Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(via fuckyeahlove)

1: CHECKED! We talked about everything from ridiculous talks to serious talks (:
2: CHECKED! He just cure my paranoia disease just now, hehehehe ^^
3: CHECKED! We always sing aloud in the car on our date every weekends.
4: CHECKED! He never fail to make me laugh everytime.
5: CHECKED! We did bake brownie together the other day but it turned out not that good but still, the process of it was FUN!
6: CHECKED! Even though I nag to you about your loong hair everytime but I still like it though hehehe. Makes you look like Christofer Drew so this means I have best of both worlds! (ok nay, just joking!)
7: CHECKED! His smile is my most favourite of all. *melt*
8: CHECKED! Though there’s bitterness in the r/s but never once did he leave.

Did I tell you how much I luv it when he's having attachment? B'cos he will entertain me from 9AM-6PM on MSN w/o going MIA halfway. & he influence me like, alottttt! Most of all, his thickskin-ness, lol! Evidence? *look below*

M: bby why i love you mcm alot uh? like alottt sia dont knw why cant get jelarkk of you
H: wat the. you cute sia ask me this stupid question. ahahhaa
how the hell do i know. maybe i so attractive? paham2 je laaaaa

And then a few minutes or was it hours later...

H: love you too. ya sia i'm exploding with love for you even after 40 months. asal sia? So weeeeeeeeeird! Sometimes mcm nkn meletup
M: ehem agaknye i too attractive kotttt, lol.

I have no idea why this sudden mushy post hahahaha must be due to my period madness huh! & I still can't get over this: Disney World photo captures couple together 15 years before they met . Serious shit. Fate is so magical! For all I know I might have seen Hfz in the female's washroom when he's still a young boy that follows his mama to the ladies to pee. Well, who knows I might be right!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shopping + Baby's Family > FYP

Apart from the project work part, I think I'm liking adapting to FYP already. Want to know why? Because most of the time my job was to watch this awesome Korea drama (introduced by @FatinMoo)

I am already done watching all the episodes and this show spells a-w-e-s-o-m-e. And my favourite part would be the 'Game Over' part. Ahh, so much sweetness that I really can't get over that part till now and adding on to it, it's the drop dead gorgeous Lee Min Ho starring in the show. So, how could any girl in the right mind eye not watch this show you tell me?!

Now that I'm all done watching the show. I need to find new shows to watch or .. maybe NOT! B'cos it's Week 4 already and I'm having presentation on Week 6. So, I need to get into the real shit. No more distraction, no more procrastination! *roll eyes* Talk is cheap, Maya!

Ditched school on Friday for movie and shopping and Swesen's ice-cream with the Mother (Y) Such a good day though I only bought one goodies from F21 but I've had a happy tummy that day, hehe <;

Didn't get to celebrate the 40th Monthsary with the bf alone yesterday since it was his sister's engagement and we spend our 40th with tons of people in the house. Such gorgeous sister you got there baby, hehe. ^^ *I know what you're going to reply me!* Anyway, Toy Story 3 in 3D date next week ? ♥

Saturday, June 19, 2010

40 Months Old

My Sugar Rush, My Cocaine Bliss, My Illegal High, My Perfect Kiss.
You're an addiction I always fail to resist! Hairrrpee 40th Monthsary

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Naked Eye

I like how we always make silly 'quarrels' on taking the right side b'cos they are our strong angels when taking photos and how we would complain about our hair and eyes and whatnot that turns out ugly after the snapshot and the cycle repeats all over again.
Too lazy to photoshop and edit photos. Ugly eyebag = Ugly me ):

She came down all the way to NYP to have lunch with me on Tuesday. Hehe, and I made her walk around the school and we finally settled down at the 'garden'. Though it was only a while and there weren't much story to share but still it was all a good catch up session. Flea date soon okay babe? (:

Anyhoos, it's been almost 2 weeks since FYP start and I'm still adapting to the changes. Truth be told, I still prefer IAP life and the environment there. But oh well, life doesn't always go the way you want them to be right? Staying in the lab and not going missing every now and then since my 'senior' advice me not to follow his footstep lest i want a C+ grade for my FYP and FYP for these 2 weeks is all about watching shows and more shows or maybe a lil games and sleeping. And that's the fun part about it. But the not-so-fun part is I've yet to start on any shits for my project. Maybe a teeny weeny bit but still ... argh, I'm in need of motivation! Help, anyone who is pro in animation & networking? :/

Monday, June 7, 2010

I want one fish meal please!

Helix Bridge was booooring! Well what do you expect Maya how fun can a bridge be?! -.- But the journey there was pretty funny and irritating at the same time since Hfz 'entertained' me with the "I want one fish meal" (inside) joke. He could go on and on (like forever!) repeating the same line over and over again. Crazy boy!

Retail Therapy was uber fun. To be continued this coming weekend. Hehehe, I can't freaking w8! & Retail therapy for the hair end of this month, hopefully. It's getting out of control, at times I can't be bothered about it. Oh well ...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Awesome is Handsome

Once upon a time, a girl snap a picture of her boyfriend and then ...

Boy: Let me see the photo. I handsome not?
*Girl hand over the camera to the guy to let him see*
Boy: Eh baby, if you marry me you will be damn lucky.
Girl: 0.O
Boy: Cos I handsome.
Girl: -______________________-

Now, I think you can guess who that boy and girl is. The skin damn thick I don't know where he got the genes from. But, I still fucking more than love him