Sunday, August 31, 2008


I hate it. I hate this. I hate her >;(
Rawrrrrrrrrr, b-i-t-c-h!

Once again, it cracks. It hurts
When will all this ever end? I'm sorry but I just can't help feeeling paranoid/jealous.
I thought I didn't mind at all, I thought I would be cool about it. But, haha! those thoughts.
I thought I was strong but I still cry about stupid stuff like this. Maybe, I love you way too much. No worries, I dont blame you.You need not blame yourself or feel bad about it. I did make it through on my own th other time. I bet this time round, I will do too. hurhur!

If these walls could talk, they would have so much to say ]: imy, alot.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I had the most awesomest day yesterday with the girlfriends. The title says it all. Hell yes! We headed to Botanic Garden for picnic. Very Very fun and a nice place to take pictures [: Except those insects/grass itch the hell out of us. Very irritating indeeed.Settled down and started as soon as we reached as our/MY tummy was screaming for food due t the loong journey.

After filling our tummmy with th yummmy fooood brought by each of us, we migrated to another spot due to inconveniency (-.-) , LOL. Walk within a distance and settled down near the big old sexaye treeee [: *points below* Very sexaye right? .0.

Let the photos do the talking for now ! And as always, please excuse my spastic face! Nyek. {Click to enlarge pictureeeee thankyou! [:}

Animation Time(!) Laugh all you want, -.-









And finallly, time to say goooodbye! [:

That's all folks. Gooodnight(:

Friday, August 29, 2008


Haaaappppy Seventeeenth Birthday to Dear Sera. May you have an awesome birthday celebration! [: Love Love you mannnny. Heh heh. Best wishes in everything and and Thanks again for everything. You knw I will be here if you neeed anything (:

(insert Tia Li Jian Picture here)
Happppy birthday to you tooo. I owe you five sweeeets! Just wait, haha! Be honoured that I wish you here okay? What a goood friend I am.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Haaaaa,shudup I knw th class name sound so kental. Haha!

Dear people, first and foremost, I would like to apologize t you ppl again for not attending th class chalet. Many many things have been happening to me and also I have my reason of not going which is for me t knw not for you to find out. I'm really sorry, I guess I miss out alot offun but there's always a next time right? [: Secondly, I would like to thank you ppl for all those laughters that made up my day everytime in school. You people are th reason why I look forward to school for.It's been really a joyful ride for me to be in the same class as you awesome people.Even though it's been only 4 Months we are together, I have already grown close to you people(well, not all.) I thank God for that; for putting me in this class.

Sera: Among all, you are th most favourite girls. Idk why either but it seems like I could share everything under th sun with you. I'm glad there's you in this class because w/o you, it would pretty much sucks. Thanks for th listening pair of ears, thanks for comforting me, thanks for all those advices given when i'm in need of major help. Thanks for being there whenever I quarrel with the guyf telling me what to do/ and whatnot to do. How i love you so so much [:

Hanwei: It's always been a pleasure to be your junior of the bff club. Likewise, Thank you too for those listening pair of ears/ giving me uhh so-called advice. & also w/o you, those photoshooots wont be a success, reallly. [: And I hope your trouble will shoo away sooon yeah? Heh (:

Agnes: You are my first friend in that class. I remember you complaining so much abt wanting to change class, but thank God in th end you didnt because I know you knw, you can't bare to leave me, nyek nyek:D I would never forget your "that's it Maya", "you are th only person that wont see me online today". Haha that's very adorable ok! LOL. Oh & Thank you for always offering me a pair of listening ears when I'm down. I love you [:

Shili: woah woah woah. My cheeena and love guru! heh. Without you, there won't be anyone for me to LOL with. I laugh so hard sometimes in sch because of th jokes/craps you make. That's one of th reason why I love love school [: Sch will be sucha bore without your nonsense! And I've yet to settle score with you for reading my text messages out loud! Grr super embarrasing luh, haha!

YongHwee: You are such a great friend. Even though you can be a pain in th ass sometimes, lol! Thanks so much for teaching me alot of things for all those disgusting modules. I appreciate it alot. Oh Oh & thank you for not avoiding me but still tolerating with my nonsense. [:

LiPing: I still remeber tht time where th others pester me asking if I have a bf and then you came into my rescue saying that you are my bf and then we upgraded to husband. Awwwh, [: haha! I still remember you preparing birthday surprises for anyone's birthday that is nearing. I swear, that's so sweeet of you. Maybe, without you I think all these wouldn't exist! Heh, (:

LiJian: I was pretty much shock when I see you during th orientation. I had a "nice" time everytime going/returning to sch sitting in the bus listening to all your craps! Fate brought us together as classmates again after a few years and you should be happy abt it y'know! Haha, [: It's lucky for you to have me as your classmate again but but it's god damn suay for me luh -.- LOL, JKJK!

Lyna: "I only have you, you only have me" In a sense that we are th only two malay girls in th class, haha. Oh Oh thanks for th help especially in th PMP project, appreciate lots! & i'm so sorry abt th mean things I say about your HANNAH MONTANA! LOL.

Kunhuo: woo, my papapa. haha, you knw I know you love this daughter of yours more than you love th other daugther of yours right? Hahha.

Kimberley: Thanks for those lil things that you taught me. I had fun laughing about stupid and random stuff. And And all those sharing of husband(LP!LP!) LOL. And seriously, till now I can't get th spelling of your name right. -.-

WeiJie:Thank you for bullying me all th time even on MSN. Grrr! Stop spoiling my pure mind luhhh pretty Ahbeng -.- HAHA

(to the rest): Eventhough I'm not that close to you ppl but it's nice to have you as my classmates! heh heh :D

I know that not all of them will be reading this but it's nice to have you people as my classmates! [: I hope everyone will be in th same class th next semester.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Welcome back to me.I'm sorry for neglecting this blog. Just that I need time to be alone and I prefer ranting in th private blog rather than here. Problems are all solved now, at least i think for now(: I shall update to you people what I have been up to the past weeeks due to some people KPOness -.-

Basically, it was none other than exams, exAMS, EXAMS(!) Gosh. PMP was alright okay. DCN was bullshit! I forgot alot alot of things which I hve studied. Screw this ser-tuu-pid brain. IAD was urrr manageable although I didnt study some of th topic because George says not too(did he? I think he did) and it came out. At least a pass for all and moving on to semester 2 w/o retaking any modules would be more than satisfied. I shall pray for th best[:

20 August was a date for th celebration for eighteeen monthsary. I'm not gonna tell you from A to Z on what we did because my fingers is just plain lazy to type them all out. & that is the reason why they are FAT! Cheeesball(!) Anyhoos, I'm sorry to you for th fucking attitude that I give toward the ending of th date. & a thousand apologise too for those mean/hurtful things that I say/confessed to you in Msn. It hurts me real deeeep saying all that to you. ]; Sorry.

Met up with th girls on the 22 August. From updating into each other's life to camwhoring to listening to my stories(oh wait! you ppl are th one who persuaded me to tell. Pft, haha!) I swear I miss those times we spend together back in secondary schoool.

Proceeded Marina to catch th fireworks with th guyfriend aftermath. It was awesomely beautiful, I swear. very VERY beautiful. Plus Plus, I got the JONAS BROTHERS LATEST ALBUM and HAIVANESE/Braziliano Praia from him for th eighteen month gift. Tell me he's so sweeet. Buying th album for me even when he hated it when I like them. Nyek. OMG thanks so much dear you. They are th best damn gift everrrrrr [:

Day out with th girls on th 26th. How I miss those times we spend together. But sadly, it was only 3 of us that day. But it's okay. From starbucks to planning abt th outing on friday to walking aimlessly around town. Nice, nice day indeeed. They made my Tuesday a happy one.[:

27 AUGUST 08(!)

Sentosa 4D magix and CineBlast with th favourite person today. Woah(!) 4D magix was so cool. The graphic was nice same goes for th wind and water effect. But somehow th moving of chair up and down is kinda annoying. My heart was thumping real fast when proceeding to th CineBlast. Pulse racing experiene and I dared not loook at th screeen during a few scene. Kinda scary I tell you. But neverthelesss it was nice tooo [: Thanks bby and I'm sorrry that we can't take th cabel car. Next time ok? And And I'm so so sorrry too for shouting/ scolding you just now >:/ Shit me! And i got my Braziliano Praia today, haha yayy. :D

Don't ask me what I did during th other days because I've forgotten all about it or or it's just another sickening day. Haha. okay I've updated. Someone own me 50$ + 20$ = 70$. Tell me I'm gonna be a rich rich and happpy happpy girl soooon. [: