Monday, February 28, 2011

Who says Saturday is a day for lovers only?

What do you get when you put two girls who is having relationship problems with their own boyfriend and a boy who is missing his ex-gf and depress about his flat hair?

3-emo nemos loitering together. So, the plan was to go to the flea and having Ben&Jerry. Flashbang @ SG Flyer suck balls. Pretty much nothing there except there's this pretty girl (host of the event I think) who is damn friendly and we strongly suspect that she's a lesbian coz she is always seeing and talking to me instead of the only guy there.

Made our way down to Marina Square and you guess what we did there? Daytona at the arcade. Uh huh, we look like some deprive kids that need to have some fun and laughters badly. Just thinking about this make me mad. Y'knw when the time hit '0' I stopped stepping the accelerator and Missy S' car drove past me and then she turn out to be the winner. And then my hand auto slap her arm. If you were me, I'm sure you will do more than that, arghhhh! Aftermath, we walked to The Cathay for the awesome Ben&Jerry. As we were walking, we saw so many couples and ....

M: Sigh! It's a Saturday. Every Saturday would be our day you know.
S: Yeah. Mine too. Sigh
H: Oh no wonder today y'all can come out with me coz y'all fight with your bf/s.
S: Yeah la. If not we won't have time for you.
M: Yeah you are like our sidekick. You have to wait for us to fight with our bf/s then we can go out.

That convo was so funny. Might not be funny to you but it was funny to us! Anyway, it's our 2nd trip there together and we choose the same old place which is the one with the uber comfy sofa. Once you sit on it, I assure you wouldn't one to stand up.

What do you get when you put three full tummies together on a comfy sofa with a Canon camera?

A canon-whore moment!

We are such great actors I must say. We acted like we are in some phone advertisement and like we are happily talking to each other when we are just "yaaadeeyadddeee"-ing. And Missy S is so funny she can't decide if she want to do a 'calling' or 'texting' pose and Mr Lee is forever complaining about how flat his hair look like. Such funny friends I have. We look so happy at the photos and we are happy when we were camcanon-whoring (despite some of the sad songs that were played at B&J) So I can conclude that CAMWHORING KICKS THE EMO AWAY. That is if your company consist of fun people, like mine is! ♥

Friday, February 25, 2011


Class outing to Marina Barrage for some picnic which somehow turns out to be an epic fail due to the rain, boo to that!
Oh hey look, I fly the big kite like a boss!
But this tiny weeny kite wouldn't want to fly high. I wonder why ):
They say it's bought from China. Maybe that's why, hahaha :S
This big dude here, was trying to steal my 'boss' title in kite flying but then he discover that he sucks at it and ...
... he decide to stick back to blowing bubbles
There, he met his good friend Miss Rahmah. Check out their pose (;
Kite-flying became boring so I decide to try joining their bubble blowing club and I was turned down.
Just look at Miss Rahmah's unhappy face :S
Oh well, I shall let it go because I'm cool like that with my pacman ring ;D
And my god damn adorable Simpson iPhone cover.
After checking out my awesome cutest pacman and simpson stuff, they decide to take me into their club ...
... and we live happily ever after. Well, the Coke dude wants to be in the club. So, why not right? The more the merrier, they say!
She isn't from Team ITSM. But she's the organizer of the picnic's friend; Jessica is the name.
We could really click well. 3rd meet-up and we can talk like a couple of things and getting all hype up and excited about it and she jumping and hugging me, literally. How to not like her you tell me?
Missy S secretly tells me we are like long lost sister that gives her the same aura.Idk why but ok, you figure that out.
Happily flying kite together. Like they say; Make peace, not war!
It is Miss Rahmah and me 3rd time meeting Jess and we could all bond well All is good! (:
ITSM Girls' team. That lady in blue is Vanessa btw (; Well actually there's more girls but so sad some didn't turn up ):
Like this stupig woman right here! Missed out on picnic coz of family and dog issue )': But you know what?!
She make awesome kick-ass jelly! (But I think the jelly anyone can do, hahaha :x)
Seeing that the rain gets heavier, we proceed to our backup plan: Bowling!
Top sorcerer was that Coke dude you saw earlier on the post. I don't know how he do it but it's only his 2nd time bowl.
I forgot about the rest of the position but all I know is Me+Sera beats Rahmah+Vannesa coz Missy S manage to strike a STRIKE with that slow and steady ball of hers. *HI-5* + *show them death signal* Hehehehe!
Aftermath, it was movie time. Every Adam Sandler movie never fails to disappoint me. Just go with it was such a funny and cute show. I'd rate it a full 5 popcorns. Dinner/Supper @ B.K and a table with Jess together with Missy S' long lost classmate and surprisingly there weren't any awkward moment. Or was there?

Saturday, February 19, 2011


That girl in pink dress still wants to be the boy (in purple holding a toy aeroplane)'s princess when she grow up.
Happy anniversary Haafiz Sy . Thank you for 4 years of love (and still counting) ♥

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi, I have just recovered from food poisoning. It's the worst sickness ever. Made me vomit 4 times in a row and it made me hated food so bad (Read: When I think about food, I feel like vomiting) But hey, the sun is up now! I'm feeling so good, so much better and I'm starting to regain my dinosaur appetite back, hehe.

Anyway, common test and exams is just around the corner. Revision been pretty bad. Too much distraction from everywhere and adding to that is me being sick but anyhoos, I have to study no matter what right? ): Such a stinky poopiepoo ):

Common Tests:


Thursday, February 3, 2011


2 common test papers + 3 exam papers = next week and the following week.
Plus, the amount of topics that need to study for each module isn't helping at all. I am officially doomed. God bless

Oh, and happy Chinese new year xx

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crime Investigator @ 20

Nothing beats spending quality time with you.
Even eating tau huay in the car on a rainy night is enjoyable.