Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bloop, Bloop, Bloopers

Here's presenting to you our Lady Gaga's Interview Bloopers Special. If you are smart enough, you will pause the songs @ myflashfetish player before playing the videos (:

I don't know why not much of my faults are in the video but anyway to be fair here's some of my faults:(Click on the link instead cos I think posting up the videos here somehow will make your comp's lag + + all videos will auto play by itself <:)
My Grrrrrr rrrr rrrrr!

Shittt. Pardon my horrible english here. ++ I forgot what I was suppose to say

If you can see carefully, earlier on I was controlling my laughter because whenever I see her face I will laugh & vice versa and my laughter came out at the wrong timing so there you have it: F-FFFF-FRIENDS

This was impromptu. I didn't know that See would reply me that. So I say out whatever is in my mind, lol

It tickles my tummy everytime he mention that "Bobby" name and this was another impromptu okay. Lesson learnt: Don't ask too much question, just bomb any shit!

My most favourite of all. Please play this on repeat mode! it make me laugh real hard! Up till now, I still can't make up what he's saying.

Can you Can you?

Hope you have a good laugh. & that's not all. There's a whole lot more videos but I'll upload them here when I'm free and when Photobucket will do me a huge favour by not being a slow poke(:

Doing this Interview videos have been a great one. I really enjoyed myself a whole lot with both of them. Even though we had too many NGs takes but all three of us are practically laughing throughout this whole interview. Plus having good venue like this: City Square Residence motivate us even more. The above Bloopers + the real Interview shows are done by Hanwei. Great effort on combining the videos together and adding in advertisment + songs to it(: On the other hand, Sera never fail to crack me up with her face. Every other time when it's her turn to interview me, I couldn't look at her face because if I do, I will start laughing. Been great working with these two. & if God willing, we are planning to make another video sometime soon. *cross fingers + toes* (: Ey, can we name our videos: The H-S-M Show? No no, not High School Musical silly! But Hanwei-Sera-Maya Show. How's that? Hahahahaha <: