Monday, March 31, 2008



Ahhhh so not fair.I want t travel to the states to buy all this stuff home.
S'pore Volcom mostly contain guy's stuff & the girl's stuff ain't that pretty here.I'm still not done with shopping yet. haha, there's still 50 bucks in this leather wallet & i feel like spending it all at once. Yet i feel so reluctant because in a blink of eye there will only be dust left in the pretty leather wallet. Allright, haha the contradiction.& also, i've been persuading th guyf to help sell this roxy sling bag tht i bought on impluse to his sister. Rahhhh, but he doesnt want): Well, it's ok i will just put it in the museum at the storeroom & let it rot there.

Basically, life's been pretty goood. Except for this throat of mine.Cough is getting worst & i cough like there's no tomorrow, haha & Eeeek i so dislike th cough mixture taste like _____. i'm suppose to accompany Amirawr shopping today but due t this shistasticfantasticbombastic cough, i'd to give it a miss. Sorrry, Next time ok i promise.
Oh oh & i went to this wedding ceromany thingy beside the father that saturday night. & the pelamin (or whatever you call it) is so pretty. And and and there's this one guy there seems real familiar. Like i've seeen him somewhere, like i've known him for more than 10 years,like Ahhhhh shuddup. Dejavu, haha.
Madrasah on Sunday was pretty funny. & we'd to memorise 16 lines for oral. When i've only memorise 4 line. Screw it. How? How? How? I suck at memorising. :/

I've somehow re-link people yet again after so many decades. Somehow maybe i'm gonna take it away two/three days later. hahaha, nonsense. & i'm craving for so so many things like a pregnant woman now. Like caramel frapp, takoyaki, MCD, LJS, donuts, & & & VIVOCITY AND FAR EAST PLAZA. WTH right? //hahhahaha.

Looook the pretty pelamin that i was talking abt:


& guyfriend send me this online.He design all this. Hahaha kidding


& i love this. so pretty yo!It cost 1.5k


haha, i want to be a wedding planner when i grow up!hahahaha. i was bored thus decide to post all those pictures.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Like finally, after a decade years of using tht old blogskin i decided to change it.
Past few days was well spend with th guyfriend.
From watching horror movies (Rule #1) which scare me to shit & i can't stop my hand from covering my fat face/ Grabbing guyf teee-shirt. Ahhhh scary much and th ending is pretty confusing.but it is worth the $, haha.
& theres shopping spree and esplanade for cam-whoring session. & right now, i'm feeling so sick at home. Throat drying up; coughing like a madwoman. Nose throwing up mucus; say Ewwwwww people.Body feeling hot one moment & cold the next.
DingDangDong, spending time with him really bright up my day. Geeeez thanks boobs[:
& she's right, Maya is real lucky to have you.
Presenting yours sincerely:

Presenting the guy who owns 3.2 megapizel phone & always show it off to mua:

theres another 100+ more actually, haha but i doubt noone will look
at it if i upload them so yeaaa. One at a time, i will post them one by one. Stay tune yo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i need to do some serious shopping before the month of April arrives, which in a blink of eye it will arrive, fast. Grrrrrrr, the thought of different sch with th guyf kills me allright. Right, anyone out there acc me out for one whole day of shopping asap bfor i spent the money on some shits ( actually i already did spent half of it._.) i'm gonna ask the mother for money again;*cross finger & pray real hard she will give* but i doubt she will anyway.>:(
Oh and i'm sick of this blogskin already. I'm gonna change it sooner or later.
& the guyfriend's one is real pretty allright?huahuahua, especially the profile's picture.

Saturday, March 22, 2008



Lately I've been thinking so strangely about th clouds & how they seem to slowly fade away. Maybe some day we will find a way t disappear. Just me & you on silver lining dreams. How could I survive without your love & th hope you bring. Even when th sky is falling down, I know I have you, & it's all I need. Lately I've been hoping you can stay with me& I could hold you close till th end of time

Every story has an ending. But in life, every end is just the begining.
True Love have a happy ending, they said.
But since it's called "True Love", i think it shouldn't have an ending at all.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh___, do you know i really want to kill you right now.
Oh no not hating you cause like i say it will only tire myself out. smirks
i thought i already forgive you but a little part of me still am annoyed with you.
Maybe they are right. i'm better off w/o you. {:
The happy pills, F,H,K cracks me up with their nonsensical online, hahahaha & awww,
how sweet they still remember my bornday is approaching sooon.
& hoodies from F21 caught my eye when i was browsing its web.

Look look i find em hot yo! if only it is red in colour!

& this is cute allright. hahha

& this graphic tees.

& this prettaye necklace.

like WOAH! quick quick save your $ & buy this on th 11th of May.
Invest your $$ on meeeee,trust me it's worth it. hahahhaha your doing a kind deed here allright.
Ahhhhh sumpah my face very thick, lolllls. Buy them got kiss from me.
Ey not kiss, hug! Kiss only for ehem ehem lols.haha
p/s: i wanna be a red riding hood,haha super random, i know.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yesterday was hella much fun.Even though it rained):
Another picnic with a sunny weather, playing kite & bubbles please?

Dearest God, pls protect the aunty from any other furthur illnesses.
& ayu dear, you've got t be strong. Oh and happy belated one year for you & your guyf(:
Hope you guys last long. & it's really surprising how they could keep their r/s tt long when both are only sec two this year. usually, most girls and guys their age ain't serious.
Like one time they goes " omg i like A i want t be with him & we are tgether.we promise a never-ending fairytale" & aftr two three days they goes
"Eeek i hate A. i broke up with him already. i like B now." Then, it goes on and on and on like a cycle. Typical~ ohh yes i'm referring to this slut so called patner/friend of mine. huahuahua*smirks*

I feel so loaded now.So loaded that i planned to buy two palace.haha, kidding.
I can't wait t shop for new clothes & all. I've already made a date with Amirawr to go shopping.
& in another 3 more freaking weeks sch's starting. Shitos~
By then, i will be running away with guyf t france, right? right?
Dream on mayaaa.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's the Power Of Love
OH-MY-GOD, the story is just so so so nice okay.caught it with th guyf yesterday.
i'm glad everything's back to noraml again.Oh-well, it happens all the time to everyone in a r/s.
tt's what make us strong & learn smthing. right?
Allright, back to the moo-vie.the guy is so dashing & so cute & so whoa.and he got woww hairr.
*just like th guy sitting beside me*
i so don't like the ending cause he died in th end. ): If tt happens to me, i will tickle th guyf
till he wakes up. hahhahahahahah.
P/S: ちょうど あなたがそう知っている 私が少女が男のためにした同じ事をする. 私があなたとそれまでそこにいる あなた 非常に 最後のひと息。
Ek, i'm so gonna learn Japanese someday. watashi maya ai ni ni ni.
Right, Left, Right, i'd better end now before nonsensical appear here.hahhaaaaa,
yippeee-doopey-dangdoooo, alas picnic tmr like after billion years.

much loves,

Friday, March 14, 2008

"How far will you go for your true love?"

i was so freaking boredddd at home since no one ask me out.
& i spent my time reading, yes read.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow
Watched the stars crash in the sea
If i could ask God one question....
i swear i could watch the movie ten twenty thirty times and never get sick of it.The story line is just awesome and i just love it. Imagine your lifestory being like that, how sad.Mandy Moore is so pretty and she's looking so sweeet(: Ahhhhhhhh,* grin with envy*
Treasure your loved ones before they are gone.
To: the dearest goodfriend,
I can't help it if your always thinking that i'm hurting you because i'm so not.
i'm tired of all this shits, of all this fall-outs. & you think i like bitching about you in my blog?
well, i'm trying real hard not to. Maybe, we aren't meant to be like in the past.
I already try, hard. Have you? I'm real tired fyi. Like, as if your th only one hurt here.
ey hello, have you realise what you've written in your blog?
Go to your room and, it's all about me. Everything is my fault. Happy?
"Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest, who came first & who cares the best. it's about who came but never left."
but what about those who came & left & come back again huh?
Now, everything seems to go haywire.
because all those fall-outs started with me. be it with the friend or the guyfriend.
I ain't sure how to solve it. booohoooos~ cause, the counseller disappear. hah, kidding.
Fadhil went Vietnam to find a wife. haha, just kidding.
I'm just cheering myself up.Ahhhhhhh, i needa bath now & my cheekan.
it's been a week since i went religious class. i bet the mad woman gonna scream right into my face along with her irritating assholic fat cat. haha, Right. till here.

p/s: is it really dead & just for memories?i will try o make it a l i v e!
Trust me honeystarrr i still love you.
Remember the first time i met you? Let's rewind those back again.
you are all that i want the one that i need the one that i love & the one that i miss v much.
I will hear all those million things that you have to say.
it's been raining.Only you and i can make it stop

Sunday, March 9, 2008

it's been only a week plus since i visited my blogspot &
feed it with some nutrients yet i've already saw spiderwebs around here alreday.
i'd better post smthg now, haha.

my week has been pretty exciting.& mostly this week was spent with my dear lovely friends(:
Nothing's new actually except tt i've gain three fucking kilograms maybe due t
those McDonalds breakfast i had this past few days.& guess, what my hair's getting drier
& it looks so ugly tt i was thiking of bald-ing it, haha. & it's naturally brown . Really, natural.
Not like someone who dies his hair blue & claims tt it's natural -.o
basirah turns out t be in th same course as me, (: yipeeeeeee hopefully, we are classmates.
i've met her t get some stuff & she's real pretty. like an elder sister t me, haha.
& finally, god hears my prayers.dearest mother gave me th green light t be w guyfriend [:
i'd met my lovely classmates yesterday, not all actually.
& woah, Ms Oon's so b e au t i f u l. & their wedding is so sweet & wowwwww
tt makes me want t get married a s a p. haha haha haha
I bet my marriage would be as sweet as tt, or even sweeter, haha. kidding. [:

Saturday, March 1, 2008

* they made every 29th a promise t meet at th same time, same place*


The Leap Year is th best local drama ever.
& for sure, it's not a typical lovestory. sucha romantic & sad story.
4 thumbs up & kudos in th world for them.
it's a must see & i'm so gonna watch it a g a i n.
those beautiful ladies, & oh-so-charming Anada Everingham, and despite 714
weird english accent, he's adorable! [:
oh and i fell in like with Corrinne May oh so sweet voice tt for sure,
it melted my heart & many others, awwwwww.

allright, so th guyfriend pick me up w his newly black ferreri car.
it's like super cool. there's a plasma, fridge full of junkies,& many other wowness.
haha, okay just shut up!
caught th leap year at th cathay & he booked th whole place t ourself.
so there's only me &him & he & me. oh-my how sweet can tt be, you tell me?
oh-oh headed ROM aftr tt t have our marriage registered on th
19th febuary 2014![: haha, just kidding.
Clark Quay after tt.
bunjey watching- River watching-heart to heart talk- camwhore-
he scolded me for camwhoring -.-LOL
met his friend, ann after tt. she's prettty, so pretty.geeez! [:
& had candlelight dinnerat holiday inn & off we went stargazing
& wowwwy he played me a song(: you wont want t know more, haha.
till here, ciao.
p/s: it's up t you t believe on th above, ahah. corn , zzt -,-
but but, i'm th most happy & lucky girl t have H.A.W. [:

it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.