Thursday, July 29, 2010


I like the way the bf and I tease each other but it's never too much. Like that Monday as I was singing to the bf some songs while queuing up to get his StarCraft 2 (we w8-ed for 4 hrs fyi -.-) he told me that I'm tone deaf and no wonder I like the JoBros ): How could he right?! D; But, he got COMBO'ED by me in the end!

H: Oh no wonder you like Jonas Brothers luh cos you think their singing nice cos you tone deaf.
M: OIIIII! Like you sing v superb like that!
H: Superb uh superb till you set my song as your alarm ringtone every morning.
M: Cos y'knw morning alarm need to choose the songs that is not pleasing to the ears so you could wake up easily! That's why I choose your songs luh!


Then, there was also another incident. This time weren't with the bf. It was with the girlies after a long day of Picnic. Cabbed to Vivo. And this taxi driver gave us lots of not-so-nice abbreviation for the Government and Universities.

Uncle: So you girls still studying? Uni?
We: No, still in Poly.
Uncle: Oh I tell you all uh SG Uni not that good want go Uni go overseas better *blahblahblah he talk like choochoo train*
We: O.O
Uncle: *start giving all those not-so-nice abbreviation about SG Uni*
Me: Then Uncle you from which University?
Uncle: *pause* Oh I nvr go University uh.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!

Picnic. Food. Kite-Flying. Blowing + Popping Bubbles. Freesbie. Photos. NDP Helicopter + Aircraft + Fireworks.

And, the night was complete when someone came down to find me @ Barrage. It was other then

Fyi, if you notice and are wondering why there seems to be an extra hand there actually he just went to a surgery last month. The reason? So that he could hug me b8r! Aww, I knw right! Ain't he sweet?
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA KAY CRAPZXZ! MY PS DAMN NOOB, I KNOW! :P The reason why I'm so lazy to PS my eyebags b'coz the last time I did my bf laughed at me ):

Anyway, yesterday was a happy day even though there's only 4. I love you girls! 7 Years and still counting!

Monday, July 19, 2010

5 steps to surprise your bf!

19 July = The day where I managed to surprise Hfz SUCCESSFULLY! :D I will update this space again tmr (:

/Edited. @ Tuesday, 5:30PM
Holla, so yesterday I went down to Sim Lim Tower to give my bf a surprise since it was our 41st yesterday and y'knw surprises sure do add sugar, spice and everything nice to the relationship. Who says only boys must give girls surprises? Girls can too! So, here's some (nonsense) tips on how to surprise your bf (which I did yesterday, lol!)

Step 1: If you are having the most dreadful FYP during that day and you always log in to all those social networking site like Facebook/Twitter/MSN (especially!), you need to bluff to your bf by texting him this: "Wah sucks sia skool! They block all the networking site!! Now msn all can't go, argh! Say what got a lot of complains luh we do other thing nvr do project." And not only that but you must login to Twitter and tweet this "Skool sucks. NYP sucks." He will confirm believe you one lest he's a psychic or something then too bad for you ;P

Step 2: Know what time he always go for his lunch and who he's lunching with on that day. In my case, I do not have to worry on the latter part coz my dear bf is so independent he's been lunching alone.

Step 3: This one damn important! MUST know how to go to your bf's workplace. In my case, the previous time I wanted to surprise him he ring me up while I was in the bus and I couldn't take it anymore so I complained to him that I am lost and idk where to alight to get to his workplace. So yes, surprise was EPIC FAIL that time ):

Step 4: W8 below his workplace. Best if you wait in front of the lobby lift. Meanwhile, you might want to text your bf this "You going lunch ard what time 2day? You text me when you going off already ok? Then I call you we chitchat" Well, it depends actually coz suddenly texting this to your bf might gain suspicious if you guys didn't give each other a call during lunch hour. But for my case, we everyday die die must call each other during lunch hour + journey back home. So yes, back to the texting part. This is to prepare yourself to get ready for his arrival. Y'knw you might want to buy the pop-up mini fireworks thingy to welcome him. No, I didn't do that of coz -.- Just a suggestion, heh (:

Step 5: If your bf isn't the type that will obey your instructions; "Text me when you're leaving your office", and when he left he didn't text you and you happen to go to the ladies and when you come back again to the lobby he already went to have his meal then I could only say this to you: EPIC FAIL, TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME! But as for me, I was lucky! The moment I was outta of the ladies and walking to the lift lobby, TADAA.. here comes my bf with his shocked but not so shocked face! And if your bf tell you that you are a great liar. Tell him that it was all a white lie, a white lie to make his heart jump for joy coz like finally he's going to have some companion for lunch! Hehehehehe

So yes, that sums up Maya's Guide To Life Episode 1: 5 Steps to surprise your Boyfriend! :D

It's so mushy (entry post) , I'm gonna die!

Hahaha why like butch?! Aww you pwettyboy_91!

It's 19th July 2day. Do you know what that means?

Just last week, I was godamn bored doing FYP and decided to log in to Friendster. Yes, that ol' skool social networking site where you leave testimonials at your new friends page telling him/her "Hi, thks for accepting. I would love to know you b8r. Your hair is cool and so are you. " or somewhere along that line. And guess what?! My bf's testimonials pages are full of testis from different girls. Woah, He was really that popular and I have no idea how the hell I manage to tahan all those. But, I'm glad that despite all that 'heaven treatment' he got from girls I still am the one that is standing beside him, till now, for 41 months (and still counting)

At times (not so close) friends, they will asked me "Didn't you and Hfz quarrel b4?" Well, well could anyone please tell me which couple didn't quarrel b4?! We used to quarrel every single month, no kid! But now, we hardly do. Maybe b'coz we've grown mature. And talking abt quarreling, I like how at times Hfz always tell me this "Eh, we long time nvr quarrel seh. Want quarrel now?" Hehehe. I should take back the "We've grown mature" part. It applies only to me. Ok nay, just joking.

But no matter how mature or old we've become, we're still a kid at heart! Just yesterday, we went to watch Despicable Me @ Iluma! But b4 tt, Hfz bought KOI for me. It taste like normal BBT drink, nothing special though :/ but what's special is: Agnes from Despicable Me. I know everyone has say this b4 but I'm still going to say it. She's so adorable, my God! Hi Hfz, please download the movie for me and keep it so when I'm pregnant in future all I had to do is watch Agnes 24/7 so our baby would turn out as cute as her alright? ^-^ But in terms of storyline, it was just o-gay, kind of predictable. & of coz, nothing could beat TOY STORY 3! (:

Last night when you told me you love me, I just remain silence. Coz I really am thinking of other special words to reply "I love you, too" Hehehehe, yes! I literally told Hfz that words in bold when he asked me "Why nvr reply me back?!" Lol! Lol! And then there was another one;

M: Eh baby, I got 2 words to tell you.
H: Yes?
M: I love You.
H: But that's 3!
M: You & I belong to 1.

Hahahahhaha! Sweet a not I?! Kay luh I admit this one I learn from Tumblr ;P Tumblr taught me alot of good stuffs, like seriously! (Y) I shall end this post here b4 y'all develop more goosebumps! Hairrpee 41st Monthsary once again Hfz. I love you. Are you going to reply "I love you, too" or are you going to keep quiet and then tell me "
I really am thinking of other special words to reply .." I bet it will be the latter coz we always influence each other, hehe

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hi, that's me after presentation webcamming with my bf. Look at my ANGRY face. Very FIERCE right?!(LOL, okay no actually!) I am angry b'coz this KPO kia lecturer isn't suppose to access me but Idk why he anyhow go inside the room and sit there like orang tak jemput datang rumah for Hari Raya then anyhow come inside eat kuih -.- & so, b4 I even started presenting he already asked me "So, what version of Routing Protocol (RIP) are you doing?" & I was like "WTH, WHAT VERSION?! HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW?! MY SUP DIDN'T TELL ME ): " Ok, that aside after presenting another accessor ask me questions after questions until one time he asked me something and this KPO Kia anyhow chap inside and says " Your presentation is v. good you know but not your animation whole project. There's no storyline and if I were to play this thing at the end of the day I would learn nothing on RIP Protocol and basically this game somehow sucks." *in my heart* you know what sucks? Your FACE !

Haha such crappy post but I just want to waste time till 6PM. Time passes so sloww 2day ): Ok bye.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Damn you, FYP!

If I have one wish right now, I hope to be able to complete my FYP with just one touch!
And seriously to the fella that I'm re-editing her project, you're making my life godamn miserable now. Thanks, a whole lot!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Skool

You see, I was browsing through my Picasa Album & I chance upon this old skool photos. Some are too funny I can't stop laughing at myself. My God. Idk why Hfz would fall in luv with me, tsk. Ok I know; Love is Blind, right? Ho hey, I shall privatized this post I don't want to throw my face away, hahahaha! You know you are special if I gave you the code to access this entry. So why not try your luck and ask me for the code? ^^

Monday, July 5, 2010

Talking Toys

Life's been good (putting FYP aside). And no, I'm not going to start complaining about how stressed up I am bcoz of FYP. This is going to be a happy post, I promise (:

The last weekend was pretty fucked up though :/ And, we didn't managed to visit Marina Bay Sands as planned );I rejected N's offer to attending the NDP Preview too. Yes, I rejected her offer! Shot me in the head already. I heard the goodie bag look pretty ): *Ok stop! Note to self: This is going to be a happy post!* But nay, at least a day out with Hfz make me a happy girl, teehee! Caught Toy Story 3 and it was worth Hfz's 20$ even though our seats was right in front! My favourite part would be the Dinosawr going "Help! It's not working" Helluva hilarious! (Y)

Breeks was a disappointment ): Food there was average but the Nutella Milkshake was ze bomb! We had to RUSHHHH eating and drinking the food in order not to missed the first part of Toy Story 3.

_|_ Face | And I just have to take out the camera & snapped this. I still can't get over the *GAME OVER* part. Ahh, such hotness!
I hope July won't be a bitch just like June is. Things to look 4ward to in July:
  • Flea, Flea & more Fleas!
    Speaking of which, I just went to Titan VI last weekend and it was way b8r than Titan II b'coz at least I didn't sweat like a pig and the space was pretty wide and not cramped up. So it was all good and good catching up with the girlies too! (:
  • Picnic outings with the girlies @ Barrage. Ah, I so can't w8 for this! Imagine all those good food and snacks all those jokes and laughters and camwhoring session. Now, dear Time, please put on your flying cap and fly till 24th/25th July! I want to meet em all and hopefully all would turn up though :/
Oh and guess what? I'm on MC for 2 days thks to my awesome bf for passing the virus to me.