Saturday, November 29, 2008

Four In One.

I'm super lazy to bother about dearockstar-iloveyou already but due to some people who have been bugging me to start blogging, I shall do so because I wouldn't want to lose all my loyal readers, haha. Anyway, ever since I locked this blog, the number of people viewing this shit have been pathetically low according to nuffnang. But whatever, I will unlock it when nuffnang will be kind enough to give me an advertisment, which I doubt they will >:(

Anyway, these few days have beeen g r e a t with the favourite person around minus the schooling part of course. I decided to give school a miss that Wednesday. A thousand apologies to Seraphina See about that. Headed AMK polyclinic with the bf to get our MC. Dr Mark Flores reminds me alot like Mr Bean but a better looking one of course, (: And there's this little bitchy girl that flirt with the bf in front of me. Grrr, and stupid girl keeep rolling eye at me. Wahlao! Cheeenehnehpok. I shall flirt with her bf when she has one and if i bump into her again. LMAO! Thereafter, trained down to Marina for REC. It was prettty errr.. nice I guess but minus points for the noisy yelling and clapping of hands from the movie goers and having shitty seats like the second row from the front.

Thursday was s h i t ! I heard many shits that day. How sucky and mean some people can get. Oh well, I'm rather disappointed at them. Hopefully, they will change and everything will get to normal... which, I doubt so! ha ha. And, LiPing is leaving Singapore this coming Tuesday. I envy her because at least she need not come to school. But, I'm gonna miss her for sure.

Friday was a day at Ikea. Nowhere else to go so that place and to add on, I've to go back early to fetch the sister. She bought shits from korea but at least the hooodie is err not bad for a little xiaomeimei. Ikea was fun and nice and funnny also because a greedy boy stole a baked bread from there and it was efffing yummmeh!

Go spot a siao tingtong boy!

Fishball >:(

I like the cushion! Super pretty ok

He's 17 & he's still playing with toys. tsk tsk!
See i got prove, you dont have. Nyek nyek

It's Miss Maya biatch, haha!

Now, tell me how do I look in spects? Do I loook like cheeecher? teehee! I'm kinda sick of wearing lenses and I want to wear spects when schoool reopen the next term or maybe, next year. I shall see about it(:

Movie date with the boyfriend just now. I intended to stay at home but upon hearing that everyone have plans of their own which they will leave me alone rotting at home, I decide to pester the bf out. WildChild kept us entertained th whole afternoon. It was kinda like MeanGirls but I prefer Mean Girls more. Emma Roberts is w o a h pretty and skinnny. Me want to be like her pretty prease! Oh & there's this girl which look a lil like Hilary Duff except she's a lil bit plump and I told bf that she's Hilary Duff younger sister named: HAYLEY Duff and he believe me because all Hayley look like a mop, haha. Oh pardon me, if your name is Hayley. I'm just joking here(:

I'm done for now. I guess tommorow I shall stay at home and iron all my clothes because the mother refuse to iron them for me. She's lazy, unlike me. haha. Oh and there's a freaking ball developing inside my right eyes and it irritate me sometime. Now, my right eye loook kinda distorted. >:( C to the i to the a to the o!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

let's make a run tonight,

Don't bother to continue reading because I'm typing like i'm the most pathetic girl on earth.

Yesterday Communication Skills presentation went pretty average I guess just that I forgot to mention the most important part of all and that is my slogon; "Maya will be there for all your life." Oh well, let's just hope I've got goood grades for all those last minute effort I've put in, haha. And I got back both of my German quiz test. A job well done for Quiz 1 but I was expecting for a full marks though. I flunk Quiz 2 badly ): Sigh, well I didn't study for it so serve me right!

Enough of all that. Today was a very very sad day for me, so sad that I feel like my tears are about to collect anytime in school. I thought about many many things and how everything changes just like that. How nice if there's girlfriends beside me just now lending me their shoulders (*loook above, I miss them hell lots!*) School has been giving me hell which I'm sure you know if you are a daily reader, haha. Projects/assignments are one thing but people are another thing. I've just finish reading Agnes blog and one thing for sure, if our mothers were to give permission on quitting school, we will be the first to get out of that schoool! This semester ain't that nice compared to the last semester. Semester 1 seems to be more WOAH! I used to look forward to schoool back then but take a look at now, I despise school alot. I've a nice conversation with the friend just now telling each other why we didn't talk to so and so in the class & yadeeeh yadeeeeh. Somehow, I find it funny looking at the reason I gave; "Because there's no topic to talk about to her/him." It's godamn awkward having your classmate sitting beside you in the bus and sit there quietly like a total stranger(but with a bye when his/her bus ride have ended). Oh well, the meaning of classmate and friends are totally two different things, hah! Or even worst, classmate whom you never talk to at all -.- Sad ain't it? But what make it even more sadder is; A friend talking to you less than ten words per day. Or even worst; ZERO words for today and I'm pretty sure the many many days to come too. Amazing ain't it?when I don't even know the reason of not communicating.Maybe the reason is "I dont know what to talk to you" which I used to tell him/her that when he/she once asked me why i didnt talk to him/her in school. Oh well, maybe it's just me. People change without you knowing it. On top of all that shiaaat, there's still a bunch of pretty classmate whom never fail to make me smile just now. And Agnes, school won't be the same without you too. My first friend I make in that class, means a lot to me. I hope this gets better but if it won't.. I guess I will get use to it (:
Darn, I need a break!!

& I'm trying real hard not to hate dislike anyone, for now.

P/S: & if any of you (non-invited readers) happen to bump and read into this entry when I unprivate this blog and you think it's referring to you, I'm freaking sorrrrrry if you feeel offended or whatsover. This is just my thoughts and it's my blog so I have a say in it(: & if you're gonna hate me for this, well, be my guest because I dont freaking care(: I don't mention names so you got to thank me for that. Cheeers!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best Boyfriend

The Saturday was spend with the bf doing Communication Skills projects on bestfriend. Doing this, brings back many many sad memories where I lose my close friends due to lost of contacts or whatever shit. Tsk. Anyway, it's still halfway complete though. Sigh. And I don't know how the hell I'm going to present tomorrow. Oh well, just wish me luck that everything will went well. Oh and I'm so sorry for slapping your face yesterday. If you were to dump me one day, I think I deserve it. Hah!

I've decide to put the blog to private for the time-being. No paticular reason actually. I just feeel like doing it. Ok, maybe I'm trying to shoo all those passerbyes from asking -.- questions, haha! So, to those few who are being invited congrats to you. But, I will of course re-open this blog to public again soon.

Sister is leaving Singapore for Korea in about ten hours time. How nice! She got to visit pretty places and see hot korean guys while I'm stuck in Singapore having to go to school and see freaky guys. Life's unfair, god damn unfair! >:( But shiaaaat, one thing for sure, I'm gonna miss her many many many! Hopefully, she come back with lotsa lotsa gift for me, heh heh.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Once a whore, you are nothing more

Somehow, I ain't myself today. Let's pray for a better tomorrow.
I hate schoool. Schoool sucks, Period. And so are the animals. When the hell can I get out of that hell?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Slacky Wednesday

I've always love school on Wednesday. And today after school, I got to meet another pretty and tall friend(: Sadly, the weather ain't to our liking and I felt crappy due to that thus the photos ain't that nice and not much photos captured. My hair look kinda retarded): Alright here you go..

One Year Nine Months.
Chapter 21

Happy 21st monthsary (❤)
I want us to always stay the way where people will come to me and say;
"You guys look so sweeet together"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Love Lockdown.

This semester is kinda killing me. It's worst than the last semester. It's all about school works, projects, assignments and the cycle cycles on and on. But last sem ain't that pressurizing.Oh well, I guess I will get used to it sooner or later. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the weekends. But it's only t-w-o freaking days ): And then a back-to- school day. Gosh!

Lazing around that Saturday was heavenly nice. I got to sleeep longer. Hehe, a thousand apologies to the favourite person for cancelling the date. But I made it up to him on the next day. Thus, my Sunday was a bliss one. The day started with him laughing at me saying I looook funny which I beg to differ because I think I look cute. tsk shutup! Collected madrasah report book and I passed! I did better than the last semester. Yippee! Thank god and the most weird thing is this; KEDATANGAN: Sangat Baik! (Translate; Attendance: Very Good) Oh my, I thought I didn't come for many many times?! Hehe, ustazah's pretty nice I guess. So yeah, bought holga film and started snapping. Baby's home thereafter and home-sweeet-home.

School just now ain't that bad. Seraphina See still make me laugh my ass out with her crazy antics. I've got German and photoshop test just now and I think I did pretty average -.- And there's Data Fundamentals lab test tomorrow. Tomorrow is a Tuesday and I dreaded Tuesday the most >:( But on a lighter note, baby's fetching me tommorow. Lenses is kinda irritating now. Drying! and having to put those seline which creep the hell out of me &idky! I'm thinking of switching to wearing spectacles to schoool. Hehe, shall see about it. And here I he go; "Woah I'm in love". The cutest thing on Earth is: ♥

when I was feeling down, you make that face you do
no one in this world can replace you. Two more days..

Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm still a noob in photoshop ): Just take a look at the above part of the head, tsk. Movie date with bestfriend yesterday. Caught Madagascar and it was freaking cute and Gloria is super sexy, haha. Both thumbs up for the movie! I don't know why but yesterday seems so dull but I still enjoy her company though. I didn't have any plans after school today. How pathetic. Headed home as early as three just now and I crashed into the bed as soon as I got home with the company of the rain. Spell woah! I've been lookbook-ing and I want pretty tops too. This calls for a shopping trip because I'm kinda sick of wearing the same shits everyday. Well, who doesn't right? But I'm low in cash right now ): I wish my grandnanny was the founder of F21, hah! Then, that would be awesome-oh!

I'd better stop crapping right now and start doing the quiz which was given by Ellisa. Alright, here I go:

10 weird things/habits/little facts about me:
1) I find girls with braces super cute and I want one too
2) I'm full of contradictions
3) I look at pretty girls more than I loook at cute boys :O
4) I'm super afraid of cats and pigeons. -.-
5) I hate being tall ): I want be shooooooooooort!
6) I would love to have a dimple
7) I like blowing and popping bubbles
8) I'm craving for cheese fries and McFlurrry!
9) I love red
10) I miss boyfriend! );

10 people:
Haaafiz, Myra, Shaa, Lala, Sabrina, Natasha, YongHwee, Sera, Agnes, XinHong

Here's some overdue photos. Not alot, just a few.