Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back to hell hole

How I wish right now I would be blogging about how I can't wait to go back to Above 1 tomorrow and see those happy people. But keyword: How I wish :/ And so, after 3 good months I'll have to ditch Above 1 for NYP. I'm going back there for FYP and I'm not a teeny weeny bit happy about it. In fact, I'm worried. Worried about how good (or not) my supervisor would be. Worried about what my project would be about (I hope it's more to design though. Well it b8r be if not ... GG ); ) Worried about who I will have to work with (or do I have to do them alone?) Ok now, God bless me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Above 1 took away my (job) virginity.

"Hello all, Thank you so much for the guidance given and those stuff that were taught. Appreciate it alot. It was nice working with you all for 3 months. Best of luck to everyone. :D "
This was the last mail that was being written by ):

I still remember the night before attachment begins I was so nervous about it worrying about how the working environment would be like, whether I would be assigned loads of hellish tasks or how the colleagues will turn out to be and stuff like that. Plus, my L.O told me that I will be the only intern in that company. No ECC students nor other school students. So imagine how afraid I was since it was my first virgin job ever.

And, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I have seriously learn a lot there many thanks to the nice colleagues. Well hopefully all those stuff that I learnt could be applied to the FYP. Come'on and give me some designs to work on for my Final Year Project please?

I'm so going to miss the journey there; sitting for a 45 minutes bus journey, walking for 4 good minutes before reaching the company and along the way sometimes I would get all those so-not-needed stares and yes, there's quite a number of mad-man(s) in that area. Somebody need to call IMH! And first thing first, I would check my mailbox. No mail = No task. After that logging on to MSN and sometimes receiving a 'Gd Morning' message from the girl woman sitting opposite me. I don't know how I don't know when somehow suddenly we could click so well. Starting next Monday, there won't be anymore randomly looking and laughing at each other neither would there be all those sudden random talks on MSN while doing work. There wouldn't be any more laughters going on due to our "damn-hard-I-don't-know-how-to-solve-this shitty-work-oh-wait-I made-a-stupid-mistake-no-wonder-luh." <- Oh and this includes the guy sitting beside her too especially his laughters made me laugh even harder. Ah, funny people! Most importantly, I will miss 'scolding' her and 'ordering' her to come down for lunch since she's always lazy wanting to stay in the office to eat. Oh yes, this reminds me; I need to get a much prettier drawing done of a "No Eating Sign" specially for her to display as her (new) desktop wallpaper, hehehe. So they wouldn't forget me <; I think I will also miss those people that I always bump into the washroom and exchanging smiles and the food at the canteen(s) especially, the dektop, the mouse the keyboar and the red boomzy chair! Oh, not to forget, there wouldn't be anymore "Bye Simon" (He's my sup btw) when the clock strikes 6PM !

Now, who needs big company with a thousands of workers when a small company with less than 10 workers could bring laughters to you every single day despite having loads and tough tasks at times? I know I wouldn't (: Laughters every day = That's what you will get for working @ Above 1! (Well, I think actually it depends on the people working there. Thank God, people working with me were fun ones.)

You should already know by now that my first job + my IAP equates to a K-I-C-K-A-S-S experience. I'm going to miss everything about Above 1 fo' sure.

2day at around 3PM the doorbell of Above 1 rang, Simon called me out and say it was for me. I thought it was Mr Lee, eh your message to me on Fcbk wall made me think it was you. But guess what? It wasn't him. It was the delivery man. There was a parcel in his hands and it was for me. It was actually my brithday gifts from Mr Lee. Hey, I really didn't expect this. You're one hella' good friend and you will always be (:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pick Up Lines is our Forte

My boyfriend hack into my Facebook account and type this;
"Haafiz Josie is so cool when I'm with him, it feels like being in ICE AGE!"

Guess who he learn it from? Hehehehehe <; Oh, I know righttt the photo above like no link to this entry but heckkkk I can't find any suitable photo and I want to post the photo above so bingo.. that's what you get. And this entry is totally not needed. I just want to feed my blog with something.
Plus, stop advertising your blogshops at my CBox. It's mad irritating, seriously :/ You post your shit = I'll just report spam/ban you and delete your shit. As easy as A, B, C and 1,2,3. Cheers, (:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Years and Three Month

Whoever say that Disneyland is the best place to be, obviously haven't been in your arms.

It's the 19th once again and we prolly will be celebrating them next 2 weeks due to our buzzy buzzy schedule ): And as I'm penning this entry down , at the same time I'm worried sick for you since you're having your first night shift 2day. Negative thoughts keep running in my head but I know the Almighty God is going to protect you. Once, I remembered asking you this question:

M: People always say first love don't last.
H: Well then let's prove them wrong.

And when I'm older and my first daughter asks who my first love was, I don't want to have to pull out the old photo album. I want to be able to point out across the room and say: "He's sitting right over there."

Monday, May 17, 2010

My 'not-so-awesome' 19th celebration with the boyfriend

Maya Azeera:"Ugh i miss it babe. So sorry! Happy belated birthday to you! :D And please post your birthday celebration with your dearest hahaha. You know,i go tell my friend about you. She envy alot sia,case dah berapa minute keluar comp lab she say eh sialaaaaa sweet sia dorang due,REPEATEDLY. Masa makan also! Hahaha! So yeap,please update yr blog quickly cause we ARE waiting! :D"
Hi MayaAzeera, I think you're lucky cos' I overslept 2day and didn't went to work. That explain why I have all the time in the world to update about the celebration, (;

Guess where the boyfriend brought me to this year? Last year was Sentosa for Luge, Skyride and Songs of the Sea. Well as he already promised me, this year was to ...

You still catch no ball where he brought me too? Well, continue scrolling down and I'm pretty sure you will catch some balls. -.o

And if you still catch no balls, let me spell it out for you ...

Fuck yeah, he brought me to the newly opened U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L S-T-U-D-I-O!^-^

Bought our 2 adult tickets. Sucks to be an adult already. Baby's XXX$ GONE, poof! + we got a 10$ food and 5$ merchandise voucher each (;
The moment I enter the place, feels like I'm in Hollywood.

It's my favourite Hepburn's 'star' ! (;
That's the mascot of Frankenstein. Saw a couple of mascots but a pity we didn't manage to snap photos with them ); Apart from the huge crowd that is lining up, you will find out why for the other reasons l8r in the post.

It's indeed an awesome place to camwhore (Y) And I seriously wouldn't mind staying here! Maybe at the Far Far Away castle or Madagascar ship, haha.

Pretty places; Feels like Disneyland!
And this ride wasn't open that day. If not, I would be the first to take it! Okay, NOT!

I was peeping at Shrek's castle, hehehe. Got hottie stripping inside <; Oh and I didn't realize my hair was THAT long!

Looook, the cigarette 'chute' or whatever it is called is so cool, yes? (:

And, our first ride was this accelerator. It wasn't that scary as I thought it was. Damn shiokkk spin round and round. Feels so damn high. Wanted a second round but H chicken out out saying he was feeling dizzy and wanted to vomit, lol

L8r at around 3 + we went to watch The Monster Rock show. The guitarist like hot ~ And, Frankenstein was cute! B4 that we went to the "Lights, Camera, Action" show. Damn mad cool special effects were shown. And first shit of the day happened ): I PMS like a bitch!

And just when I was about to strike a pose near this huge bulding which look like Istana, the camera battery decided to die on us. Arghhhhh, B-O-R-I-N-G!

Oh yes, Love took the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster alone because he got a scary cat girlfriend ): After that was Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Q-ed for quite some time. It was indeed a fun and exciting ride. Thankfully I didn't get all drenched (: But, 2nd shits happened. And, from my 101% good mood when I entered Univeral Studio, it dropped to 70% cos' of the quarrel with the bf and then now, it dropped all the way to -70%. I was totally moodless. Ah, okay stop. This is suppose to be a happy post, wasn't it ?

Dine our lunch/dinner @ Mel's Drive In aftermath and I seriously have 0% appetite. Adding on to it, the double cheeseburger that I had wasn't that yummy compared to our favourite McD. But the fries wasn't that bad.

After filling our tummy with not-so-yummy food, we headed to the Far Far Away castle to catch Shrek 4D Adventure. It was our 2nd time watching 4D. Noice okay especially those spiders dangling at our legs. Well, not literally but yeah the effects.

Sorry for the lousy quality. It was from the iPhone. It's better than nothing, I guess? :/

Woah look at the mad shagged face ): We got our awards of the day, hehehe <: Maya is Hafiz's best sweetheart! Hafiz is Maya's World Greatest Boyfriend!

Guess what I bought, anyone? (; And yes, he just bought a new car. We came in that car. Cool eh? And 4got to mention something funny! H keep holding the straw hat like that and walking around and then came this worker asking him "You want $$ uh?" (LOL!)

LOOOOOOK! It's Shrek and Princess Fiona! We were this close to have picture taken with them but no camera ); Argh, I is a sad kitty boo!

Last activities of the day; Shrek 2 Movie for 3$ and we got a free popcorn which taste yucky. Yeah, no wonder it's free luh.

The place where we caught Live Rock Musical and Shrek 2.
Dear H, I don't care what you say but I like this photo. You should cut your hair already cos now you look like emoboy_91. Firstly, thank you for saving your $ specially for this outing. I really appreciate it and it feel so good to hear you say " I tapau food from home and eat during break to save for this". I feel so so .. lucky/loved ♥ Secondly, I'm sorry for shouting at you and not riding ALL the rides b'cos I'm such a pussy ): I feel so godamn guilty just thinking about it now. I promise to make it up to you soon. Just you wait. Even though you know that this is not really an awesome celebration but things don't always go your way, true? Even if every outing is going to be a wreck, part of me will still be happy cos I am with you. Ok, nuff' of chessy stuff(s) now. And I don't think we will ever step into this place again right? Not until 20 years time where we bring our kids out to play, hehehe <;

Best Sweetheart award of the day goes to you, of course ♥ I would buy this for you already if you hadn't stop me, tsk. Thank you for everything once again, I ♥ U
P/S; Woah baby, we went Universal Studio already or what. Now, we can go "Eh you slow siol we already went Universal Studio nong nong agozxz " when the friends want to go there, hehehe. Ok no, don't so bitchy.