Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have lost interest in blogger already and that explain the lack of updates here. I'm thinking of ditching this site for tumblr which I'm pretty much active there but I know I couldn't bare to do that since I've been using blogger since 06. Okay anyway, two days ago we had this plan to do something special that anyone could hardly thought of. Wondering what it is? Take a look at this:

For better clearer view do feel free to view it here. Do comment as well and tell us your views on it and how we could have improve on it yeah? All comments are appreciated, thanks (: But if you're not a friend of any of us three on facebook & would like to voice out your comment, feel free to tag my tagboard (:

Anyway it was damn fun in the midst of those recordings. I've no idea why Lady Gaga was chosen in the topic because I'm not really a big fan of hers and I know nuts about her and yeah those answer I randomly shoot bang shoot. And even though there's so many NGs and somehow made us feel frustrated at a certain point of time but we had so much laughter and fun and on top of that, the end product is all worth it (Y)

And of course, the biggest credit would go to the 'producer' for thinking of the concept and putting together the videos.

But that's not all, look out for our NGs, behind the scenes soon. It's damn hilarious I bet you will pee in your pants. Come by here and check it out in a few days time. Till then, xx