Friday, February 29, 2008

*jumping up and down and around*
thank god, thank god. thank god.[:
i wont have t spend 2 hrs in th bus befor heading t sch,
i wont have t see _____ face anymore!
i wont have t wipe dead bodies,
i wont have t clean ppl's corn, i wont have t wear tt white uni.
no more ngee ann nursing! woohoooots[:
say hello t nyp infocomm, !
i'm so gonna be an air-stewrdess in four years time,
actually there's no link here, but who cares. LOL.
i'd bttr go now, meeting th guyf. siape lambat, ketuk ketampi oi! blahs,

Wednesday, February 27, 2008








& she's kissing my lil fyra, sheeesh!


omgzzzz, i really hate cats! they are like th most eerie, disgusting,
irritating thing in th world. cats & i just dont click.
tt's why i had t go "eeee" & scream all out when they are near &
grab someone tightly.some people will know what i mean, haha.
tmorrow, tomorrow i super scared.

p/s: i'm so gonna watch th leap year!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i had fun yesterday w th guyfriend. meet him at hg intrchge & t hgmall.
& tok haji jack pls take note th bus came late nt me,boohooo.
& alas i bump int LALA & SYAFF![: woootswoots, i hardly recognize them cos
th last time i saw thm was like how many months ago-.-
so, after tt trained down harbourfront & headed t sentosa underwater world.
it was a last minute plan again, & sadly, it wasnt as fun as th zoo.
yet, i enjoy myself, hoho.

oh-hello, merlion

oh-hello, underwater creatures

oh-hello, shark

oh-hello, fishes

oh-hello, ugly creature

oh-hello, i dont know what it is

oh-hello, nemo![:

oh-hello, jellyfish which-i-tot-looks-like-sperm,LOL.

okay, this is only part of it. there's alot more but
i'm l a z y t post it here, haha standard luh.

after underwater headed t dolphin lagoon.
sadly, i didnt capture any dolphins photos, hoho.
soon aftr, headed vivo/ harbourfront cntr had MCd.
train-ed home. alighted at buangkok. slack at th open area.
oh oh oh & tadaaaaa, at ard 0750 i get tt **** from guyf.[[:
& alas you say it babyy haha, so fuunny. & thn, th rain suddenly stop-.-
& you sure did sweep off my feet, thank you you you,

& he walk me home. & i reach home and c o r n! **** is lost!
search high & low up & dwn t no avail.
guyfriend thn come ard at 10 plusplus t find but still cant
sadly, its l o s t forever & i feel so guilty now. boohooo, haha.
but it's okay we can get a new one, his mother will sponser[:

& i'm sorry for th detailed entry, haha.
i'm just want t make it look looooooooong!bahaahaa
& s h i a t, there's madrasah tmr, i so dont want t attend anymore cos
it's so freakinggg bored & i want t migrate t radia's class. shitos
& my kewyboarsd is suxcha bitxch-.-

Thursday, February 21, 2008

M:yo maya is so HOT tt makes you want t stripe yourself when she stands beside you
the hafiz.:yo hafizz is so sweet he would wait 9999 years to give flower and have the ring on ur finger
the hafiz:LOL maya
the hafiz:AHAHAHHA
the hafiz.:thick skin
M:what ahahhahahha
the hafiz.:yo hafizz is so sexy from behind ppl think he is a girl

lol, tt's one of th reason why i love my guyfriend!
we just click, haha.
anyway, i'm feeling much better today. & lazyy too.ahha
so, i had this suprise just now by my favourite IJians girls. where they came knocking at my door
soon after their school ends with hands full of junkies. omygay!
i almost cried, haha. how sweet can they be you tell me?
so we had pillow talks-pillow fights- but sadly they had t went home early.
anyhoos i'm glad they came, they cheered me up somehow:D
thank you girls ; (:

blogger is boring me out. i want t move t lj but but..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


fuck oh fuck, i wish everything's just a nightmare. i'm so scared.
dearest god, please help me now. only you can.

night religious class is getting such a bore. unlike th past.
i dont look forward t it now. at least there's ayu t talk t to in th past.
yet now, all i could talk/hear abt is typical 13 year old/14-year old talking abt their boyf/crush
or whatsover. & how they would say they love him very much then ltr th next day
they will say how they hate tt person & found a new guy & says 'ily forever' & want t marry you.
& later break off & found a new guy again & says th same thing again.
and it goes on & on & on like a life cycle.ha, typical kids-.-
no offence but seriously i find it , haha.
yet despite all this, there's my all time favourite girl, lil fyra.
she's adorable, & somehow she cheered me up yesterday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tick tock, tick tock, th time have's been a year baby(:
we've gone through thick and thin together this months. you never fail to withstand
by me even though we are on our worst moments!:D


i love how you listen and talk t me. i love how you make tt silly face you do.
i love how you had dress yourself up. i love th smell of your bushy hair. i love your
girly like eyes & ears& fingers.i love how you would show off your muscles t me. i love t laugh together over something silly.i love your nice-looking, never a flirt feature.
i love how you can't take your eyes off me. i love to see you eat like a pig.
i love t sit beside you on a long bus journey ride. i love i could tak t you
about everything under th sun. i love how you'd make tt flirting/pouting face.
ohmygay, i tell you it's fcuking cute.i love how you crack jokes. it never fails t make me laugh.
i love t receive your text messages for i would smile t myself like a mad woman.
i love th look & voice on your face when i'm pissed off.
i love how you would pinch my cheeks. i love how you would force me put your hand
around you waist/your shoulder.
i love how you show me care and concern. i love how you'd put your hand around me.
i love how you allow me t cross my leg with yours in th cinema.
i love how how make short conversations grow longer.
i love the feeling tt i get when i see you walking towards me. i love the way you pamper me.
i love th way you dotes on me. i love how you would give everything up for me.
i love the way you tickle my tummy. i love how you would tell me "no one can stop me frm loveing you" when i ask you t give up on me. i love your company.
i love how you would fix your hair everytime there's mirror;spell:vain.
i love how you would lie on my lap. i love th way you help me dig my ear.
i love how you would sing out of tune for me.
i love how you'd pass th last drink gulp t me*winks* i love your sepet eyes.
i love how you would spent your money on me. i love th way you roll your eyes.
i love th way you sulk. i love th way you'd react when i kiss your nose.
i love how you would deny tt th gift you intended t buy was for me-.-
i love th way you praise me & says' kembangan station'.
i love how you would claim you are not kembang everytime i praise you.
i love it how you would make tt face you do everytime i bully you.
i love how you would bully me & i've decided you could tease me forever
& i wouldnt get mad about it.
i love love love l0ve evry single little thang about you honey(:

thank you too. for everything you've done.
thank you for understanding me. thank you for showing me care & concern.
thank you for appearing in my life. thank you for not giving me up.
thank you for th countless sweet nothings. thank you for all th gifts.
thank you for placing me th top of your piority list. thank you for spending money on me.
thank you for the love & thank you for e v e r y t h i n g.

happy anniversary! :D
i cant wait t go ice-skating with you & make a fool of myself.
m a y a l o v e h a f i z z<3

i'm still unhappy abt it. life's unfair, very very very unfair.
corn neck, cheeeeee byeeeeeee));

Sunday, February 17, 2008

my weekends was spent with th guyf.
haha, sorry t whover tt ask me out beforehand but really, it was a lst minute outing w th bf
on the saturday, headed t th cathay planning t watch th movie but tickets was selling out
off t suntec city & marina again it was selling fast/time too late.
walk ard ASSplanade area & there's this man tt goes "OOOOOOOOOI" when boyf
tries t open thtolet door, arawr, so hilarious.hahahhahaha, corn!
last destination was amk hub. caught PS;i love you there, alas.
it's an a w e s o m e movie, a must see movie even though .... (;
after movie, cab-ed home.
today was spent exploring th sculpture park & sengkang area-.-
viewing for house, hohoho.
thanks for spending th time w me yawww even though you
could spent your time at home sleeping like a pig-.-
you were uber uber cute w tt face tt you did & th jokes you make, haha.

we were talking abt madrasah & how i feel like quitting
& how he says he would teach me & yadeeyadee..
M:haji hafizz?
H: ey like not nice sia. haji jack bttr.
LOL, i'm laughing my ass out typing this. it's funny t me but mayb not t you out there.
presenting th heart done by one & only haji jack!LOL


ps: another 2 more days t go [:

Friday, February 15, 2008

th one for me is you & you for me
shopping galore makes me a happyy happy girl again
even though there's only 10$ left in my wallet-.-
so, headed vivo with nabilah & t bugis.
bought _____ & grey cardigen & a tee& a tee. i'm so gonna buy th bag th next time i come.

oh dear nadia, i miss th double-date, the times we laugh together,
the time we talk craps, the times we use t gossip,
th time where we had th same dressing, th time when we meet at cp,
th time we met monfortians at th library, gg out w you,
your smile, your hug,your comments, & all abt you toooo!
let's start afresh dear, i miss doing crazy stuff & mischievious stuff with you.):
oh & happy wedding anniversary t th mother & father[:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

current's place: K's home, awaiting for her t get readyy
update when i got home later, till here. ciao.
i'm glad everything's fine. boyf is back in action. thank god
happy valentine day to all.
zamira called t cancel th plan when she already promise me, how great.she's forever like tt grr,
so i accompanied th mother t th hospital t visit her aunt or whoever &
th cousin was there! wooots, super kecohrable. :DD
headed K's hse soon aftr.went clark quay.
(beacuse we made a pact t go there on every 14thfeb t have a looong talk when
i comforted her there during her lst breakup)
heart to heart talk- river seeing-& yadeeyadee.
it's been some time since i went there w th guyfriend):
dearest, i'm bloody hell sorry for those things i said last night.
gawwwd, i feeel so devastated, sad, miserable, & whatevr words tt fit in.
* insert veryyyy looooong face & my eyes swollen t th max*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photobucketin the 19238 days we spent together,I never once regretted the fact that I had chosen you to be mine.
we've been go through rough and thick together.Through it all,we have each other.That why we're still here,stronger as ever. Things have been on the rough lately,but its no reason to give up.Its just a test for each other.we will make it through this i got me.
&People do make mistakes my dear.I always forgive you didn't I?Just forget about it. Don't dwell over it and say you don't deserve my love.Cos in every way,you do.And I'm all for you.I'll bring you back to your feet once again and we'll play in the rain like we did,like little kids.cos i don't want to stop seeing your smile.Ill make you my bride someday.I'll endure our mothers,i wont care if people laugh and say its impossible cos we're gonna make it happen,together.cos in love,it doesn't matter what you like or don't.What colour skin you are and from what worlds we come from.whether you are a different species.they don't matter.What matters is that you are happy with the person and you love each other more than anything else.We could then travel around the world.Go to that wishing fountain to have your wish.I would probably have nothing to wish for cos you will already be by side,hopefully with a ring on our finger.&I love you, very very very very very very so damn much.I don't want to see you drown in guilt.It hurts me.I won't let this greatest thing that happened to me or to you end.I won't let our happiness go.There's not much more that I can do now.The rest is up to you,I'll wait for you no matter how long it takes.Don't be afraid of the future,we'll work through to it together if any problem comes our way.I promise I'll be there for you.&Like we always do; we, superheroes, rock on so many levels.

i miss you hell alot f much.
*insert ver loooooong sad face*
i've been reading your blog archives & i've realise how you are
so bloody very good t me. i'm lucky, so lucky.
i'm a bad gf , sorry):
where th hell are you? it's been two freaking days!
are you still alive? or have you run away t rome w/o me?

Monday, February 11, 2008


i was only joking & you should jolly well know it.
i can't help it if you choose t believe what's untrue.
have faith in yourself, in me & in us.

at times like this, i wish i have gfs around me. oh god, i miss them so much.
fad oh fad, ive just read your blog & i realise how i miss those times
we had together. i miss laughing my ass out during malay intensive when you crack
jokes about mr zul & all. i miss those times when those teachers mistook us for each other.
i miss how we would sit together & eat together during recess time.
i miss seeing how radia would cut the cheekan for zamira t eat.haha!
i miss how nabilah would peep at th 'tevee' every single chance she get.
i miss going t the washroom with you girls.
oh & elly tan!i miss you too dear(:
if your sick of working, quit your job & you can go out with me every single day.haha
th day tt i would be meeting all of them would be in march
during Ms Oon's wedding day. but i couldnt wait tt long
arawr, i know only one or two of them would b reading this but anyhoos,
i wouldnt mind spending time with you girls during valentine day.hahaha;

ps: sorry if this hurt, but i dont care a hoot about celebrating
v. day with th guyfriend

Saturday, February 9, 2008

sometimes i wonder if th path i took is th correct one.
anyhoos, let nature takes it course. what will be, will be.

how saddening,you still have no faith/trust in me aftr one pathetic year
when you say; "je vous sais calme comme lui.vous toujours est allé à starbucks."
oh well,let it go. i'm like tt too sometimes;

sometimes, i wish i could forget all those mean things tt happen. but too bad, i cant.
i h a t e h e r, s t i l l. c c b.
she make me sick.

i'm suppose t get my ass off t marina, but i'm lazy.
i bet someone's gonna complain/nag again.

i had a great day with th favourite girls yesterday. the movie, ah long is so hilarious
tt i almost pee in my pants. haha, i'm sorry you guys have t wait _hrs for me, hoho.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i'm at th aunt place. oh & i swear i need t get a new contact lens.
my eyes is freaking painful & there's like 'ball-like' texture on my left eye.
the fug, imh!
to all cheena orang, happy chinese new year;
collect manymanymany hangbaos & ask me out for dates yawww (: hoohoho

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

fifteen facts;
fact 1: i almost done th so-called project tt's due on th 19th but
somehow somewhat it screwed up.shiats;
fact 2: Rumors are spreading ard tt th jonas brothers are heading t asia pretty soon.
cool or what ;
fact 3: cheena new year is coming up means having lots of $;
hahah, so right -.-
fact 4: valentine day is coming & i so dont give a damn :/, while
other girls go gugugaga over it. haha, whatever
fact 5: i'm pretty anxious & excited for th first annin ![:
fact 6: i need t do some serious shopping instead of buying shits like undies & bra; haha.
fact 7: i still dream abt gg t france & migrating t rome!
fact 8: according t th random quizzes i took, i'll be married at th
age of 20/ as soon as i finish my education. places of marriage: at a beach! [:
fact 9:caramel frapp makes me high as much as McD's ice tea did; hohoho
fact 10: i spent my whole aftrnoon in sengkang library -.-
fact 11: my dear friend downloaded tt stupid ringtone where th adult cant hear
& i swear it's ?
fact 12: i want a new cellphone please though it's not yet a year old.
fact 13: out of th blue, i thought of taking neoprint, hahaha wth
fact 14: it's been two freaking days since i had cheekan ;
fact 15: i miss boyfriend.

Monday, February 4, 2008

i'm freaking mad & i feel like killing someone right this minute.
i spent hours changing th freaking blogskin but it freaking screwed up &
somewhat changes out of shape.wth;
but luckily i saved th current one i'm using somewhere if not,

i wish you would never leave,
i wish you could stay w me every single seconds,
i wish we could be together till our hairs turn white,
i wish we could last till th end of time

Sunday, February 3, 2008

And if our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How I'm thankful for the life we've made

i want t cut open my nose and dump it in the bin.
irritating flu, & oh yes, i'm sick once again. how weak;
Mr. doctor says .......

Friday, February 1, 2008

thanks for the day, the movie dearest.caught 27 dresses at amkhub
being a wedding planner is as good as being an air stewardess.haha.
it's a redddd day today[:baby oh baby, you look like a hot, sexaye spore flag today.
thank god i didnt wore white skinnies.hoho

yes, now i know. but no, i wont look at you differently.
you'd still be the one i love, the one i adore.
please trust me, have faith in me; i wouldnt mind tt.
what mttr most is tt you still love me. & even if one day you became handicap,
i would still be there for you.
when your blind, i would be your eyes.
you can count on me for life baby. i would still want t marry you [:
thank you for saving the contactlens frm going in the eye. i almst die/become blind.
your my hero [: