Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ciao 2009 !

"So Maya what's your new year resolution for 2010?"
" I wish to be pretty & smart in 2010!

Haha what bimbotic resolution is that! Seriously I really don't give any shit about New Year Resolution now because eventually they'll be prolly get fucked up somehow along the way. Well anyway, 2009 has been a really rollercoaster ride for me. Browse archives to see how my life have been cruising for 09 (: & I couldn't make through the year without these people ...

I seriously miss the good ol' days back in secondary school. ): It's been 6 years already and they are still the best. Next outing I want everyone of you to come, idc how buzzy you ppl are, muahahhaha ♥

And even though it's been only a year or two knowing the girls but each meetup is hella fun <; Though it was pretty awkward in the beginning but everything went well as time goes by (; Sharing secrets or story telling never fails to happen during each meet up. Luv you pretty faces ♥
Tell me what is poly life w/o these awesome people. & w/o all those littlest help from them, all those encouragements and whatnots, I doubt I would be able to survive poly life. ♥ you people.

These two people have always been my very own counselor. The one feeding me plenty of advices, the one that's there to hear me cry on the phone whenever shit happen. All those non stop hit naggings from them and caring so much for me (somehow sometimes I find it a lil too much for me to handle though :x) but I really appreciate them all. Thanks so much you both. ♥ Don't worry about me already, I really know what I'm doing. I'm a big girl now yo! (hahaha) May both of you find yourself your own other-half so you could stop envying my super sweet life, hehe <;
And lastly, the very most important person! Hi baby thank you for always being there for me for anything. I know 09 have been a rollercoaster ride for us but I really treasure every moment spend with you.2010 would be better for us, I hope. Let's hope for less quarreling and shitty stuff to happen ogay? You know I love you, heaps ♥

I luv the family too and and all those new friends I've made I hope they won't just disappear because losing friends = sucks a hell lot ):

Two things I'm looking forward for 2010:
  • Baby getting his driving license by the end of Jan if he passed his FTT which I'm pretty confident he will. Well, he better not disappoint me !
  • We will turn 3 Year-Old this coming Febuary. How sexciting even though I've yet to plan on what to do that day. Hmm.. but one thing fo sure I need to save $$$ !


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We date Dinosawrrrrs on Christmas Eve

I've been procrastinating to update this blog of mine since last week and now I've finally got my lazy fingers here and I'm trying to rack my brain for words to pen some things down for you people(and that is if anyone still visit this blog, hah). Ok so last week on Christmas Eve I met up with the girls (after like so bloody hell looong) but only three of us could make it (standard) because one by one they back out when the day are approaching or they are buzzy with their own stuff. Tskkkk ):

*Wait till the blog have finish loading before clicking on the link below <:*
(Click if you're interested to see what we did on Christmas Eve)
Yes we headed JBP but not to see birds. We went to see dinosawrrrrr @ Hollywood Dinos. In case you you don't know dinosaur are already extinct species so all those dinos you're gonna see later are fake. Only head and tail and body move. (LOL!)

I forget his name but I know he's a herbivore <;

These were in the cave. I really didn't pay much attention to what the tour guides were saying though. Their pay must be pretty good to be able to memorize shits about those dinosaurs. (or maybe they could just talk craps which somehow make sense) After all people like me wouldn't notice if those info given were right or wrong .

I think these were in Cave 3 (Heart patients are advised not to enter Cave No.3) cause this dino mascot suddenly went out of the cave. What a cheeky dino because when Radiah was standing beside him, he keep hitting and playing with her. So cheeky, tsktsk.

I bet you guys don't know that 'saurus' means lizards! And that's prolly the only one thing I've learnt from there, lol!

Out from Hollywood Dinos. I've no idea why the hell my hair looks wet. Must be because of the rain earlier. Oh btw, there's ducks there in the background, Hehe

Goodbye JBP. One fine day I shall have the courage and bring baby here to see BIRDIES! Yes, I got phobia for birds.

Jurong Point to feed our hungry stomach aftermath. Wanted to watch Chippymunks but the crowd's overwhelming ): So impromptu took the train and alighted at Chinese Garden. Yeah, I know what a place right. But, the place's indeed nice for .... cam-whoring. And, I think it's such a nice place for picnic outings apart from Botanic Garden.

Thank God the weather weren't being a whore that day (:

I swear I didn't know what my hand was there for it looks so wrong i know -.-

Because we were born in the year of a Goat. I forget the description there but I only remember something like ppl born in the year of Goat don't really know how to take initiative or something like that. Really uh?

@ Japanese Garden. There's nothing much here. I prefer Chinese Garden though. I was already half dead when we reach Japanese Garden and we have to walk all the way back again to the main entrance. What a killer to my poor feets.
That's the Pagoda Tower ( I think!) @ Chinese Garden when we are leaving the place already.
Last photo before leaving the place!

More jpgs over @ Facebook <: Oh & for the record, it took me around 3 hours to complete this entry. Awesome! So plz show some luv and click on my Nuffnang advrt ^-^

Time Check: 2.45AM.
Au Revoir readers!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

19 Febuary 07 turns 34 months old today


I know of someone who will look at the photo above and see a fat face-looking girl but will still love her as much. I know of someone who will tolerate my nonsense every now and then (Read: like moodswings, PMS & shit stuff like that). I know of someone who will do silly stuff just to put a smile on my face. I know of somehow who never fails to make me smile to myself each time I recall all those funny things we did together. I know of someone who save every penny to get me gifts. I know of someone who always treat me to good food. I know of someone who never fails to compliment me each time we meet even though I look shagged and sickly. I know of someone I can be myself when I'm with him. I know of someone whom I can count on to each time I feel down/lost. I know of someone whom I wouldn't mind getting caught of my unglam side (like yesterday! hahahaha) I know of someone who is able to give me butterflies in my tummy every now and then even after 34 freaking months together. I know of someone who never fails to make me laugh each time he goes hugging me and trying to 'comfort' me saying: "Bby, i'm sorry that i treated you that way during p5 but you have me now" Well course he so thickskin keep saying I first fall for him when we were in Primary 5 and he like my bestfriend instead zzzz -.- I know of someone who will play me songs and record it to me so I could hear it on repeat mode each time I misses him. I know of someone who is able to make me fall in love with him all over again. I wonder how the hell he do it but he did it. You've got a great talent there Mister not everyone could do it! And, that someone is making me smile in front of my laptop like one mad person when I read this:

(well, you can click on the photo if you so kpo and want to read (:)
& that someone is the one that I love most. He's none other than the guy beside me on the photo above (duh!) Hahaha, Happy 34th love.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello Holidays

Last paper yesterday(Read: DSA) was a total whore. So damn disappointing please. So much for studying like mad till 3AM for it yet the one that I focus most = I.can' ): But whateverrrr, it's all over now.

H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S !
Even though it's only for two fucking weeks but it's better than nothing. Time to catch up with my Gossip Girls shows and many many more moovies (Y) & It's been a while since I meet the girls and I hope next week outing to see dinosaurs would be a success *cross fingers + toes* Poor baby left with only one week of holidays ): Awwww, hahahaha!

" i realised something today as we watched the stars and peeping into people's condo (heh),
i'll be miserable if i don't have you around. yeah, i noticed sometimes when we quarrel my friends told me that i'm like a zombie. you may not be the most perfect person in the world but hey, you are perfect to me. Well it sounds cliche but we seem to read each others' thoughts, complete each others' sentences. my heart is yours to fill. your great! (Y) HEHEHEHEHE

what the?
yeah what the? nah man i love her "

I'm the most luckiest bitch alive aren't I? Yesterday tears was both a happy and a sad one. Happy for I've found you and sad for all those shits and on how I use to treat you. You're the best and I luvvv you. ♥

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When I got bored of mugging,

I decided to let my face do some form of exercise...

Okay now stop laughing at me already please. So much for being sick yet I still have the mood to camwhore.
Another 2 paper more to go (Read: Marketing & DSA) and here comes my 2 weeks of holiday ^-^

Eh I didn't know friends can see my msn scene when I chatted with them. Oh why do I sound like a loser here -.- Cos mine doesn't show others msn scenes. Must be because of me changing my msn skin. Okay whatever, that's not the point. The point is: I MISS MYRA! PLZ MEET ME UP SOON! MANY MANY LUCKS FOR YOUR RESULT ON THE 18TH. ♥