Monday, June 30, 2008


Screw th wind(!)


(excuse my crappy face, Rawrrr)

I thought my first day of school is gonna be bored. But with lovely people all around me, it ain't as bored as how I thought it would be. Yet, I'm still in my holiday mood. I thought i would be common test freee excluding Graphic design but boy was i wrong. There's gonna be Digital Electronics common test on week 16 /17. Not only that, there's class test for Data Comm this Thursday >:( Oh well, 3 weeks of holiday sure isn't enough for me. Wake up call(!) Poly ain't relaxing at all. How sucky; I should have gone t th private school, haha. Right now, I'm having second thoughts about taking Foreign Languages, hmmmm.


Reading about people's last break up/miserable life written on their blog makes me realise how lucky I am. I really appreciate every little thing that the favourite person have done for me. Like how he would starve and save money to get me the birthday gift/the ring yet I just take it for granted. Well, you know I didn't mean to. Sorry. And how I love it when he get all jealous over The Jonas Brothers, he's such an adorable thing. I know I am not that wonderful/sweet girlfriend but I'm trying my best to be one. How lucky i am to have you,thank you very much. I believe in us that this can last (♥♥♥) I've watch you grow up for the past 16 month and i want to watch you grow old, having white hairs/losing one tooth after another. Can I do that, pretty please? *insert cute face here, hahahaha(!!)*

Friday, June 27, 2008


I spend my Wednesday & Thursday with the most favourite person . It was a shopping day for him on Wednesday, nothing much on that day. Thursday was a movie date yet again. "Get Smart" bore the shit out of me even though it's funny but in th sense of uh stupid/lame shit-funny.Get it? No? Nevermind. I'd rate it 0.5/5 because I d o n t l i k e it. Apart from that, I ACCIDENTLY stole something from this particular shop and got away scott free. And mind you, It's not those typical kind of stealing where you hide the item in your bag and just walk away. It's like uh your holding the item in your hand. YES(!!) your hand! Okay, now fellow stealers tell me I'm cool & that you will all follow my ways -.-'''. HAHAHA! Well, I only notice it when i walked out of the shop. & i was like "OMG what is it doing here? I thought i put it back. No? I didnt? Nvm luckily, there isn't any alarm thing or anything" Hahaha, so yeah how lucky am i ey? :D
And And I got 1st for Daytona. Bleuk! He lose and still claim the machine is spoil. 1ST for 2 consecutive round, say "MAYA ROCKS" bby, haha(!) -.-

I had Graphic Design common test just now. And I'm so not happy about it mainly because it is in the afternoon when I could have had my afternoon nap during that time or even better, having a visit to Temasek Polythecnic. Anyhoos, the paper was pretty fine except for a few topic where I'm pretty sure i'm gonna screw it all up>:( I want a pass for GD pretty please(!) FOUR ADORABLE PPL WORE YELLOW JUST NOW. GUESS WHO IS THE FOUR PEOPLE 0815 :D

How fast this week passed! Seems like only yesterday I was inside the cinema watching th Green Monster. Now, it's already Friday. Another 2 more days will be a back-to-school- day. So not fun>:( Not only that, there's Madrasah on Sunday and i dreaded going that the most. Whatsmore, I've yet t take my report slips for the Mid Year results. Cheeseballs!

And my tagboard is dead, very! You should know what to do people or I will put this blog to private, haha naa just joking. And according to Nuffnang, people from USA read this pathetic blog of mine, not only that but Taiwan too:D wooooohooooo thanks and visit more more, okay goodnight!(:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Two days straight was spend with the guyfriend, as always there's never ending nonsensical stories with him around, not forgetting laughter here and there. Great day yesterday, despite the shitty start. I made a whole trip to Bugis, doing nothing then train back to Kembangan then to Tampinese, when I could take a direct bus for free.All thanks to, you know who. So yesterday I've wasted like a total of 5 bucks plus on transportation. Absolutely not cool. And 30 bucks escaped away from my wallet on shopping>:( Fuck. Anyway, headed TP to meet the favourite girl today, girl's talk and off to meet guyf while she headed to her next lesson. Caught Hulk at E-Hub. I didnt intend to watch but since someone's paying, why not. Movie for FREE, you'd be a fool to reject it. Very nice show, indeed. But somehow, I find it rather stupid. The souldiers/generals have been using their guns to shoot and attack Hulk, and it seems like the shells and bullets have totally NO EFFECT on him. Yet, they still keep shooting him. Oh well, I guess they had fun playing around with those guns, haha. Hulk's cool and the way he run is freaking adorable & funnnnny(!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


*points up* August 12 come fast please!

Dear students,
I have amended your attendance records , and you will not be issued the warning letter as a result. For your info, there was some data error due to the card scanning sytstem and also sometimes you may have not tapped your card (or outside the 20 min period), and I may have forgotten to enter your attendance manually. Dont worry about it, as it has since been corrected.
Please discard and ignore the previous warning letter that was given to you. You may call me at 6550 0872 if you have any doubts. Thanks.
Best regards,George Tan

Woah! Alas I've got a clean record, at least for this module.*thumbs up* The Sunday was spend with momma following her to this place & that place & back to this place again. I rather tag along with her and get all worn out than stay home alone, because the rest is busy with their own stuff, while i'm the only not so busy one. Starting school tomorrow children! haha, *laugh at them* I can have my beauty sleep while their momma will be screaming & kicking them to wake up! I have no plans for tomorrow, yet. But I so feel like dragging my ass down to TP for you know, i know. Okay, Goodnight.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I totally disagree with what the friend said a few minutes ago. OMG, but right now, I'm starting to fill my thoughts with disgusting stuff already. Oh my! Oh my. Please Please that's the last thing that I ever want to happen again. >:( Rawrrrrr! Where are you?! Come to me & tell me all those thoughts is just uh bullshit?! >:( Fuck. I'm in a very unstable mood right now. Goodbye.

Am I not pretty enough. Is my heart too broken? Do I cry too much. Am I too outspoken? Don't I make you laugh? Should I try it harder?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Dear you, Thank you for being with me all this while. Sticking with me through the goods and the bad. I'm sorry for the recent shit stuff that happened recently, in fact the whole of this week.Oh well, I'm pretty cool about it right now. & so, Happy Sixteenth Month. And sometime I wonder why this stuff always have to happen ard this date almost most of the month, sucky ain't it? But, I love you still;

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hello you, can I be your friend?
Ahhhhhh! Shut up and dont laugh. I spend my Yesterday pretty well, I guess. A waiting of one hour for non other than the late queen; Seraphina See. I was burning with anger plus with an empty stomach that yells for food like no one business at that time. I so feel like dragging my feet out of the library & took a cab home at that moment w/o telling her, ha-ha-ha. But naa, i'm nice plus she's the favourite one & whatsmore she make it up t me by treating me uh McD meal but I still have to pay part of it, so not nice. Programming codes is currently giving me a major headache. Goddd, HELPPPP! Put that aside, like finally i met the girlfriends today even though it's only for like a while. Fadilah, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Love you guys, & meet up again soon(:

Thank you for standing by me & not giving up even through the suckiest period,<3

Sunday, June 15, 2008


They are kinda amazing. Don't you think so?

The week passed so quickly. It just seem like yesterday was just the starting of holiday. Man, there's like another two more weeks to go. Why two? Because I only have to come back on a Friday afternoon for Graphic Design common test on the last week. Okay, cool but whatever. I still have t complete those sickening projects & hand them in when school reopen. If only I could just beg the lecturer/tutor to give us a few days or even weeks grace. Wouldn't it be nice? Face it Maya, you are already in a polytechnic for God sake. On a much lighter note, I've almost completed HTML project; designing a webpage. Phew, like finally it's done. But I still have to do a lil touch up on it. Had a Creative Thinking meeting with th girls a few days ago. Planned on what to do & I voluntered to draw a freaking wheelchair with an umbrella on it. Okay,I had confident to do it at first but I dont knw where to start with. The wheel, the seat, the handle... but nevermind shall leave the matter to th favourite girl, Futhurmore she still own me a birthday gift: VAIO! Will be meeting Sera to do the Air Plane Ticket for Programming tommorow. Like hopefully, everything will be completed by tomorrow itself so there's like uh one burden lesser t carry, haha. Anyhoos, I receive a WARNING LETTER for Internet Application for not attending the lecture 4 times when I remember I only didn't attend one time because anther time the cheena friend help me out. Tell me that's so insane, Oh well. I bet many people gonna go on riot! when school reopen, hahaha! Ohhh & th classmate tell me that there's _____ sale on the 18 June onwards and he told me that it was suppose t be a secret, haha. Wanna know what sale? Beg me & ask! haha, Okay time to save up moooola since my 20 bucks just flew away yesterday. Grrrrr >:( Don't ask me what I spend it on. It drives me mad just thinking about it (!!!) ha-ha. Allright, Goodnight all. Have fun tomorrow in school Republican!
Ohhhh & & & Happy Father Day Poooopa! :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sometimes, I wonder if you were to belong to th majority or th minority. And of course I keep telling myself you are not like th many others out there but sometimes I just can't help but believe on th latter. But one thing for sure, I've never regret being with you & all those things that happen to us be it the good or th bad. I'm always right here praying th best for us.
P/S: I miss you.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Filled me with stories that i want to know but you do not want me t know, will you?>:\
I'm in a very happy & at the same time very cranky state right now.
Go figure.
Plus i want t run far far far far awayyyyy right now where I'm all alone with only th stars & moon as a companion all night long. Sharing all of my secrets/telling them how i really am feeling deeep down in there without leaving any single teeny weeny bits out.

P/S; You swept me off the ground and cast me away. Right now, I'm head over heels for you.

Friday, June 6, 2008


School's out! It's V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N time baby;D The last day of school is filled with never ending laughters with th lovely classmates. Especially during those web-cam candid moments, Goshh it's hella funny moments i tell you; especially seeing idiotic yet cute poses made. Excuse my screwed up face, haha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Who cares about idiotic face/people staring at us making a fool out of ourself. What matters is, we had fun didn't we?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

YOU LOSE, bleuk!

It's way better than part 1, seriously. Although I find it kind of draggy and that school of souldier or whatever it is call is kind of stupid with them marching like some idiots when they could just join in the fights, haha that part is damn .0. i tell you. Anyhoos, I think if you guys have nothing better to do, catch Narnia its worth every single penny. And whatsmore you will get to see the mini side of Joe Jonas, haha. Gosh, do you think he look lil bit like Joe Jonas?

It's a Thursday and as usual school is pathetically boring. And what make it worst my stomach was grumbling for i don't know what and what make it even more worse is that there's a freaking ulcer at my lower lips there. Not just one but two mind you. Grrr, very annoying. Anyhoos, it's either between Japanese & French. So tell me, which one should I choose as the first choice of my elective ey? I want French badly so it would be easier for the guyf & me when we are in France ten years down the road. But Japanese is not that bad either.Hmm, will see about it later.

Here's a very very very big THANK YOU for all those tags. Dang, I really appreciate it alot. Love you people, ♥ And Hazelbby, don't waste your time entertaining your thoughts on some brainless comment okay? I love you, still. And stop all those paranoid thoughts, you hear me?! And to YOU; I bet you all your friends will stay away frm you one by one if you do not change. And mind you, your not only insulting my friend, but also your friends who is the same race as her, dumb. Oh & congrats, you are like so famous now, coward. Happy?!!

Hurray. Wayne class test on Thursday afternoon is being postpone th week after common test week. Yippeeee, which means, there's like uh three weeks of holiday minus Friday which i only have t come for Graphic design. Not to ownself; there's like uhh HTML, Personal Dev, Programming, Creative Thinking Skills project to be completed. Dang, there goes my holiday ):

Dear you,I love every lil thing that you do.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Gosh, get a life immature. Look whose talking. Why would i even want t copy someone like you huh?! I bet its the other way round. Ask th people ard, i bet you they agree with me. Why would i even be jealous of someone like you? Look in th mirror and reflect toadbrain! If you have th guts, why not scold me right straight in my face. Your the one who should suck your momma pussy, not her. I bet babi is even better than someone like you. No worries, I bet you we will last long [: hahaaaa, jealous just say ahh dnt write all that shit, hur-hur!I know none of your r/s last that long. Know why? Cause of your sucky self! Goodbye fuckface, don't take drugs!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I had difficulty walking now ); Well, I only have myself to blame. How clumsy can i get huh? My laptop fell, but lucky it's not injured or anything but the sad part is it fell & landed right on my feet! Grrr, the pain is heaven i tell you. It's kinda swollen now and one minute my whole right leg would feel so *$#%^&*that i had to walk limping. I bet everyone's gonna laugh their asses off seeing the way i walk tomorrow. Yikes, how embarrasing .0. The guyfriend is indirectly at fault too, you so own me another piggybackride. ha-ha-ha.

Programming test today was pretty fine, i guess. haha with the help of Yong Hwee & Lyna. Well, thank you so much awesome people ;D haha. Hey, i did solve most of the syntex error myself okay, so that's not too bad. Dinner with the guyfriend at Bishan, fast food yet again.He seems to enjoy himself seeing all those insects, haaha childhood deprive, .0. Hooo, I told you more project would come my way. Another 'mini-project' or so they claim to call it. I have to urhm design an Air Ticket Booking System along with Dear Sera, ha!-ha! I wonder how we are gonna get them done when both of us kinda sucks at this module, haha. Anyhoos, there's like around three weeks of holiday minus one day where we had to go school for Graphic design & another day for uh Data Comm common test. I was so happy thinking I only have t go back to school on Friday for Graphic Design but that annoying Wayne have to disturb my Thursday afternoon.How sucky.

Because when your so full of hatred with that particular someone and you want t try so hard to erase all those bad memories and start afresh, you just can't.How sad. He/She will just linger in your mind like your biggest fattest kanasai-est enemy.
Hey hey you you, I'm sorry you have lost sucha good friend, like me me me .-. It's the trust we are talking about here fat bitch. I can't trust you anymore. well, you only have yourself to blame for tt. I'm so sorry i can't forgive you about all those incident you have done what's more forget about it like nothing happen & let me tell you this everytime I gaze out of the window & saw that particular path, it bring back very very bad memories.Well, sometimes i wish i would lose my memories & forget abt those incident. What make it worst, I saw that fcukface hanging out of th window doing uhh.. very disgusting stuff, haaa. That's the reason why I avoid staying in that particular room for too long, haha!
Let me make it simple, basically, you are no better than him. So gimme a break & don't need to pretend that you so regret befriending him & whatnot cause you know jolly well you say it for the sake of it & I just don't give a damn. You two belong to th same world, face it. How hilarious, It give me goosebumps thinking about both of you, hahaha! So well, you need not block me or whatnot cause I've did something much more meaner, *smirks. I will let nature take it course and see what will happen in the near future.Friends/BiggestFoes? I dont knw. So long fatty fuckface, take care and do not take drugs. Call me if you need help losing weight, ha-ha!
If I could turn back time, I would not have join that night-class in th first place,really. Then, there would spare me all those heartbreaks or whatever. haaa but its okay now. I think i'm stronger than before and I've found someone million times bttr than those losers. (:

*cross finger*
Do not let any sucky thing happen tomorrow. please please please God.
Okay Goodnight. My feet hurts );

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Oh boy, look look how beautiful the colosseum is.

I'm so going there with the guyfriend in ten years time, hopefully. He already promised me.
Rome then to France, how's that bby? (: Ahhh i so want a time machine right now .0. heh heh!
Anyway, pardon me for th 1 week lack of updates. Everytime i'm about to blog, I'll be so distracted by something and then i'll forget about what to rant about and there the post will always end up under the drafts. Furthermore, i've got nothing t blog about except that old boring woring doring roring shitty school, ha-ha.

On a lighter note, next week will be the last week of school before holiday starts. But sadly, I have to mug hard for the term test which will be held when school reopen. how sucky right? Grrrr]: There's Personal Dev photography project/ HTML Project to be completed. But I'm pretty sure there's gonna be more more more to come. Wanna bet? haaaaa. Put that aside, I've been eating lotsa fastfood these days, seriously! BK, Mac, LJS, you name it. And i was telling Sera my newly found theory which kinda make sense.

Sera: Eat more luh Maya you so thin (she nvr fail t nag at me on that.)
Maya: I eat alot already but i can't seem t get fat, so it's not my fault ahh
Sera: Then where do all your fats go to?
Maya:Hmmm.. Ahhh i know it goes up to my brain & stays there, tt's why.
Okay maybe that's the reason why i'm so dumb, hahaaaaa. Screw those fats in the brain -.-

Here's a very outdated photos taken one/two week ago:

I re-do my business card & it looks so much bttr. Thank dear Ashikin for th name, heh.

& this is drawn during lectures by LiPing, i find them cute! ;D

haha, WEBCAM is fun yo! Excuse that f-ugly face.



And I have eyebags );



School from 1PM till 4PM tomorrow. Lectures for 3 damn hours. How boring right?
Oh and I might get my hair rebonded during th holidays but I'm having second thoughts maybe I should get them rebond during Hari Raya? Ahh I'll see about it later later, haha.