Monday, May 18, 2009

Animate the Germans

I find Animation lab today very spastic and it kinda crack me up, somehow.

#Part 1: We have to make this character move & he will goes: "Hey, that's a great idea!"
Ah yes, seems fun but I gave up half-way because I did the totally opposite actions. I know you don't understand, (haha)!

# Part 2 seems easier. We have to change the facial expression. From like this (: to like this >:(
and from like this (: to like this :P. (hahahaha)

Alright, enough about Animation. Let's talk about German lesson now.

Last week lesson! Very interesting & somehow I find this year teacher much better than the last year(no offence) but I feeel less sleeepy in German class now. 7 Students in a class, very pathetic I know. & nowww we're learning new topic. Say Gooodbye to fooods&drink and say Helllo to Furniture.

Auf Wiedersehen, I'm off to watch hübsch poeple noww. (Read: American Next Top Model!)