Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tumbling @ Tumblr

Why is being such a whore these few days? Thank God I still could upload photos in here. There's more retarded crazy webcam photos over @ facebook. Too bad if you are not a friend of mine. Took me alot of courage to upload those spastic photos there. Anyway, RAD Lab Test & German Oral earlier today went pretty well, thank God (: There's NTP/AIM Project & German Exam to worry about now. Geez, can't wait for everything to end.

Oh & my itchy fingers decided to sign up for tumblr yesterday. I'm still figuring the way out to use them.

Oh, tell me what is school without this girl? She want me to tell everyone reading this that she have change her braces colour. And, I think it look like there's a grass stuck on every of her tooth. So, can you guess what colour is her braces now?