Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm not gonna make the same silly foolish mistake, twice.
"You're lucky to have him." they said. GMH

Everything doesn't go my way today. Fuck period. Fuck Caucasian man step on shoe never say sorry still can smile. Fuck German EQuiz. Fuck NYP. Fuck ELP. Fuck staying back till 7+ just to find place to print. Fuck printing machine shops for closing so early. Fuck NYP library. Fuck climbing the stairs up & down for nothing. Fuck new ezlink. Fuck no cashcard or no old ezlink cannot print any shit. FML.

But after a long fucking & tiring Thursday in school, I saw..

Putri! Putri! Putri! in bus 72. Talk Gossip Laugh. :D
Journey back home today feels so short, lol.
Oh & I saw Syaza in the bus too!