Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm presenting, I'm presenting.
Photo's pretty blur. Don't know who got bad photography skills ;P haha

Mr Hanwei! (:

Mr YongHwee! :D

Mr Qayumm(:

The Guys!

The Ladies!


School end pretty early today, around 11++AM. Vivo City was full packed with people. Sales are going around at almost every store and I'm so tempted to buy many many stuff, but I can't): Oh well. I'm not going for the countdown later, so pathetic I know. The thoughts of people sticking close to you just kills me and like what Sera say; "Later all kind of people keep bumping and touching your butt" So true right? Plus, it's not a big deal anyway. 3,2,1,1; Happy New Year. And life still goes on as usual. Not that you are gonna turn to be a super rich person the next day.
2008 ain't a disaster year, neither is it an awhhhsome year. I got to ditch my uniform this year, I got into NYP and I've got awesome kickass classmate to make my day in school a prretty one. When there's a happy part, there will always be a sad part. I lost friends for whatever shitty reason. Maybe, for some it's not totally lost it but just drifting apart? The used to be important people, all gone/almost gone. I miss them, in fact all of them. If I could, I would turn back time and save all of those friendship. But, it's totally impossible, I know. Oh well~ I shall leave new year resolution entries to pooped-love. I'm done here and I want to peeeee. Tataaa, and have fun counting down later pretty people(:

Happy New Year everyone.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Schoool's been pretty fine so far. I've got a B+ for Computing Maths common test. Damnit! I was actually aiming for an A though. Hah, B+ isn't that bad either. So, let it go!(: I think I totally screwed up Profesional Image presentation today. There's butterflies fluttering in my tummy and my mind went blank suddenly>:( Self Esteem presentation ain't that bad maybe because I have the poster board to cover me up, haha. Let's hope Evelyn will be nice and give me a pretty pretty grades(:

Professional Image Presentation = Formal Wear. Everyone's looking great today. Don't believe?
Here's a prove:

[WARNING: Image heavy! Do not continue to scroll if you dislike seeing my face alright?(:]

MakeUpArtist; Elian(:

Mei Nu; Agnes(:

Husband; LiPing

ChineseShifu; ShiLi(:

& I think they looook sweeet here. Don't cha think so?

It's Charlie Angles Time! Ok, dont laugh!

Tricia; The CEO

My TeamMates!

My PrimarySch Classmate; LiJian.
hahhahaha. Happy not see your photo here?(:

Half-Sister; Kimberley


There's a whole lot more photos actually. I shall upload the rest when I get it from the others alright? Schooool is from 10 till 12PM tomorrow. Isn't that great or what? :D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

TWO more days to DOOMSDAY

My two precious weeks of holiday is gonna end sooon. Darn!
I'm starting school this coming Monday while most of the kids are starting like errr on Friday(?) Goddamn unfair please. Why can't they just let us start school on the January itself huh? I think whoever invented school or came up with the idea of it is a sadistic moron who have no life, thinking that he/she is cool like that. Hah, whatever. I think in no time you will see me ranting and complaining about schoool shitzxz again. Just you wait and seee. Well, on a lighter note I think I'm 55.555% done with my disgusting projects. Nothing to be proud of, I know but !Hey at least I bother to do some of it. Object-Oriented Programing and Data Fundamentals are gone case. I simply have no idea what I'm suppose to do. I don't read moronic alienxzx languages for Pete's sake. I was telling Agnes yesterday about how I wish I could be as smart as her bestfriend. It was nice chatting and gossipping with her late last night.

And, have you ever heard of little Suri? She's Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes adorable daughter. She's just too pretty and adorable and amazingly cooool. I would fall for her if I'm a two year old boy.

Suri responded to celebrity news reporters' questions about her victory with a one-finger salute to the tots she vanquished. Coool or whaaaaaaaat. -Sources:

And, the friend; HANWEI have beeen calling me her name instead of Maya. People who know my full name should know. It kinda ryhme.

(Click to see the convo)

Hah hah. And let's just hope future Delilah will look as pretty as her. Wondering whose Delilah? Figure it out your own. January 27th is coming and I think I need a part time job now. I've only got twenty buckaroos in my wallet and it will disappear in a few days time for sure >:(