Sunday, October 28, 2007

oh dear dearest, you got me

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For the first time i met you aftr three years,
oh how you made me breathless!
i wasnt even breathing baby.
you made my knees weak like bees
& i had butterflies in my tummy

when you sneak out behind me
my mouth freezes but my mind
is trafficking a thousand messages per nanosecond
that's what goes into my mind

i fell for you & i fell deep
there's no getting out of this one
thank you for the sweet memories &
the nine month of love stories baby.
-happy nine monthsary!-
we turn nine mth old tmr!!((:

just so you knw, i miss you

Friday, October 26, 2007

oh shut up!
i knw i look fugly due t those eyebags.pfft
& its all because of late nights study.
im halfway through conquoring O lvls.
i dont knw why but i cant wait for
emath pprs!
i want A1 for emath, god pls hear my prayers.

amath pprs was allright okay
its much easier than prelims& midyear.
chemistry ppr was hard like cheeseballs
ahh dearest love;
'powerpuffgirl lubricate org bute' tak keluar
geography ppr was easy okay((:

oh yes, im jealous
whos that girl who send you
ahh nvmind
im jealous, i feel insecure
i love you
okay bye humans(:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

because he's the man i love

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i knw i should stay away from blogging for sometime but..
alot of things have been happening lately
things that brought me & gfs closer together
whatever the outcome is,
i will respect her decision,
because he is the past and ive got over him
& yess hating a person can be tiring at times
i dont knw when this conflict will end
but i hope that it will be asap
& t that person:
its not only you that wants t leave the school w beautiful memories,
i do tooo.
i acn forgive but not forget
but somethings stops me from forgiving you
[& i dont knw why or wht thing.pfft]

its been weeks since i saw nadia!
i miss you HELL lots tooo.
cheer up abt your break up
you knw i ll be there for you rain or shine
i love you.
thank you for cheering me up the other time
i envy her[:
never give up yaw & she ll be all yours
trust me buddddy, haha

dearest love,
i never ever find you a nuisance.
& its not that im ignoring you or wht
ive been feeling down lately & i dont want it t affect you
everynight, i wish that phone of mine would beep
a call frm you every single night,
singing lullaby, whispering sweet nothings
i miss all that.
i wanted O lvls t end asap.
i miss you alot so much that its difficult for me
t concentrate on studying
im tired of not seeing you& bullying you
&vitamin C-ing& yadeee yaddeeee.
i miss you truckloads i love you tooo,
alot alot alot!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i'll be back when i ve conquored O lvls!
all the best for those taking O lvls
break a leg or two.
& selamat hari raya in advance.
ok bye

vrooom vrooom,
maya goes awayyyy

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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you make me feel pretty when i feel fugly.
you treat me like a princess by pampering me.
you make me feel loved when i gave up hope on it alredy.
you hold my hand when you know im falling apart.
you chose forever instead of as long as possible.

thanks anak orang cheena ciplak!:)
thank you for loving me. i feel blessed
let's study hard and have a good future together.
no more hanky panky.
love is always there, time and patience is essential.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

its been looong time since i saw this ppl

its six days left till hari raya.
its eleven days left till graduation day
its fifteen days left till O lvls.
& im scared t shits so scared that
i feel like crying now.

madrasah is funnnn.
filled w lame+funny jokes made by those guys
& amirah's N-O exam thing crack me up,
laughing till my tummy hurt,
& make me sleepy no more.
the boys in my class are funny bunch of ppl luhahah
plus, the ustazah are funnnny tooot, ahha
madrasah is loved[:

&happy birthday mummy!
&happy belated birthday suhaila!

Friday, October 5, 2007

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school's a slack
theres only english & f&n lessn.
aftr school-homed-kynn's home-vivo w boyf.
thank you honey head for that ZARA tee[:

19 Febuary 07.
That's when aquaintance become lovers
you make me smile and you make me laugh
i found you so special in many ways
you brought a ray of sunshine into my life
Thinking of you is what I do each day
To savour the special moments in every way
You brought me up from those misery
& now i am made nothing but you.

you got me thinking abt the things you said t me
it drives me mad figuring it out
but whatever it is, i love you.
you! you!
no mttr wht kind of problems lies in you
at the end of the day,
you are still hafiz abdul wahab,
the rockstar whom i love dearly
i thank god abv for giving me the greatest gift
each day, i prayed t the god abv,
t let this 19 febuary 07 last more than ever
For each day i pray t the god above,
that the world will accept us.
right now, the god abv still couldnt hear my prayers
but, i ll continue t pray for i love you v much

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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ok i love today because i finally get t meet boyf
& we studyy okayyyy
he make me laugh like there's no tmr
dearest, i love you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i dont understand why guys like ___ should exist in this world
guys like him are the cause of ppl commiting suicide
& its again because of him that ptner & i fought
ouh, he simply sucks
i still cant forget the way he treated me back in the past,
oh he appear t be so caring but its that saying call
" wolf in disguise or smthg"
im afraid gf might experience the same thing tht happened t me
can someone like shoot him dead?
i simply hate him. & nadia somehw i think
________>maya): ahh ok diam

oh enough abt him
aftr school today, off t cp library w dear nadia
meet the guys;
fir, christopher, syafiq
nadiaaa, dia hot luh plus friendly!
ahhh hot hot hot stuff
i want t see you again again again
okay but nothing is hotter than my dear rockstar[:

ouh & theres this girl from my madrasah class
who really got a superduper cool job.
being a soccer coach is super coool luh,
she dont look like someone who can play soccer.
nvr judge a book by its cover
& whts more she's taking O lvls this year.
ahhh great.

my teachers ask me what i want t be when i grow up
i told her i want t be a pilot,
but ltr i discover i cant due t my shitted eyesight.
i then told her i want t be a firewoman
but ltr i discover i cant too because im afraid of fire
i then told her i want t be a policeman
but ltr i discover that i wont want t deal with horrible ppl
i think & think & think
& now i knew wht i want t be
i then told her i want t be a w o n d e r w o m a n
because ive found a perfect guy for me,
he's the superman & so i can be the wonderwoman.
she then gave me that (: look & told me
" go for it maya!"

ahhh okay ignore the recent para
its too random because im just tooo bored
so long, gd night(:

w o n d e r w o m a n M I S S s u p e r m a n

Monday, October 1, 2007

the thought of his smile: indescriable
he make my day bttr: undenyable
losing him would kill me: unconditinal
the sound of his laughter: irreplacable

happy eight mthsary love.
i swear i ll love you present & future
i miss you.
i cant wait for O lvls t end till we can meet again.

tmr ll be meeting nadd & the monfortians.
mugging in cp library i guess.
okay im not sure if i can really mugg w those
ppl making alot of noises
whtever it is, im still goin t accompany dear ptner

hello october,
goodbye september.
& happy children day kiddos!