Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tumbling @ Tumblr

Why is being such a whore these few days? Thank God I still could upload photos in here. There's more retarded crazy webcam photos over @ facebook. Too bad if you are not a friend of mine. Took me alot of courage to upload those spastic photos there. Anyway, RAD Lab Test & German Oral earlier today went pretty well, thank God (: There's NTP/AIM Project & German Exam to worry about now. Geez, can't wait for everything to end.

Oh & my itchy fingers decided to sign up for tumblr yesterday. I'm still figuring the way out to use them.

Oh, tell me what is school without this girl? She want me to tell everyone reading this that she have change her braces colour. And, I think it look like there's a grass stuck on every of her tooth. So, can you guess what colour is her braces now?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chapter 29.

Dear H,
Probably the only one who will turn to me and say;
"I think you're more beautiful than Megan Fox" while watching Transformer II
Even though I knew it was a white lie that you're telling but I was the happiest girl in the theater at that point of time, ♥

I love how you would randomly take my hand and kiss it. & how cute you look every time you trick me into kissing you. & how amazing you can be by making me fall in love you again and again. You're the only one who is capable to do all that(: Three cheers for 2 year + 6 months.

Your biggest fan ♥

Saturday, July 11, 2009

  • I got to eat Popeyes @ Changi Airport today.
  • I feel super bimbotic today.
  • I inserted wrongly the battery to my mini toy fan (no wonder it couldn't work-.-)
  • I told bf the photo of the chicken @ Popeyes look like a 'frog'.
  • I told him to imagine the 'frog' was putting both his hands up in the air but he laugh at me instead.
  • I was a happy girl because he made me laugh like a baby today, well he never fails to do that every time (;
  • I asked him this particular riddle and he gave such a silly+cute answer.
  • He couldn't figure the answer out and accuse me of asking the wrong thing.
  • Bf is not feeling well.
  • I miss him the moment we bid goodbye );
  • I was having this enthusiasm to start on AIM Project just now
  • But, I realise my scanner ain't working. And I've got no Adobe Flash installed on the lappy);
  • So, I think I can continue shaking my legs now. haha
  • School reopening in two days time and I'm not ready. Booo
  • I miss boyfriend.
  • I've made labels for all my 308 blog posts and it look pretty neater now and make it easier to find a particular post (;
  • But, I think I need to re-edit them again.
  • I seriously need to pack my wardrobe. It look like a sty now. >:\
  • I miss boyfriend.
  • I think my blog template now looks nicer than the previous one. Don't cha think so?
  • Okay, Goodnight
  • I miss boyfriend );

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Topshop craze

RAD earlier in the morning was manageable except for Section C which is obviously GG for me. Oh & I or rather we (with S) was half an hour late for the paper. S really influence me alot I realise. Everyday this year I've been coming to school late, pretty bad huh. I think she passed me her "late queen" disease already, hah.

After paper, the day was spend with Hanwei and S: Cityhall - Mac Breakfast. - Raffles Place. - SwissHotel - Explore - Saw Quah TingWen (Singapore AYG's swimmer) - Raffles Place's Topshop - Aldo - Marina Square - Raffles Place's Topman - Aldo - Gloria Jean's.

Pardon the lazy-to-type it all mood but there's way too many things that happen yesterday. Photo spam now since a picture speaks a thousand words, yes?

(Look at photos below) This explains the title for today's blog entries. We spend quite sometime in Topshop. Selecting the top sizes/colours which caught my eye, trying it out & blah blah blah. And taking retarded photos with the mannequins. You know who started suggesting the idea and obviously it's not me.

Left; My favourite photo it looks so nice pls. Because I was the one who snap it. Haha.
Hanwei goes: "Hi baby, want to have a date with me tonight?"
Right; And I goes: "I wish I was as pretty as you baby." (LOL!)

okay, her ass is too hot for me to resist -.- And that blue guy there looks happy because the girl accepted his offer already. Congrats uh, (; S dont want to join us cos I think she shy ); haha, shy my ass la shy.
Now, "Whoever say money cannot buy happiness obviously don't know where to shop."
Made payment and we left the place happily. Geee, (:

Aldo next, again. Because someone can't make up his mind whether to purchase that shoes or not. I was playing the 'devil' telling him to buy it & S the 'angel'. But, in the end he didn't buy it because he don't like the saleswoman. She seem pretty pissed at him (maybe because he ask stupid question, LOL ) Haha okay no that's not the main reason he didn't purchase it of course

Gloria Jean's was the next pitstop to rest our poor aching feets. Their Cookies&Cream was pretty delicious. Talking session while listening to LadyGaga's Pokerface (S fav song! Haha) Bid them goodbye not long and train to Tampinese. Thanks for the company both of you, (L)

And today, I've finally satisfy my (forever) cravings for Gelare waffles.
The Sex! Simply heavenly yummmy. Go try it if you haven't okay & don't hesitate to bring me along too, haha kidding.

Can't stand those eyebags and dark rings, tsk. I think I need 24 hours of sleep daily. Okay, can someone suggest what kind of ice cream I shall have next week? Yes, told ya every week is a must eat ice cream for me. :P

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Revenge Of the Titans/Fallen

I know it's been some time since I update this space here. I'll update what I can right now so stop complaining already okay?

The last weekend was a blast. Headed Mount Sophia for the Flea Titan along with Seraphina and Hanwei. Even though the journey there was somewhat hellish due to the heat and us, being impatient to wait for the shuttle bus we decided to walk there instead. (look down) We have to climb this flight of stairs. What a torture.

Place was crowded with people and the heat there was omg unbearable): Saw lots & lots of familiar faces there(: On top of that, I manage to satisfy myself with a few stuff. Thanks for the tee treat, S. (L) Aftermath, left the place and walk down this ulu road since that boy in red&black claim to know the place well.

OH! There got one hottie stripping :O
Hehe, we were like twins wearing the same thing that day.

And that ulu road lead us to Bugis. Now, it's his turn to shop, Haha

Vivo was the next pit stop.

S decided to ditch me after that ); But anyway, it was nice sitting down having Ben&Jerry icecream (I've had this twice in that week, simply yummy.) with Hanwei. Again, thanks for the treat. Wooohoots, I was a happy girl that day lol.

Transformer 2- Revenge of the fallen yesterday was nice. Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox is smokin' hot. And bumblebee is so cute hehe. Two thumbs up for the show. We've had this craving for Gelare waffle ice cream since last week but Gelare was nowhere to be found (read: under construction or stuff like that) And as for yesterday, Gelare was no where to be found near the area we're in so we settle down for Häagen-Dasz.

He join this ah-beng gang and got into a fight. See you see, he got a slashed by a parang leaving a scar on the face. Thus, the plaster. Sigh, I'm so dissapointed in him (LOL!)

Yummmmeh. And do you know what happen after we leave the place? My tummy started to show and it's such a disgusting sight. I've to walk around with my bag covered. ): Ah whatever, I still want Gelare waffles! Next Tuesday okay? Haha

Oh yeah, I think I'm almost done with E-learning work. So many stuff to do and it's freaking hard tsk. But then again I think it's way better than having to go to school. I think only duck will agree with me on this. And as for tomorrow onwards, it's snapping back to reality time and get into serious shit of completing projects and revising RAD common test. Damn, I hate the sound of all this. ); But what can I do right. Oh well, few more months to endure.

Ah yes, Happy July everybody. June's been a meanie. I hope July treats me good. Time flies, half a year has already gone.