Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday break my heart

My Wednesday was good.
  • I met Elly (like finally) even though it was a short meet up and we couldn't catch up on alot of things but yeah.. a proper meet up again soon (:
  • This lady stranger approach me and started feeding me with compliments (Idk if she really mean it but anyhow it made my day)
  • We took pretty photos using baby's Holga. Finally, after months of not using it.
  • It felt good after crying and having that someone to wipe my tears away and lending his pair of shoulders for me, xoxo
  • I love it when he laugh at my the-view-is too-bright face and the all the other silly faces. And only he have the privilege to see them, xx
  • Had Mad Jack for dinner and food taste awesomely good (Y)
  • I was a happy girl then

    But, as soon as I reached home some bitchhhhhh had to ruin the happy mood _|_