Sunday, April 27, 2008



because it's not over, it's just the beginning.
I don't want t give this up even if you want to.
i miss you fucking much, I hope you do to.

Me rencontrer bientôt le bébé. Je vous manque autant de. Je vous pardonne déjà. Je suis fautif aussi. Je suis si désolé. Me rencontrer bientôt. Je vous manque autant de.

Friday, April 25, 2008


It's fridayyy and there's no school tomorrow! Yippeeeedooo.
This week past real fast. Somehow it feels like yesterday is only a Monday.
Anyhoos, makeup artist contacted me yesterday saying there's audition the next Wednesday from 345 till 8. And that's a blooody 4 hours! Grrr & what's more i end school early on Wednesday! No no i don't want t go for who knows; i might have a date after school.
* hints!hints!*
Anyhoo i feel so super light, hyper, today. i don't know why, don't ask me why. So we had graphic design as the first module of the day! Did business card or whatever you call it! & mine is sooo freaking nice, haha just kidding.
Lunch with the classmate aftermath, had "Ah-lian" lesson which ended an hour earlier. & had break yet again and play hang man._. I'm the champion eyy, haha! It was freaking fuunnny; lmao. And lastly had programming. Did the HTML and th teacher was uberly ._. irritating and noisy and ________.
& & & my freaking compaq laptop is giving me problems. Kanasai! I'm waiting for fad to get me a vaio one in the 11 May 2008! i don't care i want it on the year 2008! hohoho.

It's hang-man boinky doinky!

It's Sera; my sexaye lady!

It's the hyper ppl( Shili claim!)

& the "emo" ppl( Shili claim also)

& it's Koufu
Been eating there almost everyday this week. So very jelak cannn.
& it would be nice if the western foood is halal! Dangggg~

& lastly : the no eye girl! LOL jkjk

I've notice something! There's dimple at the lower part of my lip and why doesn't it grow on my cheeeeek? Grrrrrr; I so want to put braces. Okay, there's no link here! haha
Ciao, i'm offf t France since tmr is a weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm feeling great from top to bottom! Yeah right,I feel so tireddd like hell.
Thursday is the worst day ever in school because the schedule sucks & it's filled with tons of long dreadful lectures. Lecturer that speaks brilliant alien languages makes me want t own a robot brain. & & & my tummy was rumbling for fooooood during the lecture.
i think there's dinosaur in there cause i've just eaten & it's rumbling yet again. Cooool or whattt.
I'm so going bonkers because of schoool!
There's personal development assignment which deadline is this Sunday.At least i'm halfway done but i ain't sure if i did the correct thing, haha. & i'v yet to take Madrasah oral and i've yet to study for MYE this coming Sunday. & worst, i don't knw what to study for ._. Oh god, how great can my life get huh?

I'm so gonna quit school and be a model! But then again, my beloved classmate would miss me.
hahahaahaha. Ohhhhh i'm gonna meet the happy pills this Saturday, i can't wait. i can't wait.
I miss that angmoh boy and i don't want t attend sch tmr.
but then there's graphic design,programming & N-O lectures tmr!!
Grrrrrrrrr, but who cares? haha

& it's been such a pretty loong time since i attend religion class.
I'm sure those ppl miss me! haha, i miss listening to pretty cute lil nadirah telling me storries about everything under the sun. And at the end, she'll give me bubblegum as a reward of listening to her stories. She's the new favourite person there yo!

Oh oh & there's up to 70prcent TANGS sales in NYP on the 28/29th March(if i'm not wrg)
I bet that angmoh boy is gonnna get jealous cause his sch dont have, haha
nannny nannny pooo poooo! , IMHBAW so much );

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you,Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because someone like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find.

I need a time machine. If only i have one, everything would be perfect right now.
Or maybe; if only i could brainwash people brain.
It would be so awesome & that i don't have to worry about anything.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I didn't know what to blog, my fingers just type in & there, here i am thinking what to blog about._. I've been looking for GFs picture with me (the one taken during ms Oon's wedding) & guess what it disappear): Awwwww, I miss them so much.
I can't wait for 14 June! I hope they remember our promises. I'm looking forward t meet them, really. Somehow sch sucks big time today. I was feeling distracted the whole time. I wonder why.
My head hurts like &%^$*(%^^$% during lectures and i so feel like bidding goodbye to the lecture and catwalk t the room door like no one business.
I don't feel like gng to school tomorrow lahh, Grrrrr i wish i could fly t Rome tonight):

Anyway the Saturday was well spent with the hot Angmoh guy. Downtown east & caught "Run Papa Run" & let me tell you, the show can bore you to tears! Anyhoo, smuggling food in th cinema was fun, so fun tt my bag smells of McD fries ._.
& i skip madrasah the day after. i was super exhausted and how great i was th only one who didnt turn up tt Sunday. i had to take oral a-l-o-n-e this Sunday. Now tell me i'm gonna make it through.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Its friday & it's th last day of sch for th week, yipheeedooo. School is pretty fine today as there's no Lectures! & Graphic Design class is kinda fun yo. We studied Adobe Illustrator & it's almost th same as photoshop and new things can be applied there, haha. I so enjoy doing the cloud, the sun, the house & yadeeeyadeee. Fun! i tell you. I got nthg interesting t blog abt except sch, how b- o- r- i- n- g. Anyway tmr's 19 April & i've got a date with th hottest angmohlooklike tmr. Cool or what. Oh & & Jonas Brothers appeared in Teenage mag Cover Page.*Scream!
& Now Vainity Time baybeh;







The End. & My hair is getting longer & uglier.
I'm so gonna rebond them again sooooon!
Rawrrrr & i just rmbr i had Madra oral this Sunday & i have t memorize Line 1 till Line 26.
tell me it's gonna be easy. >:(

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ask me about my first day of school & i ll tell you its boring & dreadful.
Lectures Lectures Lectures make me want t sleep.
However i so like that programming on the second day. It's kinda fun, really.
& i don't understand a shit about decimal, binary. It made me mad & it's worst than tht beloved A maths, i so need Mr Pinto help, haha just kidding.
For today, i enjoy that digital electronics calculation, at least i understand smthg abt physics.
Thanks to dear kimberly the berok.
Allright, i'm looking forward for tmr graphic design class & programming tmr. & shiat theres data communication tmr. Decimal & binary!; not again. Grrrrr.
I really like the classmates. We sure are united yo. there sure to be never ending laughter with all those hyper people. haha. tmr lesson will be frm 8 to 5. How dreadful, timetable sucks allright. Bf picking me up tmr with his limo. yaphooooooooooo [:
Oh oh oh & ive bought th lappy & & theres 100$ takashiMAYA voucher, how nice.
It's shopping time, baybeh! [:

Oh & highlight of the week;
i highlighted my natural brown hair. I did for bf & he did for me.
& obviously, i did a bttr job than he do! haha
& i'm thinking of braiding my hair. the last time i did it was like a few years back.
& it only lasted for a few days. Imagine Maya with braids; spell W-O-W.
Or maybe i should have Hayley Williams' hair! Naaa, Maybe not. I so dislike her! Grrrrrr

Saturday, April 12, 2008



Happy Sweet 17th Birthday Siti Nabilah Bte Mazlan. may you have a joyous year ahead of you bby!
Oh oh & also, Happy Birthday Firdaus!be honoured that i wish you here allright? haha

i toured around Spore with th guyf yesterday like some sesat tourist, thanks to our no-sense-of direction.It took us around 2 damn freaking hours to get t th destination;Kallang Leisure Park. & spent in total of 4 bucks just on transport. Nice or what huh. & lesson learnt; Always carry a spore map, haha! haha. Allright & guess what? The place is so interesting, not. P/S: Never ever go there ppl cause nthg interesting there except if you want t bowl, ice-skate, K-Box & watch movie. & Near Buangkok Mrt station there, cats are making tons&tons of kitten and and they freak me out. EEEEEEE, cats are so ewwww, ahahha. Mooon& star gazing with guyf & homed, heh heh.I so love long bus ride with you bby, serious. Seeing th way you get restless is so _______.

Somehow the NYP timetable sucks. the hours is so fcuking long. How am i suppose to meet boboman after sch everyday? ):

Thursday, April 10, 2008



Awwww, look at those fat cheeks): & look at those natural brown hair(: hahah

Pardon me daily readers(which i doubt theres any)for the lack of updates. Just that i've got a better place to blog it all out all this while.So yeaa life's been pretty allright, i guess. Orientation was kinda ._. & what makes it worst was that i was selected for th dance thang which had t be performed by the last day (which is today) i had a fun time laughing my ass out with Wani on tuesday training. hahahah, she know, i know. & & i didint attend on th 2nd and today as i was feeling unwell, so Qayyum replace me! haha i wish i was there watching them.

Apart from that, i went shopping with th Gf after not seeing her for gazzilion years the previous week , & the happy pills & the bf. I wasnt suppose to spent anything when out with th bf but uhhh.. nvm i bought a F21 shirt which is so afordable so yeaaa, i'm not totally broke, ahaha. And guess what! My ez-link got confiscated by th bus driver, Grrrrrrrr same fate as th bf kepeee! & now, travelling anywhere would be so damn troublesome unless i have the cash to take the cab.

School starting next monday.& which means seeing bf lesser than ever.And what makes it worst is that it's from one end to another.I'm so gonna ask MOE to rebuilt TP next to NYP. [: Tell me i'm so sweet, haha whatever.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


"Congratulations your first JAE choice, Retail Management in TP have one available placing & you've been selected to be transfer to this course & sch. Please come down to Temasek polythenic on the 2nd of April for some admin pre-registrarion. Thank You."

I foooled guyfriend with this text early in th morning.& bahhaaaaa he fell for it.[: i won! i won! & sheeesh i got scolded by him for it. How nice huh? Grrrr; Anyhoos put that shiat aside i had lunch with th happy pills just now and we headed Kingkong's crib.And i did help them with some vectors question :D Right now, i feel so bored & thus decide to blog while they are dng their homeworks. Study hard for Os & come with me to NYP boinky friends. hahaha

Oh and to that act-innocent-fat girl, screw you up and down left and right. May you grow fats day by day.& you want to fly? How hilarious.Get rid of those fats first which i doubt you can. huahuahua. Right, so now everyone anti you. How very nice. like quoted frm kasot: make ppl darah go up only.

S'il vous plaît me dire que c'est que je ne pense pas c'est. Et ceux-là affichent le nom ne me me référait pas. Me dire je suis juste paranoïaque. Me dire je pas gaspille/monte haut votre temps.dit me vous didnt fait ces promesses juste pour le bien de lui. Me dire que ce 13e mois est tout authentique et ni est faux. Me dire vous le signifiez quand vous dites "je vous aime"

i'm migrating to France. hahahah Happy April Fool's People!