Sunday, July 29, 2007

forgetting him?
gaining your trust back?
its hard t forget nw that im addicted t him
& its been five mths, hw do i do that?
& even if telling the truth, you wont believe
so what nw?
oh well, i'll study doubly hard and make it t poly
only then would you believe me.

its been raining the past few days.
& i am sick.
going out w boyf the past days have been awesome
thanks for the so much $ you spend on me.
boy, even if the universe is against us,
we'll shine tgether & still stay strong.

school have been a bicth lately
im starting t hate emath lesson
due t mr wong scolding me for no reason
& TCK is teaching us no more which is good news
but mr wong is taking over.
oh hw bad can my life get huh?cb!

jgn pisahkan aku & dia
tuhan tolonglah ku cinta dia
biarkan kami tetap bersama
di dlm suka & duka.

let's take a stroll together boy, in another dream. i've missed you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hey there loverboy!
thanks for that awesome(not!) night you gave yesterday
it was so awesome that i cried t sleep
its been a long time since i did that
because all this while, aftr reading those msges of yours,
my day will end w a smile but sadly yesterday it didnt
KYNN; thanks for staying so late t comfort me
i love you aftr him
& i will try t meet you soon.

nadia just made my day
doing crime tgether w her was fantabulous!
NADD, we are bad luh.
poor those idiots.
ok diam
& its been 12345 days since i saw haziq!
he's cutee luh, w his girly voice and smile
being w those small kids just make you forget all your troubles
& seriously they made my day.

i love you & i miss you very much

call me tnight like you always do
& whisper sweet nothings t me
make me smile t sleep tnight
gorgeous pls?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

the indian.melayu.& the cheena(:

i was daydreaming t be a model.ok diam!

i skip madrasah today
bacause i couldnt get my ass out of the bed
& whatsmore its raining catsanddogs.
& hell yeah i am proud of myself
i studied amath today for 3-4 hrs
& i manage t make notes for most of the chapters
ok TCK is gonna be proud of me(:
& he wont be nagging again abt how formulas is impt for us,
& dht it acts as a weapon for the war
& yadeeyadeee.

tmr's monday
& i hate monday.
ok goodbye,
& you gorgeous reader out there

can i sit on your lap again?
can i lie on your lap and see the clouds on
the beautiful sky again?

Friday, July 20, 2007

i lovelove today
seeing beautiful ppl w etnics costume made my day!
chemistry SSP was cancelled.
meeting the rockstar made my day even moremore gorgeous!
& amp i saw ALIFF AZIZ at vivo in banquet tday!
he sit near me,
he smiled at me((:
i am not lying
ok i melted upon seeing that dimple of his
let me meet him again&again pretty pls?
ok diam.

& t that passer,
i knw who you are
you are 'someonewhoisacopycat'
& i think you are dumb!
t leave evidence on my tagboard that make me suspect you.
ok i dont care abt you insulting me
i knw myself whether i am acing or not(:
so, just mind your own business
& dont make trouble w me
you've got a taste of it once & i am sure you dont want it again
i will close one eye but i hope you will admit it t me
ok i knw you are reading this(:

photos later, i am tired
goodbye prettyheads

Monday, July 16, 2007

i love eating ben&jerry's.
especially w the company of the rockstar
& the icecream taste extraodinary nice
ok diam

so much things happen today
first, math lesson was dull&boring as usual
second, PE was funn.played tennis
& having t pick up the balls was funner?
ok i am lying
& the ball hit right int my sepet eyes which make it worst
thanks t dear cheenagirlfriend!
& so aftr school walked t cp w gfs.
library & tell ghosttales which scare the hell out of me
i almst cried when i heard a woman voice singing
ok i am serious luh.
cp library is haunteddd
lisetening compre was fine i guess.
i need mom t confiscate this comp, teevee
i need t do extraa extraa revision

hey there rockstar,
can you make every night like yesterday's night?
make me smile t sleep again
gorgeous pls?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

so what’s your perfect wedding like?

mine will be w the rockstar in ROME at the colasseum at night
where there are million & million of radiant stars twinkling in the dark sky
along w shooting stars!
together we will wish on a wishing star that our love will last
the rockstar will sing me love centuries song w his guitar
& whisper sweet nothings t me.
He will then pledge & promise t love me forever ,
t stay by my side no matter wht happen,
never t leave me
& making me the queen of his heart
those million & million of stars will
be the witness of this LOVE![:

twinkle, twinkle little stars,
make this dream of mine came true.
gorgeous pls?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

oh great(not!)
i got a shock out of my life when ______ call me.
what more do you want?
having hurting me wasnt enough for you?
& now that you got no one t turn to, you turn t me?
boy, what goes around, comes around.
i guess you believe it now?
no way will i let history repeat itself.
i love you no more! get this right.
i knw, you knw, who i love nw
& it will last forever, i knw he wont hurt me like you do
jerk! fcuk off ok?
goodluck in your life,
happy searching for poorlilgirls whom you will hurt in the end(:
thanks for ruining my day.
i have gt no mood t go out, study, do hmwork.

the past two days w rockstar was gorgeous(:
thanks for making my life pretty!

i changed my url due t some reason &
because some people don't deserve to know what's going on with my life. sucker.