Thursday, January 31, 2008

learn t let go dear friend. i'm not for you, not good enough for you.
one of th reason being tt we're from diffrnt religious/'s hard.
i've found th perfect one and i'm sure you will do too. no use clinging on, hoping we would be tgt.
let go, it's for your own good.
we will be friends, like i promise you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1010; nice number and for the first time it reaches up to 1000.
nothing t be proud abt but seriously, ive got nothg t blog abt.
life's mundane.ive been t every part of spore and there's nthg interesting we could do here.
i need not wake up as early as six in the morning like others do for work or school. i could wake up as late as six in the evening. cool or what.
a few more mths t go and school will be reopening. & i would not have t think abt wht t do everyday i wake up.
maybe i should take up some hobbies.haha, but anyhoos
in another two more weeks i will be off t france with dearest, i cant wait. i cant wait. -.-
i want t change my blogskins but non attracts me.booohooo;

ps; i love tt malay+cheena+japanese+korean blood guy v much [:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

day out with dearest yesterday was oh so gorgeous.
vivo-changi airport-bugis.
ive just notice tt he look like some korean star or smthg. serious.
you look hot and sexaye yesterday baby [:
* next station, kembangan*haha
i'm looking forward t meeting you. let's go fly kite next,haha.

let me be an air stewardess when i grow up!
i promise you, i wont run away with jonas brothers when i see them for
we're insepreable. just like you and twinkle! haha
ps: i can't wait t go france with you babyyyy! wee phoooo [:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

your a year older now. much more older than me! bohooohooo-.-
congrats on passing O lvls & manage t get int poly. i'm proud of you baby!
hopefully we'll get int the same school(:
i cant wait t meet you tomorrow!

headed compass point starbucks for my caramel frapp with K as
she wanted t give me a 'congratulation hug' for passing my O lvls. hurs,
i went azie's place aftr tt. it was hell lots of fun. & her sister, lil fyra is so adorable.
she suddenly came to me & sat on my lap and ask;
" maya, you will be my sister for today okay?"
aww, i so love her! [:
ps: azie have a dirty mind. we were eating hotdog & she made a dirty comments.
eww, now, i have t think twice when wanting t eat hotdog.
photos ltr.i'm exhausted
headed angmokia aftr tt, meet up th seller for my tee & leggings.
& home sweet home (:

i'm relieved tt ive finally submitted th courses.
hopefully, i ll get th first choice.


she claims tt's her muscles.





little fyra is freaking adorable, i swear.,

Friday, January 25, 2008

thank god i passed Os[: wheepeedooo , a distinction for combine humans
& ive passed amath for the first time in history-.-
i scored an F for them usually. i guess, the formula 25 did help alot!
but sadly science was a disaster. For the past hour i've been sitting here
Typing, Back-spacing, browsing through jae booklet, scratching my head.
ding-dang-dong. iwant t be in the same school as tt apek!
anyhoos, i hope t get the course i want.
much loves,

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

let's all pray for the better tomorrow[:

You’re the only one that knows me, love it when you hold me, never find a love like this.
Let me hear you say;now I’ll never be lonely look at what you’ve shown me,
never find a love like this.
thanks for the day yesterday ahpek! you taste salty yesterday, haha.corn

counting down the time left, i pray for the better.
nail biting & heart thumping episode tomorrow. but yet, i'm excited.
not about the results. but meeting the dearest friends, teachers & i'm able t wear my school uniform yet again.
hopefully, the skirt still fit me. i'm growing fatter eating those junkies everyday with no exercise.
if i pass with flying colours, i'm so willing t take tt bunjey-jumping with dearest
during the second anniversary, i mean it! :D
all the best gorgeous people (:

i'm scared.i'm scared. i'm scared.

Monday, January 21, 2008

my hair seems to have grown longer though it always gugur
& it's already confirm tt 24th will be the release of result.>:/

me: grr, i'm sick of singapore & all those shits tt happened t me
mother: then?
me: can you like send me t other country or smthg
mother: wait till your results come out first
me: okayokay! i want t stay in france or rome or austria or paris.
mother: we will see abt tt ltr.
some random convo but i really hope she will send me away maybe
for a month or two before school reopen.i need a break.i'm sick of those shitastic arguments &
also my asstatic attitude. grrrr,`

i miss you oh so f much, only god knows tt.
i want t fly kite with you.
your not texting me): i want t text you but i'm afraid.
maybe, you have given up on me.
i only have myself t blame.

god dearest, please let the grandmother have a smooth operation tmr.
protect her from any harm.
gah, she's adorable and she made my day today.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

yesterday was the kind of day i would never want t forgetouting with the dearest H&K was awesome. thanks for making my day & cheering me up[:
you girls really put a smile on my face although i was feeling lousy.
i like how you girls crack jokes to make me laugh & other silly billy stuff.
i know, you girls know, they don't know.
we travelled around singapore like tourists & headed to of all places, geylang.
K:eh, here have.
H: eh look look there also have.
M: eh got more over there ! loook loook.
haha, if you guys out there [:
thank you so much for the day, my oh-so gorgeous girls!

i really enjoyed religious class today. although my one & only dear friend didnt turn up.
but those boys in my class are hell funny. so kecohrable.
though i would love t migrate t radiah's class but i dont want t miss out their crankyness too.
even though one of them is a pain in the ass.
ps; i kinda like how you suit tt shirt with the skinny. you made the uniform stand out.
at least, in my opinion.
you dont care a hoot abt the rules of wearing jeans not allowed.
oh- insertyournameherefori'mnotsureofyourname,
ive been trying hard t find you on friendster.
i want t be your friend, nothing more. [:

dearest Mr H, ive missed you. really do.
a stranger you were once.
then, with a gentle look you took my hand.
As our lives engaged,
you lit my life and i held both your hands.
Now tt decades have passed,
our souls have indeed become one.
How fortunate we are
tt we have found the love so true
tt everyone dreams about.

Friday, January 18, 2008

friend or foe? you decide.
i'm waiting here, still waiting
i dont want t lose you as a friend, i really dont.
i need you, i still love you. (:

Thursday, January 17, 2008


first stop, gf home t pass her some stuff.
second stop, K's home for i dont knw wht reason.
this time round she invited me, i didnt invite myself!
so now, i'm on the second stop,
waiting for fries & nuggets & wtever stuff t be served by tt crazy woman.
she's cooking, can you like believe itF? she's cooking for me!
no wonder it's snowing here (: lol. she's gonna be a perfect maid.

prolly watching cloverfield tommorow w bf. &
hoping t bump int gfs tmr tooo.
i'm not sure, we'll see how everything goes tmr
or maybe staying at home would be a great idea or i should just
go house visiting again & get free foooood.
ive got no mood t do anything. i feel like a pig.
wake up, eat, feeling moody,shit, fart,pee & yadeeeyadeee.hahs
seriously, some annoying stuff is killing me slowly. i dont want 22nd to arrive.
i dont want t be crying and feeling all down. i'm afraid.
hopefully, the plane would crash when reaching spore, fat hope.

grr ciao. nuggets & fries is arriving. waiter, waiter....
haha, hmm where should my third stop be?
*calls* boyf, are you at home?
oh he's not. he's in paris sightseeing with some gays out there.haha

oh & last but not least,
happy belated 17th birthday radiah!
okay bye the maid is calling me now! hahha.
* i hope she doesnt read this.haha

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

romantic princess kept me entertain the whole afternoon.
it's an a.w.e.s.o.m.e show. though i only watch them half way through,
wu zhun or wtever his name is god so handsome.
i'm nervous as the days draw nearer. results will be release sooon, pretty soon.
i'm afraid yet excited. i'm confident t pass it yet i'm not.
anyhoos, i'm preparing for the worst. if i didnt make it,
i'll just leave singapore and migrate t rome and never will return.
ive been shaking legs while almst all of my friends are all out there are working their asses of,
making how many thousands a month. i'm jealous, i'm jealous.
i hardly have 50$ with me now but ive had many things ive already planning t buy.
if only, money drops from the sky. haha, corn.
oh well, till then i will just have t wait for my dearest
long-lost billionair grandad t come and aknowledge me.
so, ciao.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

it's because of me your feeling down/hurt, i know.
but i dont knw what the hell fcuk i did you wrg.
i beg you.fill me in & tell me will you?
it seems i dont understand you anymore. maybe it's just me, i dont knw.
i admit i have problem w the attitude. i guess that's one of the reason
the first ex-one left me.
i predict if maybe one day we aint together tt'll be the cause of it.
ive told you once, twice, many times tt i aint the perfect one for you.
just look at the way i treated you.
oh and stop wasting your time geting paranoid.

Que vous fait si sûr que vous voulez m'épouser. & Être mon husband.
it pas que j'ai mis le besoin à. je fais vraiment. Je sais que je la coutume fait une grande femme. Après avoir épousé, je veux transfère à un autre pays.
Je ne suis pas kidding ! je suis sérieux de lui. Vous tout sacrifieriez ici et la feuille avec moi ?
Je sais qu'il a trop tôt à planifier tout ceci et que
n'importe quoi est la limite pour arriver le long de.
Qui sait, je la coutume obtient pour habiter demain.

je vous aime beaucoup
et je veux voler toujours le cerf-volant avec vous et fais une capsule témoin

bahaahaa, sorry for the sudden change of language but i doubt there's
anyone who's been reading my blog. so who cares..hah!
i knw, he knw tt he know how t read french.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


'oh-amour. j'ai un grand temps avec vous hier.
& unbelievably, ive met the bf mother.she's nice![: haha.
so much laughing gas we had yesterday.laughing at every single shit.
first was bf's home t meet dearest mother.second was cp t have our breakfast cum lunch.
third was plaza sing t buy stuff. fourth was compass point again t buy hotdog.
fifth was sculpture park/playgrd t slack and see adore-able not kids
& entertaining them with some silly stuff.hahaha,[:

ive got to 'babysit' handsome harith sooon.

oh & how funny, sexaye joe jonas hurt himself again.
omygay.alex evans did great photography.i'm in like with all his photos in myspace
how hot can they be you tell me.
& i miss nick j.haha, pongcai.
when the heck are they coming t singapore?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

grr, madrasah's shitastic!
i'm scattered away from my friends<:( but luckily there's amirah.
i so want my last year classmates back.cheeseballs~

i'm afraid. what the hell is wrong with his nose?

Thursday, January 3, 2008


i would like to mark yesterday as favourite.
-boyf-vivocity-somerset-united square-swordfighting!-

vivo-ed to catch i am legend with the boyf. it's a nice show even though i
wasnt paying attention t certain part due t *smirks!**smirks!**smirks!*
pengkongcheng zombies popped out of nowhere & make my heart goes BOOMBOOMBOOM!
i wonder why there's still children running ard when they are suppose t be in school.
anak malaysia-anak batam-orang indonesia.oh, it's an inside joke!haha.
i love boyf like peng to the kong to the cheng<3

i've been visiting the toilet alot lately to pee.i wonder why.
& now my throat is hurting me nose's being such an ass.
i wish i could cut open the throat & nose and bathe it with dettol.
i'm gonna have a fever in a while, just you wait and see.

i need to do serious shoppings! for my closet is .. empty!
i need 200$ badly 16-year-old mother!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

♥oh-baby, everthing about you is just so amazing
fresh start! let's put those bad memories behind and start over.
but somehow there's certain things that's worth holding on to,
just so that you have something t look back on t learn your lesson.
07 have been a blessful year. that's when i found the true love
even though we've been arguing alot.
& also this is the year where im really seriously studying due to O lvls.
i would really be glad t jot down my new year resolution but
i dont have any yet. i ll think about it first.
happy new year(: & happy two thousand eight(:
ps: im looking forward t meeting you tmr baby.IMYSM!