Monday, August 31, 2009


Nice show but zomg it was so gross ewww. What's more we caught it in 3D! I think I will have phobia taking the escalator from now on. And, no nightmares tonight, I hope. *cross fingers and toes*

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Someone turn legal today. Hi See, you are as old as me already, woots. A year older means a year wiser, yes? So please think twice before making any decision that you will regret in the near future. You know what I mean uh. Stop ogling at boys and being cheeky already, lol. Lastly, have fun on these very special day of yours. I shall stop here since I've save all those long long messages on the card which you claim that almost make you teared [but it didnt make you tear, damn! ):]. Love you heaps Sera, stay jambu (i know you're smiling to yourself after seeing that J word, lol) xx

Well well, not forgetting 29 August also marks Li Jian Birthday. So, Happy 18th Birthday. May God bless you and may you find a girlfriend soon. Oh & Happy Birthday to MJ too, remember to catch him on Channel 5 later @ night okay -.-

Anyway, a few days ago my Nuffnang Cheque finally arrive after a superbly long wait. So happy so happy, getting moola just like that. So people, do continue clicking on my blog advrt daily from now on okay. Gee, what an easy job . (;
Moola arrive and do you know what this means? Shopping Time, soon^^v

I manage to watch this few hours ago and I find myself laughing like one mad cow. Funny, nice and meaningful show. & that lil boy is freaking adorable. Do watch it (Y)

Fyi, I'm done with school for the 1st semester already. Exam papers are pretty gross to handle especially Network Technology. Maybe because it's the last paper and I'm on the holiday mood already or maybe because it just ain't my cup of tea or or I didn't study hard enough because the day before the paper I went to watch District 9 because well, some people beg me to watch it with him. It was a pretty okay movie for me though and I find that alien prawn baby cute ey. *mind turn blank right now* so, chiao. Till next time, you know you love me (:

Sunday, August 23, 2009


H introduce me these videos weeks ago(but I think he already showed me centuries ago) and I like the second video better.
And now, Pearl's distracting me from my revision cause I keep watching it on repeat mode. Awww she's such a QT (;

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Once upon a sunny Wednesday afternoon, when mugging session turn to photo taking session VS dota session...
What bad taste this boy have. Choosing some shit over me. It's okay It's okay, I'm cool without him (:
See, I look so happy. Picture can be perfect even without him.

I know I know, that watch look so sexy on me ^^
If you know me well enough, this has been my All-time favourite Signature Pose since forever(;

Finally he come to his senses and he told me afterall I'm much more sexier than Dota, lol!
Happy 30th I love you ♥
The brownie you gave is yummy, thank you. I want baking session with you soon, okay?

Picture Perfect only when there's you in it (:

Anyway, you might wonder why today's entry title is called: FORKING SPOON. Here it goes:
We were eating this HOT HEAT chicken. H was a being a pig and couldn't wait for it to cool down so he decided to use that dont look like spoon / dont look like fork thing. Then our convo goes something like this ...
M: Baby, this thing is call what uh?
H: Oh it's not a spoon neither is it a fork
M: Yeah, I know. Then what's the name for it?
H: Forking Spoon!

The one who never fails to make me laugh at his lameness, sillyness or himboness.
That's my boy
, LOL!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

i like you a lot lot, think you're really hot hot.

Yesterday marks the end of Common Test. Had AIM and ITP paper on Thursday. Yes, two paper in one day. Please spell HELL for me. The night before I was revising like mad. AIM was pretty okay because most of the questions are in the sample paper but ITP was a nightmare. Memorising the theory for about four hours before the paper = GG, duh. And what does Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing shits got to do with Multimedia & Infocomm Technology? But on a brighter note, it's only 2 credits for this module. Internet Security was pretty okay, I think. And I'm only 100% confident for that encrypt/decrypt ASCII shit because the night before duck taught me how to do them. Woo, thanks alot uh. (: For now, I need to revise on the Semester Exam Modules which will take place two weeks from now. Thank God, I've got only two paper.(:

After paper yesterday, I've had an amazing time with H. Trained down to DG and caught "Where got ghost?". Pretty funny show and a little bit shocking. I dont know why he say he hate the movie when he's the one that ask me to watch it -.- See, we should have caught G.I Joe, tsk! ION aftermath and the washroom is so pretty ttm i love it ^^v So pretty that you will have this feeling where you want to stay in there and never come out, i'm serious. The cookie frappe we had @ dr Cafe was too sweet he kept complaining to me about it but he still drink it. Why you so q-tie one uh? Fasting month starting next Saturday and someone promised me Gelare Waffles on Tuesday. Yipee Yay! Four more days left and I am lack of cash. How? I wish I was some rich bitch or I wish 'saving $ for something important' exist on my dictionary.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

NDP Preview '09

Okay as promised, I'm back to update on my last weekend.The title says it all; I spend my last Saturday with S watching the NDP Preview Parade. Gotta thank her friend for having the tix and her for bringing me along. Appreciated it alot(; Just two days back before the parade we were randomly singing the ND songs together and I was telling her how I wanted to go to the parade badly since I only went for it twice ): And, the next day my wish came true when her friend told her he had two tickets(;

For Photos Galore,click this way please

R:Paparazzi alert!
L:Following the crowd to the stadium.
R: Almost 80% of Marina Square are infested with people wearing red.
We got the green ticket!
Our seats is not that bad even though it's towards the end.
Singapore Flyer
Sneak Preview of what's inside the bag. S got the green, I got the yellow bag.
The goodies
Yikes ugly view, but I'm sure it will be pretty in years to come

Happpy Birthday Little Red Dot!
Yikes, messy hair + sweaty from climbing up the flight of stairs before reaching the stadium. What's worst is that, my mini fan decide to cock up @ the wrong timing. It spins, but no wind is produce );I think I dropped it way too many times.
L: The aunty standing up damn enthu I tell you. She made us laugh out loud at one point of them. You go Girl Aunty.
R: Michelle Cheong
The host(s: Suhaimi Yusoff, Gurmit Singh. Oh & not forgetting there's Venetta Lopez too.
I luvvv my new ring,(:
The Performers
L: She's busy fixing her light because it just wouldn't lit up, lol.
R: Hand drum or whatever it's call

Subaru car competing with us while we did the Marina Wave. & obviously, you know who reach the ending line first
Another performances

Welcoming the fake Ministers & Prime Ministers
L: Hehe our hand drums(:
R: Woah, look @ the red-y crowds
Another Performances

S claim this little boy got a crush on her cause he can't take his eyes off her.:B
Here comes the very boring part.. The Marching Team
This is what happen when you zoom in and forget to zoom back: Giant Faces :O

L: Hehe our tattoos

Singapore Flag
Argh,look @ my messy hair ):

I find the performance @ night much more nicer. Maybe because of the pretty light & laser effect
L: Hungry Hungry, my stomach was grumbling ><

Haha, okay again forgot to zoom out.
Our heart-y light

The moment we've been waiting for: The Fireworks!

This is the best shot of the fireworks.Oh my, such a beauty!
Leaving the place..& Taking one last snapshot
There's still some photos which I didnt upload here. I guess I'll upload them all in facebook when I've got nothing to do(:Ah yes, there's videos too. Pardon those bimbotics talking & xiaocharbors' screaming. Lol!

Our favourite photo of the day;
Again, Thank you for bringing me S. I have lotsa high fun time and I'm sure you do too.♥ And, Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!