Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seventeen Forever.

Timetable out a couple of days ago and I totally didn't expect anything like this to happen. I thought: As long as I passed, I will be sticking with my classmates for three years. Well, my thought was wrong, totally. My timetable spells total retardedness! Just by looking at them I've got 0% interest for schoool now. (Y)

(My kickass Classmate)

No more petting my shoulder & hearing "We'll all be there for you". No more "Maya, I know your heart only got 2 person". No more "That's it". No more "Eh don't go near my laopoa". No more "That guy so cute" everytime we walk pass any FB guy. No more "SURIIIII". No more "Take hard-drive from blaaa2 and take the show you want". No more "Later go where eat?" No more "Maya eat what". No more gossiping session. No more "Eh, your bff ahh...". No more meeting in intrchg & hear nonsensical stuff in the bus. No more "Eh your abang uh..." No more this. No more that. No more everything.

On a lighter note, to make myself a lil bit happier, I've got to be in the same class as Seraphina. *Shake butt* At least there's her for the whole of next semester. And I'm taking German Language 2 for the elective. Somehow, I'm kinda happy about it. Can I just ditch all the other modules and study only German? Hurrrrrrrr,

It's April tommorow and I hate it. April means starting of school is nearing. April means it's another month to my birthday. And that means I'm turning 18. I dont want. 18 means I'm turning old. I want to be seventeen forever. Please?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nanyang Girls Chio

I was pretty shock when I log on to Nuffnang and I discover this..

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LMAO. And damn suay my link got pick by him. Must be those takde keje punya cheena ahbeng, lol. Kay la maybe I'm wrong. -.- Maybe is some lao ahpek

And that's the reason why I love Nuffnang so much. Apart form earning moola, (another 33.55$ till Nuffnang gives me my first check. & hurrry advertisment come to me babies) I can keep track of all those funny visitor that visited dearockstar-ily. There's one time where I came across one that link me in his/her blog but is privated. And the link goes something like this: yousuck-jk @bs. I couldnt really remember the exact site but I'm pretty sure it somehow sounds like that. Hmm.. & of course I've no idea who that owner of the site is luh

Anyway, I was talking to a couple of people about ANTM just a few second ago. And I can't stop visiting the site and see all those beautiful faces. These are my two favourites:

Fucking gorgeous ttm i knowww and I'm sure even girls see also can droool, lol. Tommorow 11Pm,catch them in action. :D And I guess now if nanyanggirlschio's were to view my page again I'm sure he will be happy, hahahaha.

P/S:I've got surprise for everyone(;

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One in the Morning

As much as I miss every single one of them, I'm still not ready for Year 2. I'm not ready for school. Few weeks more to go till school reopen, I hate the thought of that. Totally killing me >:( I'm enjoying life now. Totally free and easy and yummmy. No projects, No homeworks, No assignments, No need to wake up early, No need to rack my brains over an assholic school work. I wonder how the hell I'm gonna cope when 20April arrives... Oh well, I shall just enjoy the remaining holidays for now. Oh & is the previous blog layout better than the current one?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Museum on a Sunny Sunday

Holla. Yay I finally manage to visit the Peranakan Museum with H the other day. It was pretty fun and yeah if you are a student of Nanyang Poly, you will get to go in for FREEE! But too bad if you're a TPian, you need to bid goodbye to your four buckaroos. *laugh at them*. I'm not so sure about the other schools though. I've got 200 plus jpgs with me here but being the lazyO'me I'm not gonna upload all of them. + quite a number turns out shitttty & blury.

(Peranakan Museum)
R: We followd this tour guide for Gallery 1 but then we decided to roam on our own. She's too boring hahaha!
Map of where the peranakans are from. Actually I anyhow only -.-

R: Yeah Yeah that's Dick Lee. He's a Peranakan & he looks old right?

I thought the girl there looks sweeeet ^^

Six handsome boys, lol

L: Eh he was so happy to find his long lost brotherrr there. See their smile same same right?(:

L: This thing here is to cover your fooods from those lalat.
R: Passport!



Photography skills = FAIL!

L: Hehehe I didnt realise my hair touches boobies already. Kay, I shall let it grow longerrrr or should I snip it short uh? Grrrr, I want short hair & I want long hair. HOW?!

Wedding Time!
Gifts from the bridegroom family to the Groom family.

L: I think that's a watch.
R: Pig leg, haha.

R: Pig head.

& that's Tok Panjang(: Remind me of The Little Nyonya

I thought I could go in & sit on the chair. But sadly, cannot ):

Hehehehe & this is the : Wedding Chamber ^^

He got new Gf already >:(

L: Eh seee, I found myself a new bf also. Nanny Nanny Poo Poo :P

My eyes prettier, bleuk. :D

Aftermath we decided to grab something to eat before continuing to out next destination which is the Asian Civilisation Museum.

Photo Credit: Flickr.

This time round, both of us had to part with our my four buckarooos. No free admission already >:( It was a bit boring. I prefer the Peranakan one though.

(Asian Civilisation Museum)

L: Gigantic Pants
R: Bling Bling!


To your left, To your left..

Wayang Kulit(:

Sat at the reading corner for a while. H: reading, Me: Camwhoring.
Dont let you see photos, I shy :B Hahahaha ASS

R: KangXi Emporer, LOL

Waaa chio uh? I manage to snap this secretly cause the security guard keep staring at me like I'm gonna steal something like tt .




We played this before leaving th place and I won in the end! :DD

Okay, that's all for Museum. Oh and did I tell you I've found a new entertainment. And that is

Yi-Jung + Ji-Hoo = (Y)
Idk if I got their name right though, haha.

This girl = super chio ttm

And I have the most amazing thing to munch on while watching the cutezxzx boys and that is:

Very heavenly. Very Delicious. Very Yummmy. & it's 10X better than your ben&jerry. Oh and I finish the whole tub of it. Hehehe(; Sinful Pleasureeeee But naa, I dont think I'm growing fat, Lol. And my eye is being such a bitch now. There's ulcer growing at the right eye and does anyone know the cure for it? Like pouring coke over it? Or apply that watermelon thing on it? I'm lazy to go doctor. This happen before and I hope it will shooo away fast. No contact lenses for the time being >:( Say hello to spectacles, come come ask me out then you can see me looking like cheeecher, LOL. This post took me more than three hours. So, the least you could do is tag my blog cause I gave you quite an entertainment right?Hor Seraphina See. Naa, just joking. I shall go rest my eyes now. (: Goodnight.