Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'll Stand By You,
Always And In All Ways

I was being fickle if I should attend today's religious class. I was dead tired and lazy even though I went to bed as early as ten th previous night. I remembered Ustazah telling us to attend this week if not she will give us a big fat zero for the oral. No other choice, but to attend. Things turn out otherwise; no oral or whatsover. Lesson today was pretty funny. With all those dikir barat recording and stuff, haha.I guess oral exams will be postpone till the week after next since next week is a celebration for Hari Raya and the graduating classes had to perform.I was already planning not to come but I shall see again when next week arrives.

A few days back, headed tampinese with th bf to break fast. The day didn't went that well. Many shitty stuff happen to us or rather me! We were dining at food culture and this very freaky old man was asking me if he should take away our cup and I freaking say NO. He walk away and minutes later he came back wanting to take away the cup and I pratically look at him. And for all I knw, the next moment he was scolding at me like WOAH!I was super afraid by th with his big goldfish eye and fucking curly moustache(?) and freaking face. On top of that, I trip but not fall for god knows how many time. Damn, what a day. Something funny to add on, we saw an old man(read:apek!) wearing th same topshop shirt as the bf, LMAO!

For once, you left me dumbfounded. Seriously, I don't know what is in your mind. Nevermind all that, just focus on the important examination and make sure you ace it. All I know now, Febuary the fourteen won't be the same anymore. All the best in whatever you do.Just so you know, I will always be there for you whenever you need me.(:

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'll Catch You When You Fall
Trust Me, I Will

My yesterday was awesome like woah! Thank God dear Sera's text messages woke me up. She informed me that we are gonna be in th same German class, phew! I guess w/o th textmessage, I would sleep throughout and never turn up for th date, haha! Woooo, so thank you Sera![:

A day spend at Vivo City yesterday. It's been some time since I went there because all these while it's all about town, town and more towning. I'm so sick of that place already. GV-ed and book tickets for My Mighty Princess. Thank God Mirros is M18, Phew!:D Mighty Princess was alright, I guess. No gonna jot down what it's all about because this fat and short fingers is just plain lazy! Anyhoos, I'd rate it 2.5/5. Aftermath, headed Sky Park and play this game call "I spy with my little eye" Actually, I made up th name haha -.- It was super funnnny and fun too but was boring towards th end cause there's nothing to spy anymore and and to add on, I keep winning. Haha, I think(: Camwhored here and there & everywhere and window shopped. I think I'm falling in love with hats and I want to buy one from F21 sooon![: Train back to compass point to break fast. Slack at th secret place for talks and home sweeet home. Oh & LJS is newly open in CP, wooooo! Sera you should come here one day! Hahhaa, :D

I had this convo with th bf last night. Talking about Hayley William hair & stuff. Haha, and how he claim his idol (Hayley) got this face which look like Mop. LMAO. I made up my mind already I want to cut hair like her. I hope I hope it will turn out well & i wont regret it. I'm gonna miss you my long hair>:( I'm suppose to meet the girlfriends later to break fast together but I'm super lazy and tired to do so. I'm so sorrry girls! Notice how detail I was in th previous para because I want to make this entry long(but it's still not long enough) I envy how people can write long long entry post. I want to change th blogkin sooon. Ok gooodbye![:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Now I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this Lovebug again. Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I can't get your smile out of my mind, I think about your eyes all the time
You're beautiful but you don't even try. Modesty is just so hard to find.

Nothing productive done these days. It's all about sleeeping & more sleeping. I don't knw why I feel super guber tired when I've done nothing at all. What a pig! Oh and did I tell you that th stupid sch didn't give me French! Grr, super saddening >:( I got German instead, super not sexy! But at least, on th bright side there's th fav girl to acc me throughout.Plus, next semester timetable is super sexy because the latest that I will end school will only be 4PM. Woooohoooots, now I'm super excited for school. But on th other hand, next sem modules sound alien to me. I bet they are gonna give me a super hard time!>:(

It feels like months since I've met that fav person even though it's only been days, haha. Wooolala I'm meeting him tomorrow. And I'm so not sure what's the plan for Thursday yet. Hari Raya is coming & I've yet to clean up my roooom, Nyek!I want to snip off my hair but I can't bear to do it. It took me months to grow this long!But, I dont care I still want to cut. It's getting super dry and frizzy and spastic! haha. I've been craving for picnic again & I'm so gonna go next month! Please Please give me replies my dear girls. It would be nice getting together before school reopen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"You reap what you sow". Very true indeed. Results out today. Alhamdulilah, I think I did pretty well considering the fact that there's only one D which I thought there's gonna be many many Ds. A spastic D for Digital Electronic Project make the whole thing look very fugly. It's all about Bs and B+ for the other modules and also distinctions for Graphic Design and CCT. Oh I love Graphic design and I'm still loving it, haha and right now, I'm hoooked to Photoshop! Maybe I shall try being a designer in future. I was quite shock getting A for Creativity & Critical Thinking. So much for condemning the idea of an umbrella wheelchair for the handicap is not usefuluseless, he still give me an A for his module. I guess he's nice afterall. Hopefully, next semester will be a way better GPA! All and all, I'm very thankful and satisfied. The best damn thing is, I get to see all my awesome friends the next semester![:

P/S;I miss you): 3 more days!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My friend are leaving me and you are too.
Well, I only have myself to blame. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.
So yeah, Goooodluck in your future! You no longer trust me and I believe you no longer need me too so go find some other pretty cute hot whatever girl that will love you, that will not hurt you like I do.

Everything's not right. I hate today. My phone is being a major bitch right now.I can't receive nor reply any calls or text messages. So don't bother calling or texting me for the time being.

10 September sucks, period.

P/S; I still love you, alot.I guess it's too late to say sorry now. ); I'm a mean monster, I sucks bigtime. You must have hate me very much now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


love makes you do crazy things, insane things.

My tuesday was a mundane one just like my yesterday. Wicker Park is fcuking nice. It made me teared the whole evening, hah nothing new here. I miss school already. I miss camwhoring with my pretty friends. I miss crapping and laughing with them. >:(

Booo! everyone is boring me out in msn. Talking to them = talking to a robot! Haaaaa, cheeseballzx. On a brighter note, tomorrow is gonna be a prettty prettty day.Yayyyyy(!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I spent my Saturday travelling for four hours and spend Godknows how much on transportation. Planned to go Science Center the night before with th favourite person. And we accidently reached Singapore Discovery Center. -.- Since we are there, camwhore a little before procceding to Science Center! Since some people say that Discovery Center is a downright booooring place, haha!

(Click on photos to enlarge. Sorry for th inconveniency. Teeehe, [:)

Ferrris Wheeel.I'm taking it in four months time! wooohoooo[:

& He's callling for help. Asking Ann the correct way to go there, haha! Thank you Ann[:
Pictures of me,
Pictures of you!


Finally, we reached(!) after four hours of travelling. Ha-ha-ha.

& being welcomed by this[:

Meeet Stan![:



This is him now.

Just turn him upside down & he will look like this *points below* when he is old.haha, [:

How many kitchen utensils are there(?)

Hello Birdy!

An Island when you turn it upside down.

hahaha! Monster, :D

Cooool huh? :D

Heh, haha :D

He's forever climbing up & down -.-

Guess what is this?

Ear! -.-




Errrr! idk what's this, haha!

Muscle & skeleton!

6 steps on how you are developed -.-


He ask me to step on th foot,

and his goooodfriend appear! Ha Ha, bully me somemore. Grrr!

He was so haaaaapy when he see himself appearing in th err SARS screen Haha

Oh No No, I'm not infected with virus of course. Hurhur



Kaleidoscope! Super nice I tell you. Heh

Woooots! Sexaye lips (:

The End(!)

Actually, there's a whole lot more photos but obviously I wont upload all of them in here. Snow City next weeek and might be heading Science center again too because of th time constrain, we couldn't visit the whole center. Boooo! Science Center is fuuuuun I tell you. Just a 6$ admission fee and you can see many many things. It's worth it! But some part is boring, haha! Oh Oh bf and I make a pact to break fast together every Thursday and Saturday[: