Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ahhhhh nooo. Why David Cook?!! Dammit. Archuleta freaking text me yesterdy telling me he'll win! But now, look what happen? I dont want friend him anymore ahh. haha wthh Maya -.-'''''
Anyway Graphic Design lab test turn out t be pretty fine ;D Thank God i got quite an easy picture & that is the rocking chair or whatever it is call. So here are the photos:

And finally the outcome turn out t be like this:

i wasn't satisfied actually because like suddenly there's one fcuking black dot mole at the left hand side there.Uhhh, & whats more time is running fast, so yeaa i just submitted }:
Break soon after followed by lectures. And as a standard girl thing, we did this before the lecturer arrive, haha. presenting the havent-famous-yet Superstar , Shili;

Notice something? I've been growing dimples kan kan? And also fattter(?) I ate alot nowadays & i think there's a monster in there or something. The other time I had 2 freaking set of LJS meals. Wthh right? But that would stop Sera from nagging me to eat more because she's forever going "Maya! Eat more ahh you so skinny. " Okay chopchop, Data Comm lab afterward, I wasnt paying much attention as I was busy concentrating on eating -.-"' haha, & the Wayne will go "I smell fooooood " and i will go " where got? " And then I will continue eating behind the computer screen, ahhh pardon me for typing this kind of nonsense shit out but i'm hella bored.
& here's what Wayne did when everyone eyes was busy on th comp screen instead of the whiteboard when he's teaching:



And here goes the last photo of the day;

LOL. I'm waiting for JB to appear in American Idol nowwww but but but where th hell are they? Hurrrrrry come out ahhh. -.- okay Joe text me already! They are coming out in uhh 10 seconds time! hhaha. Ahhhhhhh, I have dark eye ring just now due t lack of sleep & its all tht dearest mat salleh fault.Tmr Friday like Yessssaaaaaaaaaaa ;D School from 10AM till 6PM, Grrrr, how boring.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If our love was a story book, we would meet on the very first page. The last chapter would be about; how i’m thankful for the life we’ve made and if we had babies they would have your eyes I would fall deeper watching you give life. You don’t even know how very special you are.

I came school for one pathetic hour of lecture, learning nothing. And guess what?! I almost cry in the bus while listening t Heavenly Days on th way t school. I was putting myelf in th girl shoe like what if guyf died & yadeeeyaddde. Ahhh th storyline of Sky Of love is just so awesome. C8 drama today is very saddening too, i tell you. And i feel like crying watching them ]: Ahhhh, okay .. Anyhoos, i had a great time today with th guyf. Thanks so much for the day. And also thanks so much for playing a nice host just now. I appreciate them very much minus the part when you took tht knife & threatened me, tsk. Graphic Design test tmr & i'm uber nervous. I only know how t trace but not clipping mask or what shit); uhhhhh! Lesson start at 8AM tmr which means i had t sqeeeze in the bus with kiasu ppl tmr, how nice right?!!
Oh Gosh, Archuleta is leading! For sure, he will be th grand winner. ;D Cook aint that bad either.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


*Excuse that photo above. Thats the result for eating way too much cheekan: FAT cheeeks & BOO those eyebag! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr~

I love today and i can't lie. I dont know why either. Probably because Programming is getting much better. I mean, there's lesser syntex error or whatever shit error today compared to th previous lab lesson, Oh wait i think there's no error at all today. Like whoa! And i got 8/15 for th EQuiz, hoho. First time i passed tt module as i failed th previous 2 assignments, haha. *claps* But hell with data comunication. I understand nuts about it. Gosh, how? how?how? Digital Electronic is getting better too, at least today i understand what th lecture is talking. woooots! [:Tomorrow school's from 1PM till 3PM; Internet Application Lecture. Okay cool or what, haha.

I miss Gfs like real badly nowwwww. God God God, let us meet ASAP please, haha.
I hope they are doing fine out there. [: & Goshhh please let 9 June come fast fast fast!
And i so cant wait for th G-S-S! Shoppping Spreee baybeh! :D
Ohhhh for entertain click click below, heh heh heh {:
la bonne nuit, les rĂªves doux.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


For a moment, just try putting yourself in my shoes. I got every reason to be paranoid. I can't help but write it here when i already jot it down in the pb. I need you to know but i don't want this to add onto your problems which i'm sure you had more than enough.But on the other hand, i'm afraid i might sound like some pathetic girl here. uhh .. Remember the time during the MSN convo i had with you and you say your bored or whatevershitican'trmbr and suddenly you ask me "where's _____". I was dissapointed for a moment. Why her? Why not me?
Just imagine how i would feel. And what's more you once had _____ for ____. Fuck.
And now, i'm pretty sure she would know all the shits that have been affecting you and there, she would comfort you and whatnot and there, you are a happy man again. while me? I dont know a shit about what is affecting you. And even if i were to go out with you today. Would you tell me evrything that is bothering you? would you? No right. because i'm your gf not any close friends of yours. Fuck that. I'm like that too, i know. But just so you know, i tried to tell you what i can. At least, i did try. I'm sorry, if this post hurt you in a way or two. Just ignore it, I'm just being the paranoid bitch here. Maybe it wasn't what i thought it was.But please, try putting yourself in my shoes. ); Anyway, Happy advance fifteen monthsary. i love you.

Friday, May 16, 2008


My Friday was great with a capital letter. And all thanks t th lovely classmates of mine [:
Dear MIT0815,
Thank you all for the surprise mini party. I am touched, really.Although my birthday is so over. You guys are Great and very sweet.
heh heh. I thank God for putting me in this very very united class.I love you people!<3
Graphic lesson was the first lesson of the day. It was back to F-U-N again, at least abit better than the previous lab lesson & that is tracing stairs! It might sound so chicken feet but it is very hard i tell you. It makes my darah go up & it drive me nuts!
But like finally, after 3 lab lesson, i'm so over with tracing of stairs. I have the pictures with me but my laptop is being an ass again & there's alienic problem and i can't login to MSN and i cant edit pictures and it make me so pissed off that i so feel like throwing this compaq shit away when i got my VAIO from my dear Gf! haha
Okay chopchop, it was a break time and and party and photo snapping which i feel like a star for once when everyone camera phone focus on me, hhaaha.
Uh, for my f-ugly face go their blog to see (if they did upload them) and pandai-pandai ahh find their links, haha.
Ah-lien lesson after which. It was pretty fun connecting th circuit. And Kim & I were the first to complete were we? haha. HTML thereafter. And it was so fun making fun of that wighair woman? hurhur! Walked out of school with that superstar& the rest. And the air was filled with so much laughter i tell you, haha. they know, i know what we are laughing so hard about. :P

86-ed to Compass Point. And there's a freaking cheeena old auntie who have an irritating face which carries a freaking puppy in her bag. And the head stick out showing me th irritating face just like th owner. Like wthhh, complain t th busdriver than she know. Some ppl are just so .
Dinner with th Happy Pills. Thank you for that gift people [:
haha, even though i know i don't need it, lol! but thanks for tt thoughtful gift anyway, haha!

I'm so fcuking bored now. I can't edit picture/upload pict/ MSN thanks t this damn laptop.
Pictures tomorrow.
I might as well sleeeeep now since i got nothing to do, Grrrr.
Oh oh oh & ARCHULETA! All the way bby [:

imissyou, loverboy.


As promised, here are the photos:








Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Okay that guy above is so famous that his face appear almost everywhere. In the laptop advertisement, in & even in the box of cereal. heh heh, :D

If I was a flower growing wild and free
All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee
.And if I was a tree growing tall and greeen
All I'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves

If you were a river in the mountains tall,
The rumble of your water would be my call.
If you were the winter, I know I'd be the snow
Just as long as you were with me, let the cold winds blow

If you were a wink, I'd be a nod
If you were a seed, well I'd be a pod.
If you were the floor, I'd wanna be the rug
And if you were a kiss, I know I'd be a hug

If you were the wood, I'd be the fire.
If you were the love, I'd be the desire.
If you were a castle, I'd be your moat,
And if you were an ocean, I'd learn to float.

I'd be here if you need anyone to talk to. I'd be here if our feeling all strees up.
Dont give up baby. I still want t travel t Rome with you.
You promised! I love you & i miss you so much when i already meet you just now, haha

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Tuesday treated me nice. It wasn't that bad actually. Went school with th cheena classmate. He's forever being a pain in the ass with his funny yet not jokes and disturbing me everywhere he see a malay/indian/bangla man. Very irritating, i tell you. haha but he's kind enough to wait for me and acc me to the elp. *grins*
Digital Electronics lectures was up first. All those binary addition/subtraction/ complimentary or whatever shit is giving me a headache. I wasn't listening to the poor man talking infront, which he only talk t himself. I was pratically sleeping with my eyes close. That hot mat salleh boy is all in my mind. Grrr, how? Sure die ahh that modules, in fact i think all of my disgusting modules! haha.
Data Comm tutorial was up next after Break. I wasnt paying attention.
I was chatting with the Kingkong& her bf online, ha-ha.
I'm super dead. I so want t quit school & laze ard at home. But...
Okay Programming after that. It was much bttr than th previous lab lesson.
At least, there's not much error. But still, it's giving me such a headache.
FCUK! );
& there's Digital Electronics Presentation tmr. The first ever presentation.
And its so stupid.! tell me how do i present a uhh Math eqn? kanasai!
Plus plus there's a freaking 2 projects for Personal Dev.
And the due date is on the 2 of May & __ June. Shit ahhhhhhhhh!

I miss Skss, like really. Its a hell lot bttr than Nyp, duh. I miss taking bus t school & dropping at tt bstop. And walk that path, where i'm welcomed with black cats, haha .-.
Then , there's Gfs which never fail t make my day.Not forgeting 4E5!
How i miss those times ); I hope i get t meet Gfs next week.

I wish for a time machine. To fast forward time. So i wont be stuck in this school & this so very stressful life.And i wonder if being in NP Nursing course would be btrr.
Smehow i regretted appealing, wthh. But nevermind.
Ciaos, i'm dead tired.

Monday, May 12, 2008


"Cinta itu bukan dari langit, tapi dari hati"


The one in a million man whom have a strong belief in his own religious and bring peace t everyone and even influence a Christian to join Muslim. He respects women & help them in anyway he could. Women fell in love at first sight with him. And 4 women were after him, very nice.
The lady is very lucky t have him as her husband and is willing t sacrifice everything to save th husband, even if it means sharing of husband.
Allah is fair, he made th decision for us.and he made it for our goood. In the end, the couple lead a happy life.

Caught Ayat-Ayat Cinta with guyfriend at Downtown East. The show is so nice that i'm willing to catch it th second time, third or even the fourth. It's heaven, i tell you. I teared during th show, no surprises there. Ten thumbs up!
Hurry watch it. Plus Plus the actresses is godamn pretty!

I didnt attend school for some reason. Hey plz i need a break from all th walk th day before allright? haha. Tommorow's gonna be a loong day in sch. From 12 till 6PM.
Baby, thanks fro th hoodie. Its very pretty & i love it.
Thanks for th video song " Hey there Dear Maya" Its very sweet [:
I'm so gonna post it here & let everyone see but too bad, so sad he don't let. heh
That's th BESTEST box of PRESENTS ever!
Thank you! & All the best for th Music Vox audition tmr. I hope you getit & be famous, Dear Rockstar.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Thank you for all the wishes be it through text messages, calls, Tagboard, Friendster comments, Myspace, MSN messenger and posting abt me in your blog. I appreciate them so much.

Happy Mother Day.
So momma, thank you for taking care of me all these time and feeding me till i grow very tall & not fat.haha. I'm sorry if you went through hard times and i'm not there for you. I'm sorry if i disappoint you and and worry you at times coming home late and making you bare with this shitty attitude of mine. And not leaving tt mat salleh when you ask me to a year back. But now, i'm glad you know we are really serious about each other. I promise to take care of myself & not ______ . I'm gonna study hard and make lots of money and buy you a big house full of printed money and i'm gonna travel around the world with you, someday.And i'm gonna bring you t Italy & meet tt Italian singer (whatever his name is) I'm gonna buy you th most expensive Dior/Guess bag ever. But i'm sorry i can't have Joe Jonas as a * for you. But i'm gonna make you like err no, love! your future son-in-law like how you love me[: And i'm gonna make you proud of me someday, I promise. I love you Mummy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I thank God for you. Thank you for th day [:
& Thank you for spending my last day of being a Sixteen Year old, haha.
i love you.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Your like a dream come true<3

I can't be bothered gng t to update but because of the daily readers who has been pesturing me t keep this blog of mine alive, when i've only been away not even a week yet. [Finally, a full stop there.]
Serious shit. i don't know what t blog about, haha. Grrrr.

Okay bare with me for i'm gonna blog about smthg very very very boring!
& it's not other than school!
Graphic Design is getting real complicated. I hate drawing/outlining those lines.
It's very very irritating i tell you. Programming is a pain in th ass too.
It's very frustrating when the godamn computer says "error" or when there's a syntex error.
It makes my darah go up and i so feel like burning the computer away.
And those two modules are my favourite, but not now. Its driving me crazy like th other modules did. I look forward t studying them, in th past. And now...
Now, i got nothing to look forward t sch for. Tell me why i'm still stuck in NYP?
I caught IRONMAN with th guyfriend th other day. The moo-vie is so cool. i'd rate it 4/5.
It's worth your money. So hurry catch it.
Oh i bought a F21 shirt yet again. My money is drying. But nvm..
I'm pretty sure it will be there for me as i've planted a money plant a week ago .-.
I bumped int Aliff Aziz for th 2nd time at th same place, Vivo City.
hurhur, Cool? No? Nevermind,
& i'm so not excited for this Sunday.
It's just the number 17, i'm not excited at all. haha, fuck.
But 1 thing for sure, i'm excited abt tht sooooong!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


You'll always be a part of me. I'm part of your infidelity. Boy don't you know you can't escape me. Ooh darling 'cause you'll always be my baby. And we'll linger on. Time can't erase a feeling this strong. No way you're ever gonna shake me.
Oh darling 'cause you'll always be my baby.

Like any other dates, yesterday was an awesome one baby!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Presenting my business card! heh heh:D


& this is what we did today for Graphic Design




I wasn't intending to update today but dear Sera force me too. hurhur.
I think i'm gaining weight. Lunch with dearest classm8te at J8 Kfc today. And th cheekan is so yummmy & it's getting bigger & bigger , my tummy! hahaha

Thursday, May 1, 2008



Lunch cum window shopping with th Kingkong at city hall is nice. Minus that five minutes part which i dnt wish t elaborate any futhur. Heart2Heart talk like always. And i then discovered that it's been a good whole of two mths since we last had a good talk. Th last good talk was in Febuary. Anyhoos, I'm sure there's alot more for us t catch up in times t come.

I've been way busy with sch these few days. Did i tell you i so hate 8am classes? Apart frm waking up early, I had t squeeze in a crowded bus with diff kind of people. It's very irritating, i tell you. Nevertheless, there's th cheena friend yestrday t entertain me with his sarcastic yet funny comments along th journey. & he's forever gng "See ahh all your fault." ._. Headed tp with cheena friend yestrday t find angmohman while he find his boy-f. And th journey is so *^&%* i tell you. Tp area seems to have way to many jungles, lol. Ohhhh and and and i get t see Nabilah yestrday! I miss her so much. I so feel like accompany her t the lecture room & have never ending talk there. Allright, next sch i'm trespassing would be RP t see th cheena gf & th rest of th ppl! Wooots~ Ok back t th angmohman! Headed TM & Bugis for window shooping, So sad so sad. I've spend part of my savings on th Split tees at th tangs sales and somehow i regret it. Ahh nvm, haha. Yestrday was a g-r-e-a-t day with all those laughters. Deleting th last part of th day, I'm sure it will be awesome, but oh well; I still had fun yestrday.

My body is aching from head t toe now. I feel so tired. I dont feel like gng school tmr.i'd rather coop myself up at home and sink in my couch for dvd marathons along with a tub of ben&jerry's, all day long. Superb. But on th other hand, there's Graphic Design tmr & i want t finish designing my business card! & I miss wearing uniforms. Home clothes gives me headaches for school.

"Hey there delilah" reminds me of th old days yo. haha, zaman budak2 ._. & i'm so waiting for my version which is gonna be release ard th 11 of May. I can't wait! Oh by the way, happy First of May & Happy Labour Day!