Saturday, September 29, 2007

i'm having an emotional spectrum& idk why
eveythg seems t g wrg past few days.
the loved ones.
kynn forgave me aftr that long convo we had that night.
[okay w the help of monster mignight too]
i have t wait till nov when i can see her
due t her Ns & my Os.
all the best love.
nadd&i are friends again,
we'll be meeting nxt tuesday
& i'll change for the bttr for the ppl ard me(:

i miss you.
& if nothing lst forever, will you be the nothing?

myspace is such a bitch
i cant seem t login,danggggg^^

Thursday, September 27, 2007

ouh girlfriends,idk why but i feel so hyper&energetic w gfs ard
ouh they are so fun ppl.
disturbing each other,
laughing at each other sillyness & yadeeyadee.
tolerating w fadilah's nonsenses in class just nw
[like shooting ppl in class w rubber band!]
& thers nabilah's whose jeling match w mine
& there's zamira who have been listening t my stories abt superman
without fail every single dayyyyy!
[thats because she sat beside me in class& its easier t talk]
& not forgeting radiah
where i keep disturbing her abt her ohsofaithful bestfriend.
ahahhaha, oh they are loved!

ok my day suckssss thanks t 'ptner'
i knew your reading this & i dont care
i dislike your character, there i say it
puh, pathetic
take note: its dislike & not hate!
ok im superduper angry at you today
thanks t you, my lesbian gt angry w me.
ouh you readers, i dont want t type abt wht because
im just t fcuking pissed off t type it.

KYNNN dear, im sorry honey.
ill make it up t you by idontknwht.
ok you should feel angry at me, but its not my fault
she's the cause of it.
ouh, you simply sucks today.
& if you gonna hate me for this,
be my guest(:
i dont give a damn,
ahhh your pathetic.

Mr Fadhil saves me today, aftr being abandon.hurs
thanks luh siaotingtong.
off to tampinese mall t find my thing but
t no avail.
went library, & we study physics for 30mins bcos
i simply gt no mood t study.
& there he is, talking rubbish all the way.
& there i was cursing ppl all the way.
& we were talking abt hw selfish ppl can get,
hw pathetic they can be,
how fcuking they can get,
& manymanymany bad things.

27-ed home when we are done w all those craps,
thanks for the day dearbestfriend!

dear boyf,
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ok i feel dumb.
sciences result is awful.dangg^
ok this is the first time tht i gotten a 9 for comb sci
& i get tht feeling, ill flunk english too
ouh, how dumb can maya get?

ouh & starting nxt wk school will start at eight(:
plusplus there'll be no more aftrnoon classes
but one subjt will be one&ahalf hr long.
there's night class for emath tmr &
i'll be going[i think!]
god, i hope ill not be lazy tmr.

& so yestrdy went cp w nadd
to library & hang out w a bunch of monfortians
ok dht guy who sits beside me is
superduper gatal luhh
*no offence!
but somehw its funny listening t their convo
& dht christopher or whoever he is
looks freaking familiar

boyf, im sorry.
i miss you.
meet up sooooooon dear love
& its been sometime since i receive night calls from you.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

today's sunday, tmr's monday
& there's school tmr.
i dreaded going school.
mum,can i skip school tmr?
i'm still coughing luh.ahahha

boybestfriend was acting adorable
when he said he will call me every midnight
t tell me stories abt the birds&the bees.
oh fcuk, im so not interested.
bttr tell it t your *.
& i appreciate it if you do not disturb my beauty sleep
ever, ever, ever, again.
ahh cheeseballlssssss.

ok i went madrasah like finally
aftr how many god damn weeks
& thers phto takingg.hahah
i was surprise luh &
dang im proud of myself as
i manage t complete allllll my assignments((:
but also w the help of insyirah:D

oh honey, wht were you thinking?
she's pretty ugly.
ahhhh ballllsssssss.
i hate her uh fuck

ps:i love you

Saturday, September 22, 2007

nothing last forver.that's what ppl says.
i didnt believe it at first,because
i once have _____.
but ltr,____ was gone.
everything that ____ & i share were all gone.
dht so called friendship i thought would be forever,
now is all gone.
everything have t come t an end without you knowing it.
although you want t get things back like how it use to,
but somethg is just stopping you.

dearest ______,
i dont knw what the hell is happening t us.
i dont knw wht the hell is stopping me from communicating w you.
when you gave me that star shaped thing
& wrote
"i'm sorry.girlfriend forever"
i wanted so much t talk t you.
but i just dont know how.
something have change& i dont knw wht.
ppl notice abt us,
&questions always haunt me down.
friends & even my mom ask me
"why are you two not close anymore?"
i really dont knw how t ans because i dont knw why
in the first place we are like that.
i really want us t be like the past.
talking, laughing like theres no tmr.
gossiping, eating together, not going back hm aftr school.
helping one another when we're in trouble.
doing things tht all bestfriends do.
i miss doing all that, i really do.
we were once seperated but manage t get back well
but i doubt nw we will.
i dont knw the cause of this seperation.

i rmbr the time we went pasiris park.
seeing you cry, getting hurt, comforting you,
make me want us t be bestfriend forever,
make me want t protect you forever,
make me want t lend you my shoulder forever.
but, it's not possible now.

still, i thank god for giving me a wonderful friend
i still pray t him tht mayb one day
we can get back together.
you'll still be the one&only c. gf tht i love.
the things tht we share, did together
i will always rmbr & kept close t heart.
take care & i hope you will stop s..

it hurts if you lost a friend just like tht but you
dont knw the reason why/how you lost him/her.
i woke up freakingg late today.
like 2 in the aftr?
i was so freaking tired luh siol.
plus im lazy t meet boyf & break fast w him
whts more lizzie mcguire is on tevveee tnight!
ok im a bad gf, i knw.
i lost one of my gf & i dont want t lose my boyf too.
ahhh diam ehhh

& happy birthday gerald!

because of you, i dont need an imaginary friend

Friday, September 21, 2007

there's quite an improvement in prelim's result
compared t midyear result
except for my amath.
i seriously need someone t coach me
from the start of the book.

i'm lazy this few days.
i'm lazy t wake up for sahur,
i'm lazy t g t school,
i'm lazy t did midnight revision anymore,
i'm lazy t attend night classes.
basically, im lazy t do anything.
which also means,
i'm lazy t continue typing on this shit.

so long,
i'll be back when i'm lazy no more.

Monday, September 17, 2007

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like finally prelim is over!
ps: dearest, i miss you badly.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

can i say amath P1 is allright?
yuh sure its easier than the ones TCK set for MYE
& MRPINTOO set this yuh(;
but im not sure if im able t pass
because i left a few questions blank
due t the time constraints.dang
geography&amthp2 tmr.
i hope P2 will be easier.hahs

each & everydy thoughts of love turn t you.
an unbreakable bond btw us two,
a special love ever so true
the warm glow in your eyes,
the sweet smile on your face,
makes me want t love you more than ever
find love w me in each other heart
till this life has been fulfilled
& when the path comes t an end i hope we can stay from within,
we knw the beauty of true love,
our love came from within.
ps:i love you, honeyballss<3

& to all muslims, happy ramadhan(:

Monday, September 10, 2007

its been a long time since i see you..
it came out & i was practically smiling t myself(:
however, time constraint is my biggest enemy
i spend 1 hour on sbq & left w only 30 mins for dear venice.
but i manage t finish it
except that the handwriting turns out t be horrible
emath P1 is allright.
god, i hope i dont make any silly careless mistakes.
getting B if not A would be bttr than a C.gahh
i want destinction for emath pls?

fasting starting this thursdy
there'll be no meeting boyf session
& his mom is superduper cute.ahaha

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

happy seven mth dearest.
till now, you still send my heart racing.
tales-telling abt the birds,being under the rain w you was fun

Knowing how it feels to be in love, & kisses that would drive us mad

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Dearest Fadilah!
its your day today.
hope you like the present!
& the song i make.ahahha