Friday, February 19, 2010

Three Cheers for Three Years

Sidetrack alil here: H say I look like I'm SMEYES-ing in this photo. Well if you don't know what smeyes-ing means it means smiling with your eyes (well, according to Tyra Banks that is) Haha wah I got potential to join ANTM uh. Okay, NO just joking :P

And so, 19 Febuary is here once again. Three damn years I've been with this guy and we went through alot, yes alot with a capital A! Did you know we were primary school classmates for Primary 5 and Primary 6 ?! Okay, now you know. We hardly talk to each other even though I sat behind him in class :/ Oh yes & I remember he always bully me whenever there's a group discussion asking me to write stuff down and then claims that I've got the nicest handwriting (Hmm, must be one of his tactic to get me I think, lol ) Well, after we graduate from Primary School, we lost contact for four years. He told me(when we are tgt of course) that during the four years he's been asking ppl around for my hand phone number, hehehe. Yes see, he got a crush on me since Primary school already (K) In case you're wondering, no he didn't get my hand phone number. idk why somehow his email is in my msn list & I nvr took notice of it until one day he came and chatted with me first. And that's how the story started ...

We have had our ups and downs, but it has been always been wonderful sharing my life with you thus far. I'm looking forward to create many more awesome memories together. All those thank-you(s), sorry(s) and sweet-nothing(s) shall be saved in the card for (only) you to read. & Thank God somehow or rather your email address is in my list. If not, I doubt we will be who we are now. This is call: Fate. Not forgetting your "Can I be your Superman?" Hahahaha! I believe you're the greatest thing that God ever gave me.

Well of course I think we wouldn't made it this far if not for all those advices and naggings and whatnots from our dearest friends(well, you know who you are) when we are having bad times. Thank you people!


Y'know that;

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kite Crashing

Flying kite should be up, up, up and away. But ours went up, up, down, down, downnnn. SHINGZ! But I think it's not bad for a first timer like us -.- I've had so much fun running around like mad and trying to maintain the kite. Awesome (maybe not!) way to exercise I say

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love's 19th Birthday

Celebrated a belated one on Monday & he initially have no idea that I've already bought a movie ticket beforehand. Not at any ordinary cinema but ...


Okay so here's the story; He told me he wanted to watch " The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" while on the way there but I've already bought the ticket & it was "The Spy next door". I was afraid he would not be happy if I surprised him later cause it wasn't the movie he wanted to watch (but hey! Last week when I asked him if it's okay for him if we watched TSND he said okay! & furthurmore, Vivo GV Gold Class kinda suck they show very limited & sucky movie) Ok so when we reached and as he wanted to get into Q for "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" I surprise him with the tix. Priceless + Shocking + Touched shown all over his face + XOXO: That moment was magic for him I guess, lol ! ♥

Gold class was mad awesome, worth the $$$ . Good ambiance, Comfy + Cosy chair + Wide screen. Everything was nice but we sat quite far from each other though due to the table at the center, tsk.

Oh and another happy thing to share: H just gotten his fucking license last Friday ! I was mad happy , so happy I could flyyyyy ~ Couldn't really concentrate WDD lab last week & I was anxiously waiting for his call to tell me his results. He took so long to contact me and I could almost die waiting I tell you, -.-So yeah and right after my lesson he finally called, feign sadness (wanted me to believe he failed -.- ) But of coz I didn't fall for it. Hahaha, I'm so bloody proud of you luvv. Till now, I still can't believe you are able to drive me around to anywhere in the world. WOHOOOO \m/

Back to Monday date now; Drove to downtown since it's been long since we last had Fish&Co Express. & the food there still taste mad awesome !

Date with a car really feels mad mad mad (x infinity) awesome ! (: Feels like we're already married like that, hahahahaha :P & I surprise baby with another gift yet again. He thought his birthday gift from me is only a 1$ candy but of course there's more to it you silly

I bet you love your birthday this year since you've gotten an awesome gift for yourself + having one surprise after another from me, hehehehe. I ♥ you (x infinity) you old man