Saturday, April 25, 2009

One last Shot.

If I were a builder then you'd have a castle,
Drive on the highest mountain.
And if I were a billionaire,
I'd give you every material thing.
But unfortunately all I have to give to you
Is an imperfect heart
But it's a heart that beats only for you.

I think I'm not the same old me anymore...
I think I've changed
Is it a good thing? Or bad?

I need you in life.

.... but, will it ever be the same as the last time?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opening Ceremony of HellGate.

First day + second day + third day of school sucks major balls. Gosh, why the hell did I even end up in that place/course? God. Two more years to endure, time hurrry put on your wings and fly!

(A dream come true!)

I'm just making myself feel happy. But blah, totally not look forward for 18th birthday. Can't believe it, I'm gonnna be old old old. Suck >:(

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hanwei's 20th Birthday Celebration.

(Dress Code: Smart Casual)
Event: 17 April.
Met up with S @ City Hall first for ranting session at Gelare. *Ahhhh, so many memories man that place ); Such as: MPH + Waffles + etc. ]]; *
Eat. Talk. Sigh. Photos. Looking @ passerby(s).

Helllo BraceFace girl, Thank you v much for all those advices + hearing me whine like one pussy
the other day.

Clock shows 4PM and thus it's time to meet the rest of the classmates at Raffles City..

L: Hah! I know what you are thinking. Not that I'm too skinny, just that you are too fat :P

Walk. Walk. Walk. Till we reached The Sail!

The Venue.

View from Level 44.

Fake smile I had the other day. No reallly, my smiles loook fake in all the jpgs.
P/S: I forget how to smile );

The cake's vv delicious(Y)

+ the foood is Yummy too (Y)

R: I got Elephant!^^

L: Ignore the middle finger. Just look at the ring, :B

Got bored and decided to play:
Musical Chair.

And the winner; Kim.

And Female Best dressed goes to:
Ehem, yours truly.

Male best dressed goes to:

And winners had to Catwalk... -.-
Nooo, I'm not pointing middle finger.

+ I swear my face look like one down syndrome child. Cb. Wth was my face thinking uh? I think
my enemy(s) can blackmail me with the original photo. Zzz

L: My hair used to be so long but now... Loook):
Grow Hair, GROW!

+ There's more unglam, fuckface photo @ Faceboook.
The End of 17th April. Happy 20th Birthday once again, Hanwei. Make sure you teach me alien
languages two days before alien exam okay?

Tomorrow school. YipeeYay. I'm so excited,
P/S; Suck that I'm not gonna received tons of sms by you everynow and then in school. No more sweetnothings to start of my day in school anymore. D;