Monday, December 17, 2007

i wish for,
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i'm not gonna be bothered abt any of those things anymore.
i'm not gonna be jealous of those poo-faces out there.
i'm not gonna bitch abt ____ anymore,
(maybe at least not here)
for i fear im gonna get hurt when he scold me for her
i'm thinking of leaving blogger & just get on w my lj.
at least i got everything privated there & i know
i wont get any scolding even if i bitch 24/7 there.

i'm often irritated by the amt of text messages in my cellphone
not till lst night, when i started t delete some of them
while on the line w K where we were talking abt
the most ridiculous thing.
like; what if your boyf dated your mom or your sis or your so called GOODFRIEND/PATNER.
okay, back t those txt messages.
oh no, i just dont delete them all at one go but in a form of
most messages were from youknwho & i thought all
would be kinda entertaintment for me.
at least, i believe it would be.
but hell jyeah, im so wrong.very wrong indeed.
there's some that is so heartbreaking&painful.
being that maya, you knw what will happen,
but hey, like puhh-leasee!
who wouldnt shed a tear when the love of your life scolded you for
another someone when he doesnt knw the fuck is going on.
& there's one where he says the most @%$#!!*&^$@ thing
like "maybe there's really someone/another guy out there"
ridiculous, i knw.painful, VERYYYYYYYY!

to:whoever it may concern, sorry for
telling the whole world abt this mttr & i make it look like your being such an ass.
but, i just cant help it. i just cant talk t you abt this mttr
while hearing that voice of yours & looking at that look on your face.
i knw this took place some time ago but it's
pain, heartbreak, dissapointment we are talking abt here.
& how i wish when i called you aftr tht incident you would be by my side.
cheering me up, comforting me. but sadly, you aint there.
it was bbf that is there for me):<
instead you ask me t meet up my other friend.
I H A T E Y O U for this mttr!!!
i really do.

so im really angry, sad, paranoid,nthg t brag abt it.
have a good day