Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i broke down again last night
dont ask me why, i dont knw why
woke up w swollen eyes this morning,
ok bye.
If the stars collide,
will you stand by & watch them fall?
So hold me 'til the sky is clear
& whisper words of love right into my ear.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

10 days since i last update.
melayu prelim was allright ok.
it rained cats & dogs during the ppr
& i wish i had Mr bed & Mr sb right beside me at that time
oh well i aimed A2 for it but getting A1 would be WOW!
*fat hope*
tmr's english prelims
& aftr that i need t get _____ urgently.
tom, dick, harry accompany me t buy that ______?

anyway meet boyf aftr melayu prelims
& he went his audict
i miss you badly when you left):
meet nadia & accompany her t syafiq's hse,
hg mall t find ____ but t no avail.

seeing all those CHIJ girls hanging ard compass pt
evertime i'm there turns me green w envy
i so so love their uniform & i dont knw why
KYNN; dont ask me why.
i just love your uni ok?
& everytime im ther, i look out for my oldlonglost bud.
things happen dht cause misunderstanding which part us,
you wont want t knw
dear you, im sorry if i give you the wrong impression the past year):

four more days t lookalike sweet sixteen
six more days t SEVEN MONTHSARY
sixteen more days t fasting season
nine more weeks t O LEVELS
& also HARI RAYA.
im so not looking for hari raya which you knw why.

i miss boyf although ive just met him
dear, it rained but ):
ok bye

Saturday, August 18, 2007

follow the notes upon a journey
at first sight marks one's destiny
once the voyage comes to an end
return lies within hasty keys

secret is awesome(:
watching it again tmr w lesbian and dhil

Sunday, August 12, 2007

outing w ptner & zul yesterday.
shazni couldnt make it the last minute.
so camwhoring at esplanade & yadeeyadee.
headed bugis aftr that. bought my grey skinnies.
& im gonna save $ for that red mango skinnies.heh(:
meet/bump int boyf at bugis.
nadd, Zul, im sorry because it's suppose t be friend's outing
but somehow it turn out t be a 'double date'
allight nadd is gonna slap me again when she read this.haha
but seriously they both look compatible tgether.
accompany boyf t eat in ps; ljs while nadd, zul headed home
& i reach home at 9.

melayu O lvl rsult is out tmr,
aku takut luh soy..
good luck t ppl taking result tmr.

boyf is sweet & i miss him
ok random

Friday, August 10, 2007

hello lil earthlings.
outing with ptner in crime tday is cancel
as her friend couldnt make it.
making it up tmr along w
these two unknwn guys named; zul & shazni.
blah, im scared luh siol, nad.
i wonder how it'll be like
mixing w all punggol sec students.
coolness, i guess(?)
& whts more, one of them is my prankcalling victim?
ahh, shut up.
but i guess they are good & friendly ppl?
like hw ptnr claim them t be.
& getting my grey skinnies tmr, i hope

i didnt manage t catch fireworks display yest
as i think it was a waste of time?
& whts more, im afraid i'll get
lost like i did lst year. dumb.
went lesbian hse yest as her parents werent home
snacks-chocolates-tevee-pillowfight-gossipss-storytelling abt the past!-moviemarathon
& i swear im hooked t watching a walk t rmbr.
natinal day parade is somhw boring
except the fireworks?

_____ is a bastard.
a bastard who is the most bastard amg all bastard.
& to that _______,
your gf is pretty ok?
ok sorry i mean your 'ex'.
you claim she's a bicth,you hate her
but ltr wanting t patch w her aftr Os?
rarww, hw dumb can dht be?
& i dont understand a single shit why your telling me all this
& why you appear t be ohsofriendly t me suddenly.
ouh fuckface.

gawd, i got no mood suddenly.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

oh yes, that fat ass is indeed me,
believe it or not.
i realised i ate too much junk this day
but seriously i have no worries abt getting fat,
i wonder why.

national day celebration was kinda bored
& its carnival is bored to.
except the performance wher selva dances that make everyone scream
nabilah, theres no arab boys t fight over with this year.ahaha
girlfriends just turn me on.
& im sorry for leaving you guys halfway through
meet boyf aftr that
& gladly everything went smoothly.
i love today!
its gorgeous & i hate boyf for being so addictive
the end.
selamat malam singapura
& happy national day!
i love spore but can i say i love ROME more?

the way you looked at me gave me chills,
it's as though i just met you yesterday.
maybe it's how you make me feel,
maybe it's just me.
it's something that no one will ever understand.
i love you to bits (:

Monday, August 6, 2007

all the words we nvr say come out.
i couldnt control myself
i couldnt control the tears & it just flow
without me knowing it.
i am sensitive. i knw.
or maybe because of those words that came from your mouth
i thought i lost you the moment you walk away,
"when you walk away, i count the steps that you take"
& i was lost. my mind went blank.
your the only thing that came int my mind.
im really scared+afraid.
all i could hear is the loud,
scary sound of aeroplane, the vehicle passing by.
i felt really lost, i cried again.
fate brought us again ltr on.i was elated when i saw you again
now, im sure god dont want us t part.
you and me were made for each other.
happy sixth monthsary.
i love you, this i promise you will be more than forever.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

goodbye july, hello august.
its been a week since i update
time do fly fast. one more mth t prelims. followed by olvls.
i cant wait for Olvl t end, all this is killing me
school make me feel restless w homwrks & SSP& exam marathon, studying up t midnight everynight
is making my brain cells burst.
i miss doing lots of things
i miss online-ing up till midnight,
i miss having aftrnoon naps, i miss having movie marathon, i miss outing w friends on weekend.
amath had a change of teacher, mr pinto's teaching us
i like his teaching.his great.& for the first time i did amth homework
& passed vector/circular measure test.
its a sucess yaw. im liking amath(:

we're still going strong, hunney.aftr all that happen.
i am sorry abt yesterday): im glad you turn back & find me again(:
because if you dont, yesterdy will be a fcuking day for me
& i wont get t make you embarass.
yesterday was great! saya sayang kamu<3
" we learn something aftr every fight."

btw happy belated birthday t nadia and amirul.
may you guys have a wonderful life ahead of you.
KYNN, all the best for your prelims & Ns
& somehw cheena gf and me are drifting apart & i wonder why
ppl notice it too
maybe its because of ______? oh i dontknw.
but we are still friends, i hope

mayb i wont be blogging till i have conquored Os
so all the best for you guys out there
ppl taking Os, break a leg or two. best wishes!

much loves(: