Monday, May 11, 2009

My Eighteenth Birthday

I've had the most amazing 18th Birthday ever even though funnny+weird shits happen in between the day (hahaha!)

(Spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E)

H decide to bring me to Sentosa for Luge&Skyride because he keep whining to me he never try taking them before, LOL! (:

(Skyride!) View was err pretty nice but about 85% of it are covered with trees -.-Twinkle got scared & he still got the nerve to tell me he want to take the Bungee Jumping. :P

It lasted for a while only ): Then, it was Luge time!!

I swear this thing damn FUN okay. Darn, we should buy the two ride instead of one ):
Bring me here again pretty prease?

Since we had no other plans, H decided to buy tickets for Songs of The Sea.I was against the idea initially because it's still early and we have to spend around 4 hours doing nothing while waiting for the show to start + I thought the show will be very boring & childish..


It's very nice. Worth your 10 buckaroos.

Brilliant lasers. Nice water effects. Pretty computer graphics. Awesome flame bursts.

And yah, there's also a mini fireworks. Beautiful +Georgeous

Pretty right? (:

Got home aftermath & mummmy surprise me with chocolate cakeeee. Yummmmy!

Thank you for spending the day with me, Thank you for everything that happen on that day(haha!) Thank you for the presents, Thank you because one of the present kinda safe my life. It look very sexaye on me(hahaha!) + I love the bag too. And not forgetting the daffyduck thumbdrive which have many games for me to play. (Very thoughtful of you hor?) & lastly, one of the bithday wish: I hope I will get to spend every 11th May with you every year, ♥♥♥

Not forgetting the wishes be it through calls/text messages/tagboard/facebook/friendster/msn/plurk/blog entry. Thank you people, ♥