Saturday, December 31, 2011

8. your resolution

here's my list of new year resolutions which i probably will never keep to.

1. be a more understanding girlfriend
2. speak more malay with hfz
3. make an effort to exercise
4. spend lesser on unnecessary things and save more money
5. meet up with my friends often
6. start reading books back
7. do things that make me happy and ditch whatever that don't

Monday, December 26, 2011

so long holidays

after my last day at mica on the 21st nov, i've been enjoying every bit of my break. went for a few job interviews and one of it was with singapore workforce development agency. location was at raffles and it was a 9am interview so i was surrounded w/ many working adults on my way there. oh the pressure! well, interview timing got postpone like 45 minutes when i reached. in my head "goddammit, i just want to get over it fast!" so i had my breakfast before heading up again. there, the HR lady escorted me to the meeting room and we had short convo on our way up.

me: how many interviewer(s) will there be?
her: there will be 4 (director, assistant director, principal, assistant principal)
me: give the *WTF face*. uh omg, okay :S
her: don't worry, they don't eat human

so i patiently waited at the room and omfg some nice view of the singapore river outside and then 3 interviewers (an old lady, a preggy lady and a friendly looking man) came. interview went pretty well though i really don't favor the preggy lady's questions (like drilling me wtf) :/ but yesssssssss a day later, i received good news from them!

27th dec, i'll have to bid goodbye to my break *groans* (been enjoying every single bit of it and i'm glad hfz's enlistment date got deferred) and be a healthcare, retail and business division executive #chimalogy well, i hope the workload will be manageable and not that hard for me to comprehend or anything (i think i'm a bit stupid la can since it's been long since i went to school tsk!) and oh yes, most importantly! i really hope people there are really nice and i really hope there's someone in their early twenties that can click w/ me very well. i really hate making small and awkward convo w/ new people. it's like putting me in hell. le sigh :(

tomorrow is finally the day.... wish me the best of luck?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

golfers in the making

hfz and i became very competitive on the 22nd december all thanks to the game of golf.

i was initially in my headband but my hair was getting in the way as i was playing so i bun it all up. hair in the way = cannot aim properly = i will lose! #competitive

it was our first time holding a golf putter and a gold ball. initially we were feeling quite meh about this whole golf thing on our way there. but after 45 minutes of insane bus ride (freaking h8 unstable rides!), we finally reached lilliputt and saw how awesome the place was. very cute and cool miniature.

after short briefing from the staff on how the game works, it's finally time to LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

in total there are 18 hole; 18 different landmarks in singapore.
station #1: changi airport

pink ball + pink socks

bunny bunny tiny bun! oh hair, will you grow longer already? 

station #3: turf club
station #5: MRT

station # 6: fountain of wealth, 7th stop: bird park
we completed round 1 (station #1 - #9) and took a break *wipes sweat*
background: mr. buddha (station #12: haw par villa)

unfair how he always have such nice photo.
me: ok my turn!
hfz: you also want?
me: let me think of nice pose
hfz: golf where got fashionable pose one?
*cricket sound* *sat at another location*
me: ok faster help me take nice one now
*photo turn out blur*

continue playing 2nd round. FIGHT!

station #10: zoo / hfz was being such an ass when i was at it. he purposely put his putter at the sensor and a monkey came out. #cheaterbug nearly had a heart attack :( but being a pro me, i kick his ass for this station #competitive

station #14: padang

station #18: sentosa / dislike this station the most. i any-o-how play b'coz i thought i will win the game even if i had score a 9 (well, hfz tell me one. maybe that is one of his tactic #competitive). i did won second round by 1 point though #proudmoment
do not judge us. it's our first time trying so i guess it's not bad? quite happy and satisfied w/ my score though i did not win overall (hmph) but hey at least i did improve by 20 points! #proudmoment

we stayed at lilliput for an hour and a half. could have stayed and played another round but hfz had to do big business so we played only one round. and that two picture above is me, my messy hair, after a game of golf, w/ v nice toilet lightning ;)

if you've been wanting to act atas and want to try playing golf like those rich people do, here's the first step. even if you don't wish to act atas, add lilliputt to your to-do-activities list and grab your friends along ;) word of advice: come early so you can stay longer and play many rounds (worth the $ you pay for!) also,  play many rounds = improve your skills = higher chance of winning #competitive i'm definitely going to visit lilliputt again and brush up on my skills and kick all those richfucks' asses in the game of golf mwahahahhaa #bigdreams

ps: i think i need to stop using #hashtags in my entry. this is not twitter maya!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

instagram @skinnytoast

1. a day behind my favourite brick wall and i got my new muse (read: rounded sunnies

2. left: chanel foundation and lipstick. right: what's in my clutch items

3. OOTD shots

4. from mom's vintage wardrobe

5. dress down day

6. secret recipe's oreo cheesecake

7. nandos chickies


9. hfz to me: "you're an asshole when it comes to food."

10. rainy town

11. ticket to see AJ

12. sunset view from vivocity sky garden (where hfz and i had our own failed manicure session)

13. the day i was feeling extra vain at home

14. genie necklace

15. maybelline iphone cover

16. haji lane w/ myra on a rainy sunday
17. orgasmic melt-in-the-mouth chocolate galore from m√ľnchen. thanks to hfz's sissy

/instagram = combo. of twitter + tumblr. you're missing a lot if you are not on instagram. whatchu waiting for? hurry sign up follow me @ skinnytoast ;)

7. 5 1 people who you got really close to

days in mica would be real mundane w/o this girl. she's one of the few people that i could click really well with even though we only got to know each other. when i say click really well, i meant talking about anything w/o fearing that she would judge me. it's a pity that we're in different department but hey that doesn't stop us from sneaking out of our desk and hanging out at the staff lounge for our (almost 2 hour long) tea break.

if god willing i really hope there's a vacancy somewhere at my new jobplace so i could drag her w/ me ;) oh and not to forget, she wrote me a farewell letter. i love handmade letters. so if you want to get into my good book, you know what to do ;)