Monday, June 8, 2009

Peter Pan & Wendy turned out fine

If it's you and me forever If it's you and me right now That'd be alright, be alright. We're chasing stars to lose our shadow Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine So won't you fly with me ohh yeah.. gotta fly with me now...

"Nick's cute, Joe's kind and Kevin's at the corner"
kevin : "being in the corner's a cool place"
- Facebook live webcast.

Joe's hair is back to curly curly, tsk. I don't like it but whateverrr I think he still looks goood. Awesome music video up there, (L)

AIM, RAD, IS test = GG. Well done Maya, why the hell are you in NYP (Read: Polytechnic) in the first place?
Moral of the story: Stop critizicing people's intelligence no matter how much you hated abhor them. Blah

On the contrary, I've gained 2kg now even though I've been eating lesser than usual. Plain weird.