Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blue Black Weekends

I don't know how to go about writing this entry but I know I have to cos I'm sick of always visiting my site and seeing the same ol' post. Well, let's see what I could come out with now. 3 full weeks of work @ Above1 = I guess I'm already adapting to it. Setting the alarm at 7AM every morning but having to snooze till 730AM >Bus 62 to reach my destination; Kallang Pudding Road > Outlook Express to check mails from Supervisor & Colleague. Well, to be honest, I somehow dreaded when I have new mails cause this mostly means that I have a new task! > Lunch > Work > Home > Tv > Sleep. That's my life, for now. Fyi, I've been turning in pretty early ever since the commence of my Internship. Well, I need all the sleep I can get lest I fall asleep in the office the next day.

Weekdays no life but the past weekends been good with the boyfriend. *Dig out the 'this is so last year' photos*

I can't remember when exactly was this but I remember clearly that I got shitted by a fucking bird on this day and the shit was red in colour. Even though red spells Boomz but it's not Boomz at all. And yes, I mention this everywhere about bird shitting on me because it's the first time ever I got shitted by a bird. This reminds me of something; I think I should prolly noted this down on my organizer too. But what's the date for "Maya got shitted by a bird for the first time" again?

37th Month Celebration.

"You can add me on msn;"

And he does most of the cooking while I ...

... sit there, act pretty, and wait for food to come to me!

I know right my face here really CMI ): There's like way too many layers of fats in them. I wish Above 1 would teach me how to make face look thinner, nose look sharper, boobs look bigger that kind of thing! Not forgetting, my hair is getting out of control already. I need to go Retail Therapy for the hair, real soon.

Im just joking about the sit there, act pretty, wait for food to come part. In fact, I did cook for him and myself of course ! Somehow, this time round we didn't ate a lot and adding on to that, H had an ulcer too. So, booo!

'Kidnapper' aftermath. The best local movie ever! Thought it was from the J Productions but after the whole movie, we found that it actually wasn't. And I told H; "No wonder, the show is like so nice luh!" Mad exciting plot and storyline. Totally grab all my attention and I'd grabbed and shaked H hand during the story climate. Really worth the 10$, seriously no kid!

Wanted to watch the sunset so H brought me to Pasir Ris beach. Upon reaching there, the sun set at the opposite side ): Boo, he fake me! But it's okay it was still nice sitting and enjoying the cooling breeze brushing through our faces and staring at the beautiful cresent moon.

The bracelet (which H gave me for 3rd year) I've been wearing is like a replacement for the ring! But still, I want a new ring okay!

And as for today it was: Diary of a Wimpy Kid @ Cine & BBQ Chicken @ Downtown East. Wimpy Kiddo was nice and entertaining. If you've read my Twitter you would have already known that I'd rate it; 3.5 popcorns out of 5! Few days back I already planned to go to the Flea with the Gf on Saturday but was cancelled ): And there was another flea just now beside Cine but I wouldn't want to go with the Bf because going there means he will have a lot of eyecandies to look at. So, NO NO NO! ^-^ That's okay, cause there's upcoming flea coming up next month and my pay for this month will already be in by then, yipeeyay !

It's Holga beeetches! (;

L: Ok wtf is this me?! I look so NOT ME! The Holga got magic power, I think R: The Korean Chicken is damn shiokkkk. And Korean fans should dine here cause Korean songs were the only songs playing on the stereo ! The best thing I like about this place beside the food is the sofa! It's pink in color. Cine outlet doesn't have this pink sofa so H suggested we ate at Downtown outlet instead. Damn comfy sofa + Delicious food = I likeeeee (:

And so, that's about it! 4 working days to conquer next week and I've already made plan for my Good Friday holiday. Have you? (:

Friday, March 19, 2010

One month after Three Year Anniversary

Fifty years down the road, I would still want to snap silly photos with you!
When you are reading this @ exactly 12MN, I would prolly be in my lala-land already. You are such a sweet thang buying fr me McD breakfast and deliver it to me at my house area and sending me off to work. It feels real good having to see your face before going to work just now (: As I'm eating the burger, I've had your hoodie wrapped around me. Oh, the warmth~ Heh. I guess you're the only guy that would do that for me! And tell me Maya; Who would wipe the bird shit from your shirt and hair away from you? Well, Hafiz would! (: Tell me who would sing and play the guitar for you and then record and send to you so you could listen to his singing again & again and never get sick of it? Well, Hafiz would! I swear being able to sing & play the guitar is a plus + plus + plus point for a guy. Each time I hear your songs that you record it for me, I would smile to myself like one goon. Fyi, this happen each time in the public. Heh. Even though some parts were mad funny and you sang out of tune, seriously I don't give a shit about it and still enjoy them as much. Sing and record more songs for me okay love?! I need a new song for my alarm ringtone. I'm kinda sick of Tigerlily already.

I shall see you tomorrow after my work. TGIF ^^ And,
I ♥♥ U

Friday, March 12, 2010

Above 1

And just five days ago, I've been ranting about how nervous I was for attachment. Fyi, everything went pretty well! Thank God. People working there are pretty nice, consist of only 7 people; 4 Guys + 2 Girls + 1 Supervisor. Apart from the supervisor, workers there are all young people (maybe around 20 plus years old?) I like the idea of being the youngest there, hehe (: Great experience to be working with these people I say. You could really see the difference working with people here & in school. Difference: Maturity Level! Unlike here, some people in school don't even behave like their age. *roll eyes* Not referring to anyone, if you feel the pinch then it's none of my business! (: This aside, the amount of workload was manageable. Well, it was beyond manageable. I hope it will stay this way till the end of May. Oh and since there weren't enough desktop, they got me to sit at the "receptionist" table!
Shiok okay with red boomzy cosy chair! Even though I look like one loner at the corner. But I can do anything I want and nobody could see, muahaha. Even sleeping! But no, of course I didn't sleep! A pity I will not be sitting here starting from next week since the desktop is damn noob & didn't have any software like: Photoshop + Illustrator ): Sad huh if not I could put all my darlings photo to occupy the empty table. Speaking of this: "Hello S, Have you print a photo of us and put at you table, like you promised?"

1 week down, 11 more week to conquer! I gotta feeling I'm going to enjoy this, well at least I hope so! (:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alice in the Museum

Met the girls on Sunday for Alice in Wonderland. Movie was average. Johnny Deep and the bimbotic white Queen kinda cracks me up. Sadly, I didn't caught it in 3D ): Might be better if it was a 3D I think. Snuggling in GV popcorn and drink + Cathay's Nachos and passing food through and fro was makes us a lil buzzy, heh! But all was good. Been a pretty long time since I caught movies with them.

After movie, R suggest that we went to the Museum since she wanted to watch the Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt. Landed at Singapore Art Musuem but then discover it wasn't there. Google to the rescue and found out it was @ the National Museum!
On the way there, camera started clicking while we did jump shots. I hated to jump because I know I cannot jump! lol but did all of us manage to jump up to sky in the end?

Yes, we did it! & my face look fat ): But hey! I jumped quite high right? (surprisingly!) Yay (:
... And then we finally reached our destination. (After asking people for directions) And those people look more like tourist than us -.- Oh well.
Purchased 4 student tickets for 0$! Oh the benefits of being a student. If not, it will be 15$ per tix.

Roamed around. The place was pretty dark! And it was ... booooring! ):

Aftermath, we headed to the exhibition for Bags. In there were all those olden paper bags.
My personal favourite would be the Bata Paper Bag! Mad cute right? Find it way nicer than the current one

Next, was the Food Gallery section! In here we were shown how food were sold in the olden days and there were also some parts on letting us smell some of the Herbs & Spices. Pretty interesting! (:

There's alot more jpgs over @ Facebook. Overall, that day was fun! Having to see them before attachment started for me. Idk when will be the next time I would get to see them but I hope it won't be a year later :/ I want picnic with you girls again just like we had two years ago over at my fav place; Botanic Gardens. Anyone? (: