Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My man turns 19 today !

27 January marks the day when God decide to let one of his angels down to earth. *roll eyes* stop with all these pickup lines luh Maya, haha. Ok serious now..

I thank the above for you, I thank your mom & dad for making you. Remember four years ago on this very same date, before we were together, I counted down your b'day for you? Sweet memories huh baby you must be mad happy that time right? ^^

I've watch you grown from a lame nonsensical boy to an even more lame nonsensical boy that never fails to make me smile like a goon each time we meet up. The one that randomly puts a smile on my face whenever I recalled back the lame nonsensical things that you told/did. Now, that's what make you special from the rest. I've also watch you grow up from a cute boy to an even cuter boy(I think credits goes to me). You should really thank God for finding me baby. If not God knows how uncute you'll be now, hahaha just kidding. Oh yess, I've watch you grown to play even more games than you did in the past! ): Oh my, why like that? I thought as you grow older = you play lesser! Tskk. But you know I love you too much to forbid you to play your games. Whatever it is, studies > games . I still want my good life, you've already promised me! (: Anyhoos, this will be the fourth birthday I'm spending with you and I hope there will be many more to come (I know it will !)

Once again,
May your wish to be my wife since Primary 5 comes true, hehe ^^

Okay, & this is for you! You is my hero:

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hehehehehehe :B
Get well soon luvvvvvv ! (: I can't wait for Saturday, wheee !

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chapter 35

I miss playing the snow with you back when we were in Australia last two years, hahahhahaha :B

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My life would be a Fairytale if..

there is no such thing as ...

Ok, maybe not that fairytale happily ever after kinda thing but at least it would be better than what I'm facing now. Really, school's been getting on my nerves the past weeks. With all those projects and assignments on hand, I doubt I would be able to spend quality time with the boyfriend. At most, meeting up for dinner after school. Nonetheless even if it's only for a short while, it still feel good. And fo now, I'm all looking forward to spending quality time next Saturday with him (; Fingers + toes crossed, I hope everything will goes smoothly next week, heh

Now now, back to the main topic. SCHOOOOL! Only 1 of my project is submitted and I'm only a teeny weeny bit relieved as I've yet to present to the lecturer about it. Well, how the hell do I do that when I don't understand a shit on the codings? Three words: God bless me! Now let's see what else there's need to be done:
  • Communication Skills Assignment 5 - Conflict Management
  • IP Mini Project
  • WPDP- Design USA website
  • Marketing Report on Charles&Keith
  • Attachment Resume - This really scares the shit outta me, zomg!
But wait, that's not all...
We've not talk about the Practical Test, Quiz, Common Test, Exams yet. ZOMG, This is mad! Still, I'm going to stay strong. Cos I know when I'm on the verge of breaking down from all these shits, there's still awesome people around me backing me up (;

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Ring

First week of school sucks >( And adding on to it, I misplaced my freaking ring (yes, I already misplace it for the 4th/5th time now) and I doubt I would be able to find it. So.damn.bloody.hell.sad please. It's been with me for close to two years already. Plz stop all of your bullshitting on "why so sad when it's only a freaking ring you can always buy a new one", really stop it because you bloody hell don't know how I feel. It means so much to me and really carries a lot of memories.

The bf gave it to me was on 19Febuary08. We celebrated our one year @ Sentosa seeing fishes at Underwaterworld & Dolphins too.. And that night, we took the usual route home: Buangkok. He was holding my hand dragging me back & fourth, walking round&round and he look so nervous .. Haha, mad cute. & I already suspected he's going to 'propose' to me then.. He went to the washroom, took a pretty looooooong time in there and finally come out. And then we were at this large area of field, sky so dark, the full moon looks mad pretty. Everything feels so damn right, so romantic, haha. Then ..... "I promise to love you even when you are as round as the moon or as thin as a stick. This ring is a promise that i'll do that ......." Yes, he said something like that and no, he didn't kneel down of course -.- You think what real marriage propose uh?! haha. Anyway, that was was one helluva awesome night. Ahhhh, can we turn the clock to 190208 date plz! Ok wait, that's not the end of the story when I reach home, after bathing.. I realise the ring was MISSING! -.- Baby came ard to find but found nothing. D; After a few days, found the ring @ mother's accessories box -.- Lol. So each time when I realize I misplace it, the next day or two I would somehow found it back but this time round, it's been six freaking days already and I found nothing ):

And ever since I lost it, everything seems to go haywire D; It's becoming like my goodluck charm too.
Well oh well, on a brighter note quoting from the bff: "At least the sender is with you still" and I guess that's all that matters, afterall (;

Dear Ring,

wherever you are plz remember that you'll always be in my heart and even though I will get you replaced soon, I won't ever forget you that first ring that has been place on my ring finger ♥ I love you, always & forever


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Playtime is Over!

My 2010 has been so good so far, at least for now. Been watching two good movies in a row for the past two days. (Y)

Reality Check: Hell gate opening tomorrow, bummer! & Guess what's the best part of it? I've yet to touch any of the projects/assignments. Yeah I know! What's new right? God bless me. Oh and if there's upcoming shits coming along the way , I'm all ready to handle you so bring it on! Finger + toes crossed. Well, I think I'm a much stronger person now, at least stronger than before. 5 to 6 weeks of school to go and I'm free at least for a month or two, and I seriously am looking forward for it (:

P/S: Hey sugar, I missed you badly already ):