Thursday, December 27, 2007

if i had one wish,

oh god, pretty please let me have that job.
i want it badly. i need $ to buy _____ badly.
oh & the grandmother will be staying over at my home for a month
due to the eye opt she's having in january.

i dont know why, but we used t be strong.
its wrong of me to always bring up the unhappy moments we had,
to always remember the hurts & sadness being with you.
i'm sorry.
i never fail to pray to god everynight too that this love will always be strong,
that its not gonna end & that we are gonna passed Os, going to the same poly
& that mummy is gonna accept you someday.
only god knows that.
&jyeah right! your a b* who says sorry but keeps on repeating and hurting you all over again.
but i'm like that too am i?
your also the one kind of b* that i feel comfortable being with.
you might not knw this but i am what i am only in front of you.
like that" vainity and self-praised & yadeeyadeee"
i dont do all that i front of my friends or cousins.
this feeling sucks.
what make you say that your the last on my piority list?
that i went out with guys regularly?
grrr, im so dissapointed in you.only god knws how hurt i am tht night.
i'm getting sick-er as each day passes.
& i think i loses 100 strands of my hair each day.
im afraid. what if i ... ?

if i have only one wish..
i want to be the only only only girl that you love be it now
or ten, twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty, sixty,seventy,eighty, ninety, hundred
years down the road.