Monday, December 31, 2007

to: ________,
hey hello. who are you calling an ass?!
watch out dickhead, see you in court!!
like seriously, what you said keeps me thinking & thinking.
& i feel confused. confused. confused.
grrr, someone fill me in please.(?)
oh bad news for you i guess, but i love him seriously &
i'm not playing ard with him or wht.& i believe he's serious abt me too.
that explain the almst a year relationship we have.
oh-great, you have the looks.girls will all be attracted to you & all.
i did too, but it was all in the past.
anyhoos, your the ass here. not him. grrr.

tmr's the new year of 08 & im not excited at all.
neither am i going for any countdown, like what fad's say,
it's all a waste of time.
i just want t meet gfriends. we sure have alot of catching up to do.
but the problem is, most of them is busy working.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

its been donkey years since i saw you.
meeet me sooon babe, i miss you
the cousin was admitted to the hospital due t some kind of
throat infection. oh well, serve him right for
smoking too much. blahs.
i'm gonna visit him sooon, the aeroplane is waiting for me now.

Friday, December 28, 2007

everything's back to normal[: iloveyou dearest.
i've got a major project to complete.& the deadline is due in two mths time.
ill also be away t france and only be back on january 09.
gooodbye singapore, hello france!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

if i had one wish,

oh god, pretty please let me have that job.
i want it badly. i need $ to buy _____ badly.
oh & the grandmother will be staying over at my home for a month
due to the eye opt she's having in january.

i dont know why, but we used t be strong.
its wrong of me to always bring up the unhappy moments we had,
to always remember the hurts & sadness being with you.
i'm sorry.
i never fail to pray to god everynight too that this love will always be strong,
that its not gonna end & that we are gonna passed Os, going to the same poly
& that mummy is gonna accept you someday.
only god knows that.
&jyeah right! your a b* who says sorry but keeps on repeating and hurting you all over again.
but i'm like that too am i?
your also the one kind of b* that i feel comfortable being with.
you might not knw this but i am what i am only in front of you.
like that" vainity and self-praised & yadeeyadeee"
i dont do all that i front of my friends or cousins.
this feeling sucks.
what make you say that your the last on my piority list?
that i went out with guys regularly?
grrr, im so dissapointed in you.only god knws how hurt i am tht night.
i'm getting sick-er as each day passes.
& i think i loses 100 strands of my hair each day.
im afraid. what if i ... ?

if i have only one wish..
i want to be the only only only girl that you love be it now
or ten, twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty, sixty,seventy,eighty, ninety, hundred
years down the road.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

sorry aint working on me anymore my dearest,
perhaps time will.
really, i need time t get all over this.
no worries, i wont leave you for i still love you.
all i need is time.
i love you<3

not angry, just disappointed.

Monday, December 24, 2007


you are my favourite sight.that one day w/o you feels like ten.
you have my attention dearest,
there was not a moment in one day that i never think of you,
just so you know.
i love you so much, i would marry you tomorrow.
happy 11th monthsary<3

i will take care of you as we age.
i will be sitting beside you on a rocking chair.
i will watch the sunset&sunrise together with you.
i will prepare your breakfast, lunch, dinner& supper.
i will be the only one that light up your life.
i will feed you with happinese every single day.
i will never give up on us.
i love you very much.i swear my love for you would nvr be untrue.
i will want t be your princess when i grow up one day![:

this is getting real complicated,

Sunday, December 23, 2007


sorry for the lack of updates
just super lazy & super busy t do so
ive been going out almst the whole day lst week.
& meeting the primary school peeps can be that awesome[:
okay, i lied.basically, not all of them are that awesome.haha
if i werent for the boyfriend, i wouldnt have attended the gathering.
oh , actually i did enjoy myself![:

i'm having flu. i'm sick.
i sound like ? BOHOHOHO.
&it tooks me an hour t finish up this post.
pengkongcheng, haha
apekkkk!IMYFM too.

ANIYSH: eh ooooi cantk!:D haha
HAZEL:rawr man i dreaded doing ths kind of thing.
haha, i ll try t do them when im free(:
PASSERBY:i uses adobe photoshop for them(:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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tossing & turning from right t left repeatedly for god knws how many times
i only manage t sleep at six in the morning & awake at ten
four hrs of sleep & panda eyes appear
i cant sleep & i cannot eat well too.what the hell is wrong w me?
for fucksake why do i even treat her like a part of me
like a good friend or whtever shit patner.
knowing that she used t be part of the reason i got hurt lst time
i thought i already forgive her.
i thought she was just a victim like i do
i thought that bas3rd was the reason for our quarrels.
oh, sadly but no.
i really hate you fuckface!
F&K, all the best for your results ltr.
motheerrrrr, lets migrate t a faraway land
i never ever want t see the fuckfaces anymore.

when you love someone,
& they break your heart
dont give up on love
have faith restart just

Monday, December 17, 2007

i wish for,
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i'm not gonna be bothered abt any of those things anymore.
i'm not gonna be jealous of those poo-faces out there.
i'm not gonna bitch abt ____ anymore,
(maybe at least not here)
for i fear im gonna get hurt when he scold me for her
i'm thinking of leaving blogger & just get on w my lj.
at least i got everything privated there & i know
i wont get any scolding even if i bitch 24/7 there.

i'm often irritated by the amt of text messages in my cellphone
not till lst night, when i started t delete some of them
while on the line w K where we were talking abt
the most ridiculous thing.
like; what if your boyf dated your mom or your sis or your so called GOODFRIEND/PATNER.
okay, back t those txt messages.
oh no, i just dont delete them all at one go but in a form of
most messages were from youknwho & i thought all
would be kinda entertaintment for me.
at least, i believe it would be.
but hell jyeah, im so wrong.very wrong indeed.
there's some that is so heartbreaking&painful.
being that maya, you knw what will happen,
but hey, like puhh-leasee!
who wouldnt shed a tear when the love of your life scolded you for
another someone when he doesnt knw the fuck is going on.
& there's one where he says the most @%$#!!*&^$@ thing
like "maybe there's really someone/another guy out there"
ridiculous, i knw.painful, VERYYYYYYYY!

to:whoever it may concern, sorry for
telling the whole world abt this mttr & i make it look like your being such an ass.
but, i just cant help it. i just cant talk t you abt this mttr
while hearing that voice of yours & looking at that look on your face.
i knw this took place some time ago but it's
pain, heartbreak, dissapointment we are talking abt here.
& how i wish when i called you aftr tht incident you would be by my side.
cheering me up, comforting me. but sadly, you aint there.
it was bbf that is there for me):<
instead you ask me t meet up my other friend.
I H A T E Y O U for this mttr!!!
i really do.

so im really angry, sad, paranoid,nthg t brag abt it.
have a good day

Sunday, December 16, 2007

i was browsing through my past journals.
how naive i was back then.
believing tht i would like so&so forever & all those nonsense shits
and how i believe tht so&so is gonna like me back.
rawrr, silly thoughts.
hell jyeah, ive suffered alot alot last year. i mean A-L-O-T!
thnaks to those two bigtimebas3rd w cheeseballshead.
& how i remembered i cried every single night t sleep,
thinking why does this happen t me.
but apart from that, ive amazing good friends that's
always there for me. seeing me shedding tears for
god knws how many billion times.
i treasure them for that<3

i was on the phone most of the night w kynn.
from 11pm to 4am that friday, we share all those heartaches/jealousy
we have been facing.
altogether, i felt much better voicing everything out.
we should do that more often dearie.
talking abt being jealous,
can someone kind out there tell that tudungirl t leave boyf alone?
oh no, im not being i?
like whats up with all the young innocent girl w tudung on friendster.
okay, no im not stopping them t make friends w boyf, but ?
shaits, okay maya stop it.
let's not fret or care about it.pfft.just let them be(:

cheenagf text me whooosh, its so weired.
if your reading this, please meet me up soooon!
i really miss those time we had together.
i miss gfs like toot tooot train too
the last time i saw most of them is during the class chalet.
danggg~ lets have an outing together.
i miss you guysss like hell alot!]:

im gonna be pretty free the next week.
come on ppl, ask me out for datesssss.
haha, chiao. im meeting F&K.


Monday, December 10, 2007

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the wedding ceramony was awesome[:
the newly wed have been together since they were 13yrsold! coool eh.
the days were filled w laughters&all w little kidssssss!
there's this little firah which is uber cute& pretty.
& i swear, she's got the potential t be a model.
sadly, her pictures isnt w me.dang~

i'm still waiting for job's calls& im still deciding whether
t take up that french course.mother agrees when i sound it out t her[:
but i'm so not gonna learn french alooone.
maybe i ll get fadhil t do it with me.& that's if that cuckoohead is interested
rawrrr, ding-dang-dong!
but whetevr it is finding job is still number 1 on my list.
im learning french sooon but not so soooooooon.
i just need a company, & i'll be ready-set-go!

i'm goona highlight my hair purple soooon.shithead.
im bored, that's it.
dear-dear where are you?
i'm so bored&i miss you.rawrrr
its been raining lately.
when is the sun ever going t come up?
ps;i miss boyf alot& i owe him 5 bugs! haha

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

past two days was a rotting day at home
& i swear i enjoy it very much
junk fooods-television-dvds-net
im enjoying life yaw[:
NICK JONAS is effing loved.
& like wth theres this weirdo who tapped me & gave me a look
& says"nick is mine."
ahhaha, weirdo, bodoh!
& if he's so why didnt you mention him earlier, fakehead(:
im starting to dislike you, i really do
stop behaving like some ? or i swear i ll be your big time enemy![:
i still cant forget what you did to me,
i really cant.
i have a feeling that you & _____;
*more on lj where its privated[:*
im meeting bf tomorrow.

Monday, December 3, 2007

pop goes the weasel
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i cant wait for the cousin's wedding this coming saturday!
its gonna be fun fun fun w all
those loud energetic people, all those camwhoring sessions,
all those slacking moments when we are suppose t do work![:
ahhh, loveness<3

& shagg, i cut my fringe today.
it looks funny on meeee.pfffft
no, im not regretting cutting it, im satisfied indeed.haha[:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

You've got moves, I've got shoes, let's go dancing
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alas! everything's all right when i met love yesterday.
thanks for the gift & everything.
i promise t be goood from now(:
& now that ive bought you that thang,
you owe me something & i want it for christmas(;
plusplus i want t watch enchanted & it ll be your treat ad usual!

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ahh fagg, i oh-so-love them.
& hell yeah, lets go and break int their home
dearest, bloodties!(:
& jyeah, we'll fig out how t divide nick&joe int three.nyahaha
kkay diam.

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i miss sengkang secondary school
i miss studying MATHS
i miss going A-MATHS lessoooonnnnn!!
i miss wearing school uniforms
i miss 4E5
i miss gfs
& hell yeah fadilah
i miss going toilets every now and then
with you ppl!

im starting t dislike her already(:
dont ask me why, im not sure either
kkay bye humans!