Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 2 decades old

1 Universe, 9 Planets, 204 Countries , 809 Islands, 7 Seas , and I had the privilege to meet you.

There is nobody who could love me like you do and I thank God for your existence.
I love you, big time babe. Happy 20th birthday

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Despite the long tiring day in school, being able to end the day having a nice dinner, talking to you and seeing your face I still feel like I'm living a blissful life. Happy 47th, love. 

A month to go till we hit the number 4!
Can anybody give us suggestions on what to do that day? :/

Monday, January 17, 2011

At first glance, he looks like Freddie. Upon second glance, he still looks like Freddie.
But after the third time, he looks a lil bit like him.
Still, awesome song it's on repeat since just now ♥

Sunday, January 16, 2011

In my world, Whitehouse is in Douby Ghaut

I suddenly burst out laughing when I remembered something that happen on Friday while playing Taboo with the poly mates @ Yishun Safra. Well, our plan to the Safra wasn't to play Taboo! of course but to bowl but somehow there were too many people and we had to wait for 3 hours so we gave it a miss. The next plan we had in mind was Kbox and we had to wait 1 hour for it to open. So while waiting, we slack around till someone (I forget who) took out Taboo! from her bag
Ok, back to main point as to why I burst out laughing is because:

Qayuum (I think): Where is the President White house located at?
Khaf: USA
Me: *with confident* Douby Ghaut!

And then, everyone burst into laughters.

STOPPPPP! Don't judge me now. It's just a moment of folly. I am still smart, alright because before the moment of folly happen:

Likuan: Very important place. Got guard all ....
Me: President house!
Likuan: Ok what is it call?
Me: Istana

See! I am smart afterall.

In the end neither is there bowling nor Kbox just us and Taboo! beside the pool @ Yishun Safra. Turns out to be quite fun too (:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh, it's a Unicorn!

Our Saturday date this weekend was to the Singapore Zoological Garden. Thanks (again!) to Sera's boyfriend for giving us the free tix. Waking up as early as 8:30AM for a Saturday was suckish. But, for all those qtπ animals I shall sacrifice my beauty sleep. And it was indeed worth sacrificing.
Fyi, I wasn't posing with my phone. I was calling Missy S to fetch us at the entrance. Finally after finish snapping photos at the entrance, she picked up my calls. She must be busy chatting with her long lost cousins there. Oh and look at the family poses' at the background in H's photo = fcuking epic!
The first animal I spotted was this *look below*
H: What the! What animal is that?!
H: *laugh* Unicorn doesn't exist you bimbo!

If that isn't unicorn, can someone enlightened me and tell me what animal is it? It lives together with the Rhinos!

Are those deers? :/ Mmm, I don't think so. But anyway, they seem to be having a feast! A chicken feast, maybe!

I love the Zebra pretty black and white strips.So damn pretty and of course photo below did no justice to how pretty it is. You have to be there to witness it for yourself. And also, when you look at it closer, it look like someone painted black and white paint onto their body. 

It was 'love at first sight' when I saw this male cheetah. As I was walking forward to have a better view of all the cheetahs, he came running towards the glass panel or rather towards moi! He look so cool and handsome and macho. Ah, such a charmer he is!

Then, some cheetah bitch had to ruin the picture. She came lying below him and begin err... sucking his balls. Yeah ): I think she is Mr. Macho girlfriend since after all those lying down they begin licking each other body to clear off the sand. It was actually a sweet sight, you know (': I capture a picture of it but it turned out pretty blur. So mehhhh

Oh look at the lucky Lion King. It have his wife and mistress living together with him. He is sleeping must be tired after two rounds of ... ehem ehem ehem ehh ... hunting for food! (Hahahha. Whoops, they are in the Zoo! Hunt food for what uh? :P)

The tallies, Giraffe! Didn't concentrate much on them ...

because a group of monkeys caught our attention. They seem to be arguing about something. Must be Brother A steals Brother B boyfriend's and Brother C's bananas.
Photos below shows only two monkeys. Didn't know where the others went to. Oh and we saw an adult monkey piggybacking the smaller ones. Ah, such a cute sight (':

Missy Horse: Hah! You wish you have pretty eyes like me right?!
And someone confidently told me the difference between the horse and the pony. But he got it wrong hahaha sucker! But, I embarrassed myself once again ):

H: This one then pony luh. Pony small small one.
M: But the pony will grow up to be a horse right?
H: -_____-

Well! How would I know?!! I am not a fan of animals okay!

Look at the black pimp goat! So many bitches living with him. Lucky goat I say

Do you remember these old school games? I remember playing that bored games (hidden at the far end) I forgot its name though :/ Oh and the plastic ball used to sell at the primary school bookstore for 1$! Good times, good times

Oh look it is Rihanna's boyfriend shooting for Umbrella's music video! We bought that umbrella there for a freaking 12$.

After buying and leaving the store..
H: *walk in front w/o opening the umbrella
M: Oi! Open the umbrella la
H: Oh not buy for my accessories uh?

Apparently, he claims that he like the stick umbrella because he can use it as a walking stick (Read: his accessories) Someone please tell me why this boy is so err... CUTE!

Had our brunch @ KFC and Ben&Jerry thereafter.
Fatties in progress

Headed to watch the first show of the day: Rainforest fights back
Here, you will get to see the orang utans, lemurs, otters, pea fowls in action! Such adorable and talented creature (:

"What cha say?!"

The second show was: Elephants at work and play.
I like this the best.

I like it when they shake and nod their head. They look adorably cute despite their sizes, hehehe ;p

And, the camera died on us ): Always happen! But fret not, there's Apple (Read: iPhone) to the rescue.

Compare the two pictures (top and bottom), top picture looks nicer than the bottom because of the photographer. This shows what? This shows I take better pictures than Hfz!

"Hi white tiger, before you eat me I better eat you first!"

"Rawr. You've been a naughty boy. I shall eat you up no matter what"

And then, after taking that shot below here's what Hfz says to me;
"Wow. I feel special. Don't you think so?" *roll eye* Hahahhahaha crazy_boy19@hot

Cutie Otters!

I think they are well-trained models. Look at how they pose for the camera with me. Animals these days... so talented!

Didn't know why these penguins gathered to one side :/

When you know the crocodile are about to attack you, you either give up and just offer your head to him or ...

... you say "Cheeeeese" and smile (:

The third show was: Splash Safari featuring Missy. Papyrus Seal.
Reason why I called it a Miss rather than a Mr. because I think it has a nice figure!
Overall, among the three shows I like the elephant one the best! So, if you visit the zoo the next time, do watch the Elephant show !

Pretty sad because we didn't get to see the Polar Bear and Panda! Their home was renovated and I can't help (until now) wondering where they are while their homes are being renovated ): But it's alright, I can come back again on 2012 when they are back in action.

Oh wait I'm not done yet. Let me display the sweetest photo of that day:

Long lost mother and son. How sweet! (':
Check out his photo with her when he was 16 below.

(Picture above): 19 turning 20 y/o
(Picture below): 16 y/o boy
Spot the difference! He look so damn cute with short hair Now I miss seeing him with short hair!

Not much photos were taken that day because Hfz new 'rule': Don't take a lot of photos until you forget to enjoy yourself!

You want to see more photo of the animal? Go and pay 20$ and see them live.
But, if you want to see more photo of us (hehehehe) then come back again to this site soon, ciao!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's psychologically proven that if you're very attracted to your partner, you'll quickly pick up their speech habits.

Cheesus crust. No wonder.
This further proves that we are attracted to each other , xx

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello Stranger

A love story about two strangers who know nothing about each other and fall in love.

He is a football fanatic, videogame nerd, social butterfly, comic lover, tired of love stories and a cynic of love while she is Korean soap opera fan, beef lover, devout radio station listener, avid book reader, and homebody.

Together, they are perfect strangers who will travel, eat, share a room, and talk about anything and everything including each others top secrets.

Higlight(s): Korea. Funny and romantic love story
Lowlight: Ending that left me hanging in the air, I fucking h8 these kind of ending
Rating: 4 out of 5.

Maya: I think they make second cutest couple.
Hfz: And who is the first?

Maya: US!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kimchi in Korea

Finally I have the time in the world for some updates on Korea. After coming back from Korea, I spend those lazy days in bed catching up on sleep. Yes, I slept my Christmas Day away. You have no idea how exhausted I was. I will tell you why l8r. Apart from sleeping my life away, I went on a date with my warrior after more than a week of not meeting. It was all good. The same ol' tale: teasing each other like there is no tomorrow. Can never get enough of these. Since he knew I was having the Korea fever, he brought me out for some good food to Seoul Garden. How thoughtful huh, haha ;p Happy times aside, I did went back to school for project meetings. Tons and tons of projects are on the waiting lists. Been working on it since and I hope to get rid of it pretty soon.

Alright, let's get down to some serious business and talk about the awesome Korea!
Korea was awesome. The temperature, the food, the shopping (especially!). Good looking Korea dudes and chicks? I didn't really take notice of them! :/ The temperature was fluctuating between 1 degrees to -5 degrees each day (if I'm not wrong) The last day was the worst. Up to -14 degress. Tell me about it, I was freee-errr-zing. The food was surprising good I must say. Quite to my liking. But for steamboat, we'd very very limited food choices thanks to the existence of Mr. Pork ): The shopping was fantabulous! Cheap thrills at those streets, iLove! But again, we had very very limited time for shopping ): Such bummer

Day 1, 20 December:
Flight delayed for 2 hours + 6 hours of painful-butt flight we finally reached Korea (@ 7PM Seoul's timing) Stepped out of Incheon airport and the outdoor was aircon cold. Our first stop was dinner at some restaurant. Mr. Fishy and Mr. Kimchi tastes pretty nice!
Right after filling our tummy, we headed to DongDaeMun for shopping. Don't really fancy the change of schedule for Day 1 (Thks to the flight delay!) Managed to get some cheapy stuff(s) there!
After all those cheap thrills and bargains, we decided to call off the day.

Day 2, 21 December:
Breakfast was at some war museum. Had a 3 minute walk before reaching the canteen. There are so many huge airplanes, rockets and tanks display. Preparing for war against the North Korea I suppose? Hahaha (ok not funny!)

Kimchi school was up next on our to-go-list for 2nd day! We were taught how Kimchi were made and we had to mix (if that is the correct term used) chilli paste together with the cabbage and fold it nicely. Of course, the outcome of my kimchi look extremely yucky with all the messy foldings!
Eh, but on second look (at the picture below) it look pretty decent right?! Hehee ^-^
Oh, oh we got to try on the Hanbok too! Ah I look shitteh (Don't laugh!) but that thing on my head is kinda heavy you know!
Duty Free Faceshop was next on the list. Dirt cheap. It was way way cheaper than Singapore. Singapore sells 3 masks for 10$ but Korea sells it at 1 masks for 1$. Yes, that's how cheap their cosmetic products are compared to Singapore's.
2nd day lunch menu was kebab! Yummehnomsnoms

Next stop was Samsung Electronic Exhibition Center. The place where we attacked those laptops for all our social networking sites!
Mini shopping across the street for errr 45 minutes *roll eyes* Manage to buy goodies in one and only shop @ Artbox! Wanted to buy more stuffs but ahhhhh, teacher were rushing us all! ):

I was complaining and whining in the bus about wanting more of Artbox while on the way to Cafe Street. Cafe Street is a street full of Cafe, like duh. And, it reminds me of Singapore's Haji Lane.
Dinner was *look at picture below* The noodle taste so good, I swear but I think the kimchi was yucksss
Tummy filled, it is now time to do some exercise in a super cold chilly and windy weather. Want to know what? We had to climb steps of steep slopes of Mt. Namsan in order to get to the Seoul Tower. It weren't tiring at all. Just that the weather was very overwhelming. The wind especially, I hated it so bad!
Before heading up to the top of the tower to look at Korea's breathtaking night scenery, we headed down to the Teddy Bear museum. Pretty boring though because I am not a fan of teddy bears.
Awww such a sweet photo right? We were at the 'love locks' place *see the background with so many locks* This is how it works; Lovebirds will lock their locks there and throw away the key to symbolize that their love will be locked forever. A pity I didn't have any lock with me at that time. A lock for me and Hfz! Not me and the girl in the picture above, duh! I'm still straight though I think we took way too many huggies photos hehehe ;P

Day 3, 22 December:
Breakfast was at the same place. Yes, the war museum.Weird why each time after our breakfast and we had to walk back to our coach and there are so many students at the place. Are they there to visit the museum or is that the place for morning assembly? Hmmm :/

After munching on toasted breads, it was a trip to Korea Polytechnic! The school was freaking empty as their students are all on vacation and they did not on the freaking heater. We were all shivering and the cold decided to attack my leg. Very painful (and tiring) to walk ): Sat at the lecture room and hear the principal or whoever that old dude is blabber about idfk what because I was dozing off, literally. After that was tour around the school seeing their labs (most of them look like secondary school's D&T lab. They even have a lab specially to make cars. Yes, real living cars) which I am not in the least bit interested.

3rd day lunch menu was this sex bomb chicken. Fuckin' awesome I tell you. One whole chicken all to myself and inside the chicken you will find rice. The rice was just mehhhh
After indulging in the juicy chicken, next on the plan list was Seoul Digital Media City @ U-Street Kannam. It's something like Science Center just that it's more high-tech and stuff.
Hanok Cultural Village was up next. Nothing much there just some tourist hotspot to take pretty photos. Coz I love the photos I took there the most.
I just realized my red gloves didn't match the whole outfit of the day.
Okay now the two girls will go "Hoi! You think you go there fashion parade uh? All must nice nice and match match -.-" :P

I ate a little for dinner on the third day because those juicy chicken kept me full and they serve dinner a pretty too early. Like 6PM Singapore timing? I usually had my dinner at around 8PM okay. No good food too during dinner only fried fish and some other weird things. Yes, fried fish again. They think we are cats, meow

Dinner done. Next, it was the things we girls do best. Yeap, you guess it right.
SHOPPING! :D @ Itaewon. Pretty happy with the buys I got there! Like VANS shoe for a mere 36 000 won bitchesssss! Oh yes one of the store owner wanted to give me 10 000 won for a leather glove but I didn't buy it. But after 10 minutes walk away from the store, I kind of regret! ): Oh well ~ Wasn't that satisfied with the amount of time given to shop so after heading back to the hotel room, eight of us sneak out for more shopping @ MyeongDong street. That place is Heaven!
Picture above is just the entrance. There are many many other shops. I think it is like ten times of Bugis Street (But more of a higher class one duh). A pity most of the boutiques are doing their closing already ): Like F21! Omfg was just about to enter that freaking shop when the guards puts the 'Exit' sign *whines like nobody's business* And, as the night got colder 3/8 of us girls decided to make our way back to the hotel room as we were drained out from the walking earlier in the afternoon. So, three girls happily (not! more like shivering) waited for the cab. And, this nice cab driver stopped for us and asked for our hotel destination. *He sounds pretty friendly fyi* I got in the cab first and just shut off because I was very very tired (Eh try losing blood; I was on period and having to walk about for one whole day from Singapore's timing 7AM) Uncle tells the other 2 girls about cab fare price and they were okay with it. (500meter = 4500 won/ ard $5 SGD) On the way there, one by one our hearts started tearing apart as we look at the meter running. You wouldn't want to know the total price. The most amount I've spend on cab fare in SG was 30$. It exceed way way way more than SGD30 mind you. Heart pain like f c u k. You want to know how much? Come and ask me personally. But after telling, you might have to hear me whine so bad about it! )': Night at the hotel ain't pretty at all either. It was helluva hard for me to shut my eyes but I was freaking tired. Insomnia? Or maybe because of the ache I felt that so much $ was gone on cab fare or due to the Starbucks I had earlier on or due to someone's snoring? :/ In the end, only managed to catch a wink for like one freaking hour. Pathetic much? ):

Day 4, 23 December:
Breakfast at the usual place and it was our last day having breakfast at the place because Day 5's breakfast is at other location. Ate fast and went outside to camwhore like no tomorrow with all those airplanes and stuffs. Last day what! :P
Lotte World was next !
Took two rides, one indoor and another outdoor (see picture below). It is so damn crowded there! Wanted to take the hot air balloon but there weren't enough time. I think we wasted too much time searching for missing people -.-
Lunch was sucks. Ate one and a half pathetic pancake because almost everywhere in Lotte World they had Mr. Porky. Nanta show falls right after. I was practically dead then. A pity! ): But it was damn awesome-oh! I want to watch it again next time with 101% energy. I barely had 1% energy that time thanks to that 1 pathetic hour of 'sleep' the night b4. Right after was dinner. Dinner was sucky too. Had very very limited stuff to eat for steamboat. Ate all that I can to regain energy for shopping later on! Yes, I can't afford to give shopping a miss . This time @ the other side of MyeongDong street. Their H&M there was BEST thanks to the SALES! Caught an eye on a guy's hoodie. Heart told me to buy for Hfz but my mind told me not too. In the end, the mind win! It's okay, there's always a next time right? Right! Day 4 was the most tiring of all. But guess who manage to survive the day with just one hour of 'sleep' + fucking painful frostbites on the fingers + losing A LOT of blood thanks to the Bitch (Read: Period) + walking everywhere and taking rides that make your stomach and heart goes haywire + surviving on just half a piece of pancake = The awesome Moi!
The night was the best night. Slept until the next morning yo! No flu, no nothing to wake me up in the middle (:

Day 5, 24 December:

Temperature check: -14 degrees. The coldest temperature for winter weather but it didn't snow. Such disappointment )': Breakfast was at a different location which I totally have forgotten where and what I've eaten for Day 5's breakfast. We were then taken to this street which sells so many pretty things and were instructed to walk together (Read: No sidetracking to buy those pretty things = No shopping just seeing!) Yes, FckOurLife! The weather were too cold that it is not advisable to stay outdoor so that's the reason why we just toured around the street. I saw so many stuff I kinda like there y'knw. Ah, a pity a pity! Instead of shopping there, we were brought to some indoor supermarket to shop instead. Better than nothing I guess :/ Spend the remaining moolas there. Lunch was steamboat which kinda suck and weren't to my liking. And after that was Incheon airport back to the sunny island.
All in all, one word to sum up this trip: Awesome!

More photos: @ my Facebook album
Some photos in these post were taken from Fazilah, Rahmah, Sera Facebook album