Saturday, February 28, 2009

Worn Out.

Paranoid strikes out of the blue,once again. And i tend to think too much about every littlest thing and this result in dampening my mood. Sometime it just suck to be me. To make it worst, I think I'm falling sick, pretty soon. I will be back to feed dearockstar-iloveyou with proper updates soon, I promise. (:

i miss the lips tht make me flyyyy .<3

Monday, February 23, 2009

School's Out, (Party Time)

Today mark the end of Year 1, like finaaaaalllly! OOP paper was prettty easy, manageable. Omgawd, I couldn't believe I say that -.- Well, I make a trip to Pluto the day before the paper you see, haha! A huge thanks to HANWEI! for bothering to dial me up and teach me everything that the aliens had taught him in Mars(: I so owe you big time man! Oh and not forgetting AGNES! for answering my doubt on the control flow questions. I love you and don't worrry I'll be your loyal customer if you happen to open a blogshop one day and I could be your model for freee too(: I hope I will score good for all. But, I doubt I will get a GPA not more than 3.0 >:( Oh well,~ at least passing every single module will do good.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just for Aliens

Someone out there want to action to me that he already understand some of the alien language(read:OOP). Click on the links below if you really have nothing to do, :3

Okay, back to alienic codings nowwww! );

Friday, February 20, 2009

Myra's Sweet Sixteen

Happpy Sixteenth Birthday Myra. May you have a pleasent and sweetest celebration. & I'm so sorry for not being able to make it tommorow. I promise we will meet up after my exam since my holidays are coming prettty soon and we could meeet up everyday if you want! Haha, (♥)

Nothing productive done today, how sad); I can't seem to get myself to sit down and study for the last paper; Object Oriented Programming. What do you expect? It's my worst nightmare module of the year! I have no idea how the hell I'm gonna go about study it anyway, tsk! COS Exam few days back was full of shit. I admit that it wasn't that difficult a paper but my teeenyweeeny brain just refuse to vomit out everything that I've memorise. I cracked and hammered the brain yet not everything went out): Oh & I was the last four to leave the examination hall. Sigh, how dissapointing ); I was never goood at memorizing things. On a brighter side, C.Math was pretty easy! I'd rather sit for an all Maths paper then having papers which require memorizing. Oh well~ One more freaking paper left and I'm all done. Gooooodbye Year 1 & Helll-oh Holidays(:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Two Year Anniversary(!!)

I shall start writing a post(even though I'm so tired right now) before 19Febuary came to an end in a few minutes time. Few months back we plan on taking the flyer on this very day but somehow it was cancelled and we did something even more funnnnn-er! I couldn't believe it but we headed to Kallang Leisure Park for...


It was superduper fun even though I've got 0% skills of anyform of skating and stupid shit they didnt allow 12 years old and above to use those supporter thing so I have to pathetically hold the side of the handle -.-

L: I was posing there for a loooong time and the photographer was so sloww thus I lose balance and that explain the "flying hand" -.-
R: Idk what I was doing but I wasn't ready here
Woah. Face like mintak kene smack like that -_-

Skating in Process.

L: Act Cute Act Cute!

L: Hair kinda screwed up already. Need rebonding again or maybe I shall just snip it off short!
R: Eh how? I look like pro like that right?, haha!

Oh and guess the number of time I fall? Only O-N-E! But I almost fall plenty times -.- & this one time I fall I landed straight on the butt & have difficulty getting up even with the help of muscleman(haha!). LMAO. For once, I feel like one superduperguber fat lady. I couldn't stop laughing after that, hahaha! Dont laugh already la H I got evidence of you falling down also okay? Be happy I didnt post it up here. Haha

The place was filled with proness little children having their skating lesson and I wish I could turn back time and learn ice skating instead of useless bowling lesson. Tsk

After two hours of iceskating, bus-ed down to town for phototaking session and Fish&Co ...

Get Hoooked!

Exchange gifts while eating. Hehe, I hope you like those things!(: And, thank you for bringing me skating and teaching me and thank you for the goood fooood and the sweeeet "project" that you make. If I could, I would laminate it & hang it up at my ceiling. teeheeheh, :D

Happpppy Two Year Anniversary! We are two year old already and I hope we will go on and on and on till manymany more years to come. And,I still want people to come to me and say "You guys look sweet together." even when our hair turns grey. ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, February 15, 2009


LMAO! This just make my night.
Credits to the nonsense-est yet the sweetest guy on earth, haha!(:

Mugging Session at Changi Airport.

Maths study date with the classmates at Popeyes on Friday was kinda productive. I still have difficulty handling differentiation and integration though ): And you know, me being me I can't study for too long without having any break, thus what do I do? Snapping photos & video! Video's kinda bimbotic thus I shall not post it up.

Computing Maths for the dayyy!

Kay luh, I admit this one for show only. Actually I was doodling hearts but but after snapping this photo, we did get into some serious business of Maths!

The teacher & the students busy solving questions

I know my photography skill sucks thus the blury photos): & i think the group of boys crapped more than they studied -.-

I was feeeling sick of maths already thus I started on art and craft.

Changi Airport Popeye for mugging session again today but with different company. This time wasn't productive as before, lol ;x

Kay luh, maybe at least I did something.

I was reallly studying till someone have to distract me with the camera. & I smile when I do maths, LOL!

I was feeeling restless already thus

Maths Make Me Mad(!)
Thus, I decide to ditch Maths and order fooooood(:

Computing Math exam tomorrow at 4PM till 6PM. What a timing, I know. Wish me luckzxz and I hope I could handle them tommorow. I'm off to studying COS now and I swear it's one hella bitch. I ain't feeeling well thanks to it. Grrrrr! And it seeems nothing is absorbing into my teeeny weeeny brain ): Might as well I bid the night gooodbye and have an superduper early sleeep today. Hah, gooodnight readers!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crashing Town with !E

Finally, after months of not seeing that girl above, I got to meet her up that Wednesday. Awesome meetup I must say. Crashed town and we practically walk non-stop most of the time with many stories shared(:

And, it's beeen ages since we took this together.

Now, stop rolling you eyes and say this is so last year -.-

Since Singapore is that small and there's nothing we could do anymore thus we caught Inkheart. If only, I have that power.. But then again, I don't read books now. I only read computer related stuff boook. Oh yeah, I'm referring to Computer Organisation System. (sidetrack) I'm only stuck on the second chapter when the exam is next weeeek. hah Okay, back to track. I still prefer Bedtime Stories to Inkheart though.

!OH and did I tell you that I caught gay kissing in action(actually just a peck) and obviously seeing them do it right in front of my eyes is so not coool. Total turnoff, so much for their machoness. Lol! & guess what? after walking a few steps from them, came another gay couple. Thank God there's no kissing and stuff like that, -.-

Nothing productive was done yesterday. I make a deal with myself to study Maths in the afternoon and COS at night but what did I do the whole afternoon? GG-ing and sleeeping. Great huh? But at least, I did a little reading on COS at night!(: What I've been up to for the past few days? Nothing much actually. [Monday] had Comuputing Math revision class and I'm only half alert even though I sat right in front. Total waste of time coming actually! But, with Agnes right beside me crapping and stuff like that, it was all worthwhile(: [Tuesday] was a fun day out with H! An impromptu movie date to be precise. But before that, he dropby in the morning wanting to study but he was all AWWW-ed & OOOO-ed at my MIOtvSeries instead. Haha. I prepare nuggets for him and he say it's even nicer than McD! Omgawdzx, I'm so pro like that! -.- Caught Love Matters aftermath and hell yeah i caught 2 movie per weeeek aready for this week. I've no idea why but it seems like I've got so much laughing gas that day. Thanks for the day, lousy magician & rotater(inside joke!) Mugging at Changi Airport with classmate later and meeting H thereafter. Say 'HI' if you happen to see me kay?(: Oh yeah & who cares about Valentine anyway? I'm too cool for it. Lol Lol! It's SIX-SIX-SIX-SIX-SIX more day to an even bigger day than Valentine. I so cannot wait! But for now, I'm gonna hit the sack and wait till 19th arrive. Goodnight GoodMorning lovelies, (: