only only only girl that you love be it now
or ten, twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty, sixty,seventy,eighty, ninety, hundred
years down the road.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

sorry aint working on me anymore my dearest,
perhaps time will.
really, i need time t get all over this.
no worries, i wont leave you for i still love you.
all i need is time.
i love you<3

not angry, just disappointed.

Monday, December 24, 2007


you are my favourite sight.that one day w/o you feels like ten.
you have my attention dearest,
there was not a moment in one day that i never think of you,
just so you know.
i love you so much, i would marry you tomorrow.
happy 11th monthsary<3

i will take care of you as we age.
i will be sitting beside you on a rocking chair.
i will watch the sunset&sunrise together with you.
i will prepare your breakfast, lunch, dinner& supper.
i will be the only one that light up your life.
i will feed you with happinese every single day.
i will never give up on us.
i love you very much.i swear my love for you would nvr be untrue.
i will want t be your princess when i grow up one day![:

this is getting real complicated,

Sunday, December 23, 2007


sorry for the lack of updates
just super lazy & super busy t do so
ive been going out almst the whole day lst week.
& meeting the primary school peeps can be that awesome[:
okay, i lied.basically, not all of them are that awesome.haha
if i werent for the boyfriend, i wouldnt have attended the gathering.
oh , actually i did enjoy myself![:

i'm having flu. i'm sick.
i sound like ? BOHOHOHO.
&it tooks me an hour t finish up this post.
pengkongcheng, haha
apekkkk!IMYFM too.

ANIYSH: eh ooooi cantk!:D haha
HAZEL:rawr man i dreaded doing ths kind of thing.
haha, i ll try t do them when im free(:
PASSERBY:i uses adobe photoshop for them(:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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tossing & turning from right t left repeatedly for god knws how many times
i only manage t sleep at six in the morning & awake at ten
four hrs of sleep & panda eyes appear
i cant sleep & i cannot eat well too.what the hell is wrong w me?
for fucksake why do i even treat her like a part of me
like a good friend or whtever shit patner.
knowing that she used t be part of the reason i got hurt lst time
i thought i already forgive her.
i thought she was just a victim like i do
i thought that bas3rd was the reason for our quarrels.
oh, sadly but no.
i really hate you fuckface!
F&K, all the best for your results ltr.
motheerrrrr, lets migrate t a faraway land
i never ever want t see the fuckfaces anymore.

when you love someone,
& they break your heart
dont give up on love
have faith restart just

Monday, December 17, 2007

i wish for,
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i'm not gonna be bothered abt any of those things anymore.
i'm not gonna be jealous of those poo-faces out there.
i'm not gonna bitch abt ____ anymore,
(maybe at least not here)
for i fear im gonna get hurt when he scold me for her
i'm thinking of leaving blogger & just get on w my lj.
at least i got everything privated there & i know
i wont get any scolding even if i bitch 24/7 there.

i'm often irritated by the amt of text messages in my cellphone
not till lst night, when i started t delete some of them
while on the line w K where we were talking abt
the most ridiculous thing.
like; what if your boyf dated your mom or your sis or your so called GOODFRIEND/PATNER.
okay, back t those txt messages.
oh no, i just dont delete them all at one go but in a form of
most messages were from youknwho & i thought all
would be kinda entertaintment for me.
at least, i believe it would be.
but hell jyeah, im so wrong.very wrong indeed.
there's some that is so heartbreaking&painful.
being that maya, you knw what will happen,
but hey, like puhh-leasee!
who wouldnt shed a tear when the love of your life scolded you for
another someone when he doesnt knw the fuck is going on.
& there's one where he says the most @%$#!!*&^$@ thing
like "maybe there's really someone/another guy out there"
ridiculous, i knw.painful, VERYYYYYYYY!

to:whoever it may concern, sorry for
telling the whole world abt this mttr & i make it look like your being such an ass.
but, i just cant help it. i just cant talk t you abt this mttr
while hearing that voice of yours & looking at that look on your face.
i knw this took place some time ago but it's
pain, heartbreak, dissapointment we are talking abt here.
& how i wish when i called you aftr tht incident you would be by my side.
cheering me up, comforting me. but sadly, you aint there.
it was bbf that is there for me):<
instead you ask me t meet up my other friend.
I H A T E Y O U for this mttr!!!
i really do.

so im really angry, sad, paranoid,nthg t brag abt it.
have a good day

Sunday, December 16, 2007

i was browsing through my past journals.
how naive i was back then.
believing tht i would like so&so forever & all those nonsense shits
and how i believe tht so&so is gonna like me back.
rawrr, silly thoughts.
hell jyeah, ive suffered alot alot last year. i mean A-L-O-T!
thnaks to those two bigtimebas3rd w cheeseballshead.
& how i remembered i cried every single night t sleep,
thinking why does this happen t me.
but apart from that, ive amazing good friends that's
always there for me. seeing me shedding tears for
god knws how many billion times.
i treasure them for that<3

i was on the phone most of the night w kynn.
from 11pm to 4am that friday, we share all those heartaches/jealousy
we have been facing.
altogether, i felt much better voicing everything out.
we should do that more often dearie.
talking abt being jealous,
can someone kind out there tell that tudungirl t leave boyf alone?
oh no, im not being i?
like whats up with all the young innocent girl w tudung on friendster.
okay, no im not stopping them t make friends w boyf, but ?
shaits, okay maya stop it.
let's not fret or care about it.pfft.just let them be(:

cheenagf text me whooosh, its so weired.
if your reading this, please meet me up soooon!
i really miss those time we had together.
i miss gfs like toot tooot train too
the last time i saw most of them is during the class chalet.
danggg~ lets have an outing together.
i miss you guysss like hell alot!]:

im gonna be pretty free the next week.
come on ppl, ask me out for datesssss.
haha, chiao. im meeting F&K.


Monday, December 10, 2007

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the wedding ceramony was awesome[:
the newly wed have been together since they were 13yrsold! coool eh.
the days were filled w laughters&all w little kidssssss!
there's this little firah which is uber cute& pretty.
& i swear, she's got the potential t be a model.
sadly, her pictures isnt w me.dang~

i'm still waiting for job's calls& im still deciding whether
t take up that french course.mother agrees when i sound it out t her[:
but i'm so not gonna learn french alooone.
maybe i ll get fadhil t do it with me.& that's if that cuckoohead is interested
rawrrr, ding-dang-dong!
but whetevr it is finding job is still number 1 on my list.
im learning french sooon but not so soooooooon.
i just need a company, & i'll be ready-set-go!

i'm goona highlight my hair purple soooon.shithead.
im bored, that's it.
dear-dear where are you?
i'm so bored&i miss you.rawrrr
its been raining lately.
when is the sun ever going t come up?
ps;i miss boyf alot& i owe him 5 bugs! haha

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

past two days was a rotting day at home
& i swear i enjoy it very much
junk fooods-television-dvds-net
im enjoying life yaw[:
NICK JONAS is effing loved.
& like wth theres this weirdo who tapped me & gave me a look
& says"nick is mine."
ahhaha, weirdo, bodoh!
& if he's so why didnt you mention him earlier, fakehead(:
im starting to dislike you, i really do
stop behaving like some ? or i swear i ll be your big time enemy![:
i still cant forget what you did to me,
i really cant.
i have a feeling that you & _____;
*more on lj where its privated[:*
im meeting bf tomorrow.

Monday, December 3, 2007

pop goes the weasel
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i cant wait for the cousin's wedding this coming saturday!
its gonna be fun fun fun w all
those loud energetic people, all those camwhoring sessions,
all those slacking moments when we are suppose t do work![:
ahhh, loveness<3

& shagg, i cut my fringe today.
it looks funny on meeee.pfffft
no, im not regretting cutting it, im satisfied indeed.haha[:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

You've got moves, I've got shoes, let's go dancing
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alas! everything's all right when i met love yesterday.
thanks for the gift & everything.
i promise t be goood from now(:
& now that ive bought you that thang,
you owe me something & i want it for christmas(;
plusplus i want t watch enchanted & it ll be your treat ad usual!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

ahh fagg, i oh-so-love them.
& hell yeah, lets go and break int their home
dearest, bloodties!(:
& jyeah, we'll fig out how t divide nick&joe int three.nyahaha
kkay diam.

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i miss sengkang secondary school
i miss studying MATHS
i miss going A-MATHS lessoooonnnnn!!
i miss wearing school uniforms
i miss 4E5
i miss gfs
& hell yeah fadilah
i miss going toilets every now and then
with you ppl!

im starting t dislike her already(:
dont ask me why, im not sure either
kkay bye humans!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

oh maya, congratulations on making your boyf angry at you(?)
for going missing; for rejecting his calls; for ignoring his msges.
& ltr he's gonna say ' why do i feel that you dont care/love me anymore?'
& im such a fartard that reply 'ok whatever'
then ltr, all those shit stuff will happen again&again&again.

enchanted was a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

i miss fikaaaa!
i miss natasha.natalia.saratini
& whoever i didnt meet for donkey years.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket we are ten mths old sweetheart(:

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i would notice detail you cannot see.
i cannot control my joy when you are so cute cracking your oh-so-lame jokes
oh boy, im under your charm,
i'd chase cars for you every morning & night
its been one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-TEN months
since im with you dearest.
im scared t knw the ending because im weak, really.
i do not knw whats going t happen in the future
but right nw, your
the cover of my magazine, headlines t my story & my living entertainment
for i'd listen t all your lame jokes that crack me up
& even if they weren't funny, my tummy still tickles!
i'm incredibly happy.blindly happy indeed & am deeply in love
i had so much fun of you for ten mths that my feets were soaring in the air
you knw i would scrub the floor all my life just t see you giggle
you are really cutee
i feel so blessed t have you, i swear t god
you loved me when i didnt love myself
you listen t my never ending dramas
you shws so much care & concern for my well being
& you go thru ups & dwns together w me
t sum it all up, your everything i could ever ask for
& most importantly you make me happy, dancing on air happy
i believe unlike the majority, you can be trusted
as you knw, trust, for my case dont come easy
love, happy ten monthsary!
you do wonders t my life
& im missing you already

Sunday, November 25, 2007

pretty pretty week i had!
job hunting w friends-shopping w the family- dates w boyf!<3
& jyeah a trip t the zooo w love.alas! aftr hw many donkey years since i visited that place
babylove, thanks again for bringing me there
let the picture do the talking now;

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

theres dozens more photos but as usual,
im l.a.z.y t post it all up.
& hell im bored.bored.bored now
im watching japanese taiwan shws one aftr another
i should ve follow bf for that enchanted movie whats more its free
but no im not regretting or what cos its one whole happy family that is going;
watching it together w me, so yeahh i rather rot at home
who knws i may urinated at that place out of fearness
ahh merepek. okay diam.
& i cant wait for tmr!

one more day baby!(:

Friday, November 23, 2007

& smthg's wrong, really.

friendster is being such a gay!
all my section on 'abt me' is gone; knn luh
i ll blog again when i feel like it
& i sense something amiss.
i have a long chat w lesbain&m.m just nw
i miss them really
i miss school gfs tooo):

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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im lazing ard at home the whole day
facing the comp 24/7!
precisely because ive gt no cash w me &
not a single soul ask me out.
i swear friendster is s gay that im bored of it.
& surprisingly that dimpleguy whom i used t
adore in the past IMed me yestrdy.
he turn me off, seriously.
saying how he misses me & calling me his sweetheart all.

tell me should i cut that bangs fringe? or whtever they call it
because my fringe's irritating luh .

ps: babylove, are you still alive?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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ouh god, pls let my phone beep.
a call saying that i have a job waiting for me.
i hope i do not have t wait forever for those jobs.
for, i swear i have used up all my $ & savings.
i feel real bad asking mommy and the father for money every single time.
& seriously, i should stay at home & wait patiently for job's calls
cos everyday im out,
theres bound t be somethg that catches my eye.
like yestrday when i was waiting for love,
i bought one top.
i'm out today & again i bought
another 3 more tops. shit lah kan,

babylove, i want t g zoo luhhahha!
jyeah okay bye prettyhead

Sunday, November 18, 2007

it's been a pretty looong hectic week this week.
okay lets re-cap;
monday & tuesday was the class chalet.
ouh i so love 4E5 that 36 girls+5boys,
but what a pity i didnt stay overnight.oh well.
theres more photos in rad's camera.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
wednesday was TPrawks.
i wasnt in the same grp as gfs): but im in the same grp as love.
oh yeahh it was ubeeer funnn
(& thats bcos there's love! okay diam)
& oh theres dance&all.pffffft
mark the date baby!
14november07:our first dance ever& my
oh so first time meeting my in-laws(your sista!)
thursday was a date w love.
first was movie at marina & off t clak quay
& he went t his prom.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
on friday, accompanied mommmy t changi airport
& get her stuffs done & off t changi beach & tampines mall.
saturday was suppose t have outing with gfs t
escape theme park but somehow
they were too tired so it was cancelled.

next weeks gonna be another week.
finding for job tmr w gf.
oh baby, im getting a job
lets buy a hse asap.haha

oh, i miss love!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i only had eyes on you, i swear

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acquaintance we are during the pri school day
nvr did i thought you would be part of me someday
being seperated for three yrs didnt bring joy nor misery t me
as you are just someone who doesnt make a diff in my life
but everything changes when you found me & i found you three yrs ltr

in the cyberworld is where we met
talking t you makes my world feels so right
& i cannot get enough of it
hopeing for you t be online is my everday routine

at tht time, i wasnt sure why i felt this way
i knew i like you & i knew you kinda like me too
but i figure it was too goood t be true
&im not sure if we were meant t be
still, i made my way just t see if i could find out
you are the one for me

16 febuary 07!
the day we saw each other aftr three yrs
you smiled and say "hello" &
i did just the same
what a pleasure you showed t me
but little did i knw as we talked along,
my heart open t yours &
went t sing a song on the 19th.

thats when two becomes one
you made me smile & you made me laugh
i found you so special in many way
you brought a ray of sunshine int my life
& i felt so happy

thinking of you is what i do each day
to savour the moment in everyway
you brought me up from those misery
& now i am made nothing but you<3
Bukan yang biasa.
Karena masih ada cerita tentang masa yang indah.
Kumohon kau mengerti.
cobalah kau tabahkan hati
mungkin disaat ini cinta kita sedang diuji.

ps:i dont knw if im ready but but
i want t meet you on friday if not on wednesday or thursday
cos i cant take it anymore.i just miss you so much!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

shoopings-the cousins-meeting ups-movie marathon w gfs at fad's place-bratz!
thats how i spend life the past few days.
& hell yeah my wallet is drying.pffft
next wk's gonna be a pretty hectic week for me.
class chalets-theme park w gfs![:-tp rawks-cousins outing.
well yeah, i need a job but im luh

i rmbr the past, i miss the past
when we're not tgether yet.
& theres [.-- .. .-.. .-.. / -.-- --- ..- / -- .. ... ... / -- . ..--..]
& oh how we make each other feels jealous,
& how we hurt each other
& how we hinted at each other saying how we love each other;
leaving all those clues behind!
& how i always tell him not t miss me aftr
ending every convo .
& how we accompany each other through the nights
when we are unable t sleeeep
& how i remember counting down his birthday
& how he comforted me in any way he could
& how we criticize each other
[most of the time he criticizes me!]
dumbfcuk,i miss him even though its only
eight days since i saw him.knn
oh & now he disappear t i dunt knw where.
oh well, i love him though.

& hell yeah,

i miss norafikah toooo like very much!
its been 564789243 days since i saw her.
i want another outing w her pretty please.
okayyy byeeee humans!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i'm in the process of burning all my books,
[okay bedek]
what abt you lovelyheads out there?
im so not used t life now.
i feel so-oh-uncomfortable w/o studying everynight.
w/o waking up early in the morning for school.
for now i ll be thinking wher i ll be heading t the next day,
who i ll be going out w , wht i ll be wearing & yadeeyadee.

i ve got no mood yesterday,
aftr knowing where i stand in class for prelim result.
how dumb can i get .
god, please let me have good grades for O lvls!
but having a day out w the gf just brighten up my day[:
not only my day but her day too.
supposingly planning t have movie dates withe gfs today
but some couldnt make it due t some reason.
& im not feeling well too,
it's like there's cheeseballs or muttonballs stuck in my throat.

oh & i swear online shopping is like so addictive.
i need a job asap, my money is decreasing rapidly at constant speed.
its either movie dates w the gfs tmr if nthg goes wrg
or out w the cheeena; hazel:D
& harith home ltr[:

i knw its wrg of me t say this when
i told him t stop seeing each other for the timebeing but
i miss dear-superman like cheeseballs

on wednesday, i will be the one t care<3

Monday, November 5, 2007

thank god! thank god! thank god!
*jumping up&dwn for joy*
i did that hot hot hot topic
what abt you humans out there?

you must have had a map when someone else dont
because you found a way t get int my heart when no one else could
for tht i ll treasure you
im sorry for all those recent shits that happen lately
everything is so different now.
im not that same girl anymore.
i did not change int a meanie monster mind you
but, change in a sense that, im not goona be selfish anymore,
jealousy no more, & whtever shit.
im gonna be the last thing on your piority list.
& i love you, i know i should knw it too
i'm sorry. i don't wan t tlose you at the end of the day
i treasure you more than you ever think i do
im trying t learn my lesson
& nvr t repeat the same mistakes again.

oh yes, i wanted it t end, but i guess not
its not over baby.
it's just the beginning
i need you now, yes i do.
i still crave for your morning & night messages;
those sweetnothings, those late night calls.
do you knw why?
because you are my hometown superhero:D

as promise, poem reading on monday<3

Sunday, November 4, 2007

ouh, hello fakeness

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i curse,i swear alot this few days.
dont ask why im not sure either.pffft
oh t __, hate me for all i care
i dont mind not having friend like you.
your fakeness turn me off.
i cant wait wait t see girlfriends tmr[:
venice venice venice
pls appear tmr!

boyf, make a one minute performance
late last night for me.
ouh how cute. silly. sweet he is[:
even the ghost laughed at him!
bright star. north star. hafiz love, my rockstar<3>
okay bye, im off t ROME
as soon as Os ended!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

pinch me, i'm not in my senses.

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beware: dont read! im goona hurt oh-so-innocent-ppl feelings

O lvls will end three days from now,
thats means shopping, meeting ups w longlost friends,datess[:
meeting up w rach, fikka aftr like 74392 days since i saw them.
chinese tuit cum movie dates w hazel, my new found bestfriend.
bitching w lesbian ptner & midnight monster.
shopping&more shopping w ashikinnn!
meet ups w some of my dear new friend.
& last but not least,
theme park w my dearest lovable schoolgfs.
they dont knw abt this outing but i decided t give them a surprice
this coming mondayy[:
but ive got t sacrifice one of them cos i only got
four pathetic tickets):
plus im gonna hunt for a job w them &
lots&lots of $ will be coming my way![:
& dating w boyf? im not sure abt anything right now.
ive hurt him wayy t many and it isnt fair for him
when i dont trust him completely

oh & t ___, you may not see your name up there
dont ask me why. im not sure either.
you are full of fakeness.
like that spammer who use t spam my tagboard,
you even create a fake friendster account t fool ppl
like wth even leave stupid 'evidence' behind.
i jolly well knw that's your cousin w dht email add
but you claim that he's your friend
but ltr you claim that mayb his your cousin.
& that girl whom you stole her pictures from her myspace
t create a fake frienster profile & yadeeeyadee
are you like sick or smthg?

& congratulation you got my boyf scolding me,
asking me t change or whtever shit due t that
recent conflict we had w/o him finding out who's at fault.
myb ltr he's gonna scold me or even claim that
"you are not maya. where's that old maya?"
or maybe he's just gonna ignore me
cos he dont love me anymore because t him
ive turn int a mean monster.

im sorry if [whoever you are] got hurt
but i did warn you starting of my post.
call me a mean monster for all i care,
but your meaner.

oh baby, call me or leave me a msge if you still love me.
asking your friend t do it is a bad idea?
i love you verymuch.
i ll be waiting.

Friday, November 2, 2007

i understand pain but i dont understand tears. i dont understand why i feel so sad. i dont understand whats wrg w my attitude.dearest, im pissed off not because you came late nor am i pushing you away.really, theres nothing wrg. its just my fucking sorry you bailed at your parents, skipped SS lesson, broke promise t your friends & skip prayer because of me. im sorry.its all my fault. i cant go on hurting you anymore/ the ppl ard you who deserve more attention than i do. i dont deserve your love at all. your day turn out t be shitt when its suppose t be great w your family, friends, all thanks t me. selfish sorry, i dont knw whats wrg w me today but all i knw is that i cant go on hurting you. i love you very much still<3

*insert sad loooong face*

Thursday, November 1, 2007

food&nutrition was allright okay
oh baby, vitamin C came out as one of the answer
& im grinning from ear to ear[:
three more pprs to conquor & i ll be all free
it ll mark the end of my secondary school life!
( if i pass Os that is. god, save me pls)

lets pray that venice came out for social studies
im sure i will get a distinction on you
there ll be no more nine marks since
i know now wher my mistakes lie
god! let venice appear in 2007 ppr pls!

i cannot wait t go t school tmr,
t complete physic ppr
because aftr that, i ll be meeting boyf
aftr like 1564479 days.
(okay bedek!)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

oh dear dearest, you got me

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For the first time i met you aftr three years,
oh how you made me breathless!
i wasnt even breathing baby.
you made my knees weak like bees
& i had butterflies in my tummy

when you sneak out behind me
my mouth freezes but my mind
is trafficking a thousand messages per nanosecond
that's what goes into my mind

i fell for you & i fell deep
there's no getting out of this one
thank you for the sweet memories &
the nine month of love stories baby.
-happy nine monthsary!-
we turn nine mth old tmr!!((:

just so you knw, i miss you

Friday, October 26, 2007

oh shut up!
i knw i look fugly due t those eyebags.pfft
& its all because of late nights study.
im halfway through conquoring O lvls.
i dont knw why but i cant wait for
emath pprs!
i want A1 for emath, god pls hear my prayers.

amath pprs was allright okay
its much easier than prelims& midyear.
chemistry ppr was hard like cheeseballs
ahh dearest love;
'powerpuffgirl lubricate org bute' tak keluar
geography ppr was easy okay((:

oh yes, im jealous
whos that girl who send you
ahh nvmind
im jealous, i feel insecure
i love you
okay bye humans(:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

because he's the man i love

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i knw i should stay away from blogging for sometime but..
alot of things have been happening lately
things that brought me & gfs closer together
whatever the outcome is,
i will respect her decision,
because he is the past and ive got over him
& yess hating a person can be tiring at times
i dont knw when this conflict will end
but i hope that it will be asap
& t that person:
its not only you that wants t leave the school w beautiful memories,
i do tooo.
i acn forgive but not forget
but somethings stops me from forgiving you
[& i dont knw why or wht thing.pfft]

its been weeks since i saw nadia!
i miss you HELL lots tooo.
cheer up abt your break up
you knw i ll be there for you rain or shine
i love you.
thank you for cheering me up the other time
i envy her[:
never give up yaw & she ll be all yours
trust me buddddy, haha

dearest love,
i never ever find you a nuisance.
& its not that im ignoring you or wht
ive been feeling down lately & i dont want it t affect you
everynight, i wish that phone of mine would beep
a call frm you every single night,
singing lullaby, whispering sweet nothings
i miss all that.
i wanted O lvls t end asap.
i miss you alot so much that its difficult for me
t concentrate on studying
im tired of not seeing you& bullying you
&vitamin C-ing& yadeee yaddeeee.
i miss you truckloads i love you tooo,
alot alot alot!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i'll be back when i ve conquored O lvls!
all the best for those taking O lvls
break a leg or two.
& selamat hari raya in advance.
ok bye

vrooom vrooom,
maya goes awayyyy

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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you make me feel pretty when i feel fugly.
you treat me like a princess by pampering me.
you make me feel loved when i gave up hope on it alredy.
you hold my hand when you know im falling apart.
you chose forever instead of as long as possible.

thanks anak orang cheena ciplak!:)
thank you for loving me. i feel blessed
let's study hard and have a good future together.
no more hanky panky.
love is always there, time and patience is essential.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

its been looong time since i saw this ppl

its six days left till hari raya.
its eleven days left till graduation day
its fifteen days left till O lvls.
& im scared t shits so scared that
i feel like crying now.

madrasah is funnnn.
filled w lame+funny jokes made by those guys
& amirah's N-O exam thing crack me up,
laughing till my tummy hurt,
& make me sleepy no more.
the boys in my class are funny bunch of ppl luhahah
plus, the ustazah are funnnny tooot, ahha
madrasah is loved[:

&happy birthday mummy!
&happy belated birthday suhaila!

Friday, October 5, 2007

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school's a slack
theres only english & f&n lessn.
aftr school-homed-kynn's home-vivo w boyf.
thank you honey head for that ZARA tee[:

19 Febuary 07.
That's when aquaintance become lovers
you make me smile and you make me laugh
i found you so special in many ways
you brought a ray of sunshine into my life
Thinking of you is what I do each day
To savour the special moments in every way
You brought me up from those misery
& now i am made nothing but you.

you got me thinking abt the things you said t me
it drives me mad figuring it out
but whatever it is, i love you.
you! you!
no mttr wht kind of problems lies in you
at the end of the day,
you are still hafiz abdul wahab,
the rockstar whom i love dearly
i thank god abv for giving me the greatest gift
each day, i prayed t the god abv,
t let this 19 febuary 07 last more than ever
For each day i pray t the god above,
that the world will accept us.
right now, the god abv still couldnt hear my prayers
but, i ll continue t pray for i love you v much

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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ok i love today because i finally get t meet boyf
& we studyy okayyyy
he make me laugh like there's no tmr
dearest, i love you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i dont understand why guys like ___ should exist in this world
guys like him are the cause of ppl commiting suicide
& its again because of him that ptner & i fought
ouh, he simply sucks
i still cant forget the way he treated me back in the past,
oh he appear t be so caring but its that saying call
" wolf in disguise or smthg"
im afraid gf might experience the same thing tht happened t me
can someone like shoot him dead?
i simply hate him. & nadia somehw i think
________>maya): ahh ok diam

oh enough abt him
aftr school today, off t cp library w dear nadia
meet the guys;
fir, christopher, syafiq
nadiaaa, dia hot luh plus friendly!
ahhh hot hot hot stuff
i want t see you again again again
okay but nothing is hotter than my dear rockstar[:

ouh & theres this girl from my madrasah class
who really got a superduper cool job.
being a soccer coach is super coool luh,
she dont look like someone who can play soccer.
nvr judge a book by its cover
& whts more she's taking O lvls this year.
ahhh great.

my teachers ask me what i want t be when i grow up
i told her i want t be a pilot,
but ltr i discover i cant due t my shitted eyesight.
i then told her i want t be a firewoman
but ltr i discover i cant too because im afraid of fire
i then told her i want t be a policeman
but ltr i discover that i wont want t deal with horrible ppl
i think & think & think
& now i knew wht i want t be
i then told her i want t be a w o n d e r w o m a n
because ive found a perfect guy for me,
he's the superman & so i can be the wonderwoman.
she then gave me that (: look & told me
" go for it maya!"

ahhh okay ignore the recent para
its too random because im just tooo bored
so long, gd night(:

w o n d e r w o m a n M I S S s u p e r m a n

Monday, October 1, 2007

the thought of his smile: indescriable
he make my day bttr: undenyable
losing him would kill me: unconditinal
the sound of his laughter: irreplacable

happy eight mthsary love.
i swear i ll love you present & future
i miss you.
i cant wait for O lvls t end till we can meet again.

tmr ll be meeting nadd & the monfortians.
mugging in cp library i guess.
okay im not sure if i can really mugg w those
ppl making alot of noises
whtever it is, im still goin t accompany dear ptner

hello october,
goodbye september.
& happy children day kiddos!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

i'm having an emotional spectrum& idk why
eveythg seems t g wrg past few days.
the loved ones.
kynn forgave me aftr that long convo we had that night.
[okay w the help of monster mignight too]
i have t wait till nov when i can see her
due t her Ns & my Os.
all the best love.
nadd&i are friends again,
we'll be meeting nxt tuesday
& i'll change for the bttr for the ppl ard me(:

i miss you.
& if nothing lst forever, will you be the nothing?

myspace is such a bitch
i cant seem t login,danggggg^^

Thursday, September 27, 2007

ouh girlfriends,idk why but i feel so hyper&energetic w gfs ard
ouh they are so fun ppl.
disturbing each other,
laughing at each other sillyness & yadeeyadee.
tolerating w fadilah's nonsenses in class just nw
[like shooting ppl in class w rubber band!]
& thers nabilah's whose jeling match w mine
& there's zamira who have been listening t my stories abt superman
without fail every single dayyyyy!
[thats because she sat beside me in class& its easier t talk]
& not forgeting radiah
where i keep disturbing her abt her ohsofaithful bestfriend.
ahahhaha, oh they are loved!

ok my day suckssss thanks t 'ptner'
i knew your reading this & i dont care
i dislike your character, there i say it
puh, pathetic
take note: its dislike & not hate!
ok im superduper angry at you today
thanks t you, my lesbian gt angry w me.
ouh you readers, i dont want t type abt wht because
im just t fcuking pissed off t type it.

KYNNN dear, im sorry honey.
ill make it up t you by idontknwht.
ok you should feel angry at me, but its not my fault
she's the cause of it.
ouh, you simply sucks today.
& if you gonna hate me for this,
be my guest(:
i dont give a damn,
ahhh your pathetic.

Mr Fadhil saves me today, aftr being abandon.hurs
thanks luh siaotingtong.
off to tampinese mall t find my thing but
t no avail.
went library, & we study physics for 30mins bcos
i simply gt no mood t study.
& there he is, talking rubbish all the way.
& there i was cursing ppl all the way.
& we were talking abt hw selfish ppl can get,
hw pathetic they can be,
how fcuking they can get,
& manymanymany bad things.

27-ed home when we are done w all those craps,
thanks for the day dearbestfriend!

dear boyf,
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ok i feel dumb.
sciences result is awful.dangg^
ok this is the first time tht i gotten a 9 for comb sci
& i get tht feeling, ill flunk english too
ouh, how dumb can maya get?

ouh & starting nxt wk school will start at eight(:
plusplus there'll be no more aftrnoon classes
but one subjt will be one&ahalf hr long.
there's night class for emath tmr &
i'll be going[i think!]
god, i hope ill not be lazy tmr.

& so yestrdy went cp w nadd
to library & hang out w a bunch of monfortians
ok dht guy who sits beside me is
superduper gatal luhh
*no offence!
but somehw its funny listening t their convo
& dht christopher or whoever he is
looks freaking familiar

boyf, im sorry.
i miss you.
meet up sooooooon dear love
& its been sometime since i receive night calls from you.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

today's sunday, tmr's monday
& there's school tmr.
i dreaded going school.
mum,can i skip school tmr?
i'm still coughing luh.ahahha

boybestfriend was acting adorable
when he said he will call me every midnight
t tell me stories abt the birds&the bees.
oh fcuk, im so not interested.
bttr tell it t your *.
& i appreciate it if you do not disturb my beauty sleep
ever, ever, ever, again.
ahh cheeseballlssssss.

ok i went madrasah like finally
aftr how many god damn weeks
& thers phto takingg.hahah
i was surprise luh &
dang im proud of myself as
i manage t complete allllll my assignments((:
but also w the help of insyirah:D

oh honey, wht were you thinking?
she's pretty ugly.
ahhhh ballllsssssss.
i hate her uh fuck

ps:i love you

Saturday, September 22, 2007

nothing last forver.that's what ppl says.
i didnt believe it at first,because
i once have _____.
but ltr,____ was gone.
everything that ____ & i share were all gone.
dht so called friendship i thought would be forever,
now is all gone.
everything have t come t an end without you knowing it.
although you want t get things back like how it use to,
but somethg is just stopping you.

dearest ______,
i dont knw what the hell is happening t us.
i dont knw wht the hell is stopping me from communicating w you.
when you gave me that star shaped thing
& wrote
"i'm sorry.girlfriend forever"
i wanted so much t talk t you.
but i just dont know how.
something have change& i dont knw wht.
ppl notice abt us,
&questions always haunt me down.
friends & even my mom ask me
"why are you two not close anymore?"
i really dont knw how t ans because i dont knw why
in the first place we are like that.
i really want us t be like the past.
talking, laughing like theres no tmr.
gossiping, eating together, not going back hm aftr school.
helping one another when we're in trouble.
doing things tht all bestfriends do.
i miss doing all that, i really do.
we were once seperated but manage t get back well
but i doubt nw we will.
i dont knw the cause of this seperation.

i rmbr the time we went pasiris park.
seeing you cry, getting hurt, comforting you,
make me want us t be bestfriend forever,
make me want t protect you forever,
make me want t lend you my shoulder forever.
but, it's not possible now.

still, i thank god for giving me a wonderful friend
i still pray t him tht mayb one day
we can get back together.
you'll still be the one&only c. gf tht i love.
the things tht we share, did together
i will always rmbr & kept close t heart.
take care & i hope you will stop s..

it hurts if you lost a friend just like tht but you
dont knw the reason why/how you lost him/her.
i woke up freakingg late today.
like 2 in the aftr?
i was so freaking tired luh siol.
plus im lazy t meet boyf & break fast w him
whts more lizzie mcguire is on tevveee tnight!
ok im a bad gf, i knw.
i lost one of my gf & i dont want t lose my boyf too.
ahhh diam ehhh

& happy birthday gerald!

because of you, i dont need an imaginary friend