Friday, December 31, 2010

Spending my NYE on the bed with a bad stomach cramp caused by idfk what )':
Proper updates pretty soon!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Hfz,

Happy 3 years and 10 monthsary.
I am going to miss you very much even though I will only be away for 5 days )':
Please take good care of yourself and do not eat too much ice-cream.
I love you so very much

Monday, December 13, 2010

#07. Your first kiss

@ Buangkok. Sweet. Innocent. Awkward. Heart racing. Butterflies fluttering in the tummy. Red hot burning cheeks.
Mixed feelings, but I knew it all equates to the L word

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rapunzel with my girls ♥

I know my bangs make me look like a freak. But hey, not everyone have gorgeous hair like Rapunzel do okay? ):
Anyway, Rapunzel was such a beauty and so were my girls. I luv catching-up session with them ♥

B'coz of these crazy bunch of people

I am glad I am in the ITSM Specialization despite h8-ing the modules taught, xx

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Semester 2, Term 1 is coming to an end

I am so relieved now that I am done with Interview presentation for Comm skills though I think I fucked it up ): I hope my overall grade would still be a B+. Comm Skills is like my favourite modules compared to the rest of those alienic module and I want to ace it with a pretty grade! Without knowing it, Term 1 is coming to an end. This week will be the last week of school but there is A LOT of projects, assignments not done and most of the deadline is due immediately when school resume during the next term. I foresee myself having a busy schedule during this 3 weeks of break. I don't know why but this semester passes really fast. This means that I am graduating from NYP pretty soon which I should be happy about, right? But somehow, I can't bare to leave that school. Oh boy. Told cha' I am fickle minded!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

#06: My first Love

Remember the 30-day quiz that I did halfway but stopped?
Now, I am going to make it alive again. Today is challenge no. 6; My first Love.

Yes, that picture above is my first love. Not Ah Meng, but that 16 year old QTπ beside it.
B4 he re-appeared in my life, I had all those silly crushes. I mistook all those crushes as... Love. And, I believe I am not the only silly one.

Way b4 I met him, I already like him. I know right. Like, wth Maya you haven't even see how he look like and you are already erm "falling for him"? Girls age 14-16 yo (I was back then) tend to see guy's appearance before they took a liking for him, yes? But Idk why for Hfz's case I didn't :/ I just like him. I just like the way he talked to me every single day and night. 19 Febuary then happened. Seriously speaking, I never thought we would last till now. B'coz back then there were SO MANY obstacles for us to conquer. And I am pretty glad we didn't gave up. Being my first love and being his first love, we taught each other everything you need to know about Love. From the holding hands to the date at marina bay sands (hahahaha! I was just trying to make the sentence rhyme) But yeah, you know what I mean.

Who would have thought, my first love when I was 16 is still my first love now that I am 19.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Missy Z

Amazing how after 7 years, she still know me very well. And, she is indeed one hardcore shopper and a fail manicurist ♥