Sunday, April 24, 2011

French fries + F21 + Mad Jack = Good Friday

Good friday was spend adventuring to the west to get my F21 and Men21 goodies. Car-less and had to take the train there. Lucky the boyfriend if not he had to make a loooooong drive.
I was one true happy girl that day! Now, whoever says $ can't buy happiness? 
They obviously don't know the existence of
See! Even my bf is happy getting his new shades and coat (not in picture)
Spotted this small restaurant (Jurong Point's Durian Mpire) that caught my eyes which sell all durian foods (I'm a sucker for durians fyi!) and ...
Me: Omg, all durians. You want to try? I buy for you! (Since he told me he never try durian before and that he actually hated it!)
Hfz: Ahhh ok luh can today we anyhow eat today.
So went in and I ordered the pudding and puffs. I'd rate them okay as I've tasted even tastier durian puffs and puddings elsewhere. but hfz is worst. his verdict on durian: "worst food i've ever tasted. not going to eat it ever" and so, end up I've to finish them all! So much for his "anyhow eat" day and his "I want to eat the pudding!"

But well, despite him being a durian noobster, he's such a sweetie. Want to know why?
Fried fries and nuggets for him as a surprise before I left home. The moment he want to eat it, it turned all cold. But he being a sweetie, he tried his best finishing them up not wanting to disappoint me. Such a joy being able to cook for your loved ones you know (': He told me he'll make me French toast one day. Mmhmm, well we shall see when that day will come!

After getting sick of roaming at Jurong Point, we trained to Nex for Mad Jack.
#toeatplaces: Mad Jack @ NEX

It's unfair how I got this plate and my steak is smaller than Hfz's ):
while he has the bigger steak and a 'pick-up-line plate' ): I think that dwarf girl that served us secretly have a crush on him!

Totally kidding about the crush part. But, they really did serve my bf the prettier plate and the bigger steak! I love their plates though. Mad Jack is both creative and bias for liking my bf more. That's roughly how my Good Friday went. It was indeed a good Friday. (:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Girls like things that glitters

*some tv news showing robbert pattison*
Hfz: Eh, robbert pattison!
Maya: I don't understand why girls love him. He's ugly.
Hfz: Hmm, maybe because he's a vampire
Maya: Oh, I think because he glitters!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Reunion on Nabilah's 20th Birthday

Look at how grown up the girls is now (': The next thing I know, the next reunion would be when we have all children of our own. Omg, can you imagine? Gathering at one of the girl's home with our kids playing together. Awww, that would be such an adorable sight. Anyway, the plan to surprise the birthday girl with a cake right at her doorstep that rainy Saturday afternoon went pretty well (though Missy Z kinda ruined the surprise and it weren't that surprising to the birthday girl!) but I could see tears forming from her eyes when we were outside her room. I'm sure deep down she's feeling every happy having to see the three girls which she haven't seen for a narnia period of time. And seeing all the happy smiles on their faces the other day made me feel very satisfied. I don't mind ending up being the one that is always the planner of the outings, really! 

Happy birthday once again dearest! I promise you this
Holla, first of all I'm sorry our overseas trip this time didn't work out due to works. But, I promise we will go some other day thus this voucher. With this voucher, I couldn't say no to you! And also, since you will be starting work soon this means that we will have discount whenever we want to travel right? Awesome! Hehehe <; I'm pretty excited for you for your work. A pity I couldn't join you there ): Let's work our asses and earn lots and lots of moola so we could travel around the world. Our shop in Rome is waiting for us too, remember? ♥

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You want to be on top?

Photoshoot last weekend. Was expecting more though but the weather was just... blah :/ & that lazy boy do not want to bring me to the museum even though he said he would the previous day, ): !
He seriously NEED a haircut soon. And you know what he would tell me when I asked him to get a haircut coz his hair is too long? "Hush. Your hair is longer okay?" And after a few hours he would asked me "Hmm, how should I cut my hair uh?" *roll eyes* Yes, that's my bf for you. Forever behaving like a mak nenek. Oh btw, I so luv the 3rd picture. In case you don't know (I think no one knows yet only H) I have this weird fetish for ... hand veins!

November have been treating me well so far (minus the amount of workload in school) I've finally received Nuffnang cheque yesterday. One thing I dislike about Nuffnang is that it will take months for the buckaroos to come to me. Moi shall not complain since they are giving me FREE $ w/o me having to do anything :P And just the day before yesterday, I've gotten my red TOMS. So you see, November is really treating me good. And, I hope it will stay this way till the end of the year. I want to have a good 2010 ending (:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Story of my hair

And so after work on the 5th April, I made my way to the saloon and have my hair snipped. Wanted to cut it shorter actually but my new hair have grown and now the top part of my hair have curled. ): So, the hairdresser suggested not to cut it that short. Bummer. But, I'm going to have it straighten at the end of this month and I'm going to try to avoid layering my hair from now on cause I want really really thick hair!

Let's take a look at my 'hair journey'!

So the last time when I had my hair 'short' apart from primary school was on April 2009. And, this is not even short!
May 2009. Eewh, this is my very very very naked face

June 2009
July 2009
August 2009

October 2009. Rebonded my hair and decide to have bangs. Yes, it takes A LOT of courage for one to have bangs after rebonding ones' hair! The hairdresser didn't part the hair correctly so I went to another hairdresser and 'fix' it and it looks much better. I hated the hair in the picture. 
November 2009. And as it grew longer and thicker and my hair weren't as flat, it looks way better.
December 2009. Bangs started to grow to side fringe!
February 2010
March 2010. Started to get out of control already >:(
May 2010
June 2010. I kinda like my hair here. Looks so thick!
July 2010
August 2010

August/September 2010
October 2010. I like my hair here too, just rebonded it I think 
November 2010. And again, I had bangs!
December 2010. My hair looks so unhealthy right?! Blame it all on the weather in Korea
Early January 2010. When I attempted to curl my hair on my own which obviously fail cause it doesn't stay for long ):

Ending of January 2011. When the bangs grew and became side fringe.
February 2011.

March 2011.

April 2011. Hi, meet my new current hair. I like it very very very much because my head feel so light now and it's so much easier to wash and maintain and no more split ends and dry ends and I think I look younger, hehehehe <; 

I'm going to be in #teamshorthair for now. As you can see, I've been having long, straight hair and bangs so boring I'm kinda sick of it already. So, yay to new short hair! You like? (:

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Friday I'm in love

But after being greeted with a "Wow. You look pretty sia." *look and talks to me about something* "I can't concentrate coz you look too cute" (I snipsnap my hair short on Tuesday, 5th April) from Hfz, the heart magically calms itself down, hehehehehehehe. Thank you God for giving me a sweet boyfriend and a nice new haircut.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My all time favourite Neely

They say the more you look at someone, the more you will look like that person. Rumi Neely is too pretty to not look at.
I'm so going to look at her everyday now. Maybe, I should spam my photo albums with her faces. Yes, I will do just that. She's the perfect definition of gorgeous ♥

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hfz and I both agreed that our future kids must be this adorable if not ... we will throw away our kids.
Nay, just joking about the latter part. Our kids are so going to be adorable, right babe? ♥

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Each time we plan to go cycling, the rain will ruined our plan. But today, we managed to cycle together. Yes, for the first time ever on 2 April 2011 @ East Coast Park. It's been pretty long time since I last cycled. Oh how I love the feeling of the wind blowing across my face whenever I cycled at fast speed! Totally awesome! (:

I was wearing my red bag, red watch, red TOMS. And my bike was also the awesome red! Initially, I have this urge to rent the 'couple bike'. You know? Those two seated bikes but Hfz doesn't want to ): I think he secretly thinks that I weigh a ton and his legs couldn't carry my weight. I gave in to him and say "Ok luh nvm since you don't want to couple with me! We take the single bike once." Because I too am afraid that we couldn't balance each other, hahahaha! ;p But the next time we go cycling, let's rent the 'couple bike' alright?  

His outfit of the day was so ... sexxxxxxy. He look like he's out to go for a soccer match hehehe ^^
Oh, he need a haircut so freaking badly I know ): But then again, that hair looks so much like The Maine's sexy lead singer, John O'Callaghan. 

My red TOMS is turning black already. Not only that, but it's slowly tearing at the back ): 
This means; I need a new TOMS, yes? (: 

Current energy level: -1%. Feeling damn exhausted now.
Reason: It's been a few months since I did any form of exercise I feel so unhealty :/ and I've been awake since 8:30AM. Blame it all on the early waking up timing routine I had during the weekdays that my body is so used to waking up early, even on weekends! :/ 
Plan: Keep fit and go jogging once a week (hahahahaha, talk is cheap and cows will fly if this actually happens!) and I am so going to turn in early tonight.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I fooled you, you fooled me. We are all fools.

April Fool comes once a year so one should make full use of it and tricked people. For this year prank, I thought of changing my birthday date to 1st of April to fool those fools out there. Of course besides pranking friends on facebook I have other motive. And that is finding out who actually know when my birthday is and who actually relies on facebook to wish me happy birthday. Sad to say, there's a lot of people who fall for it and a couple whom I am actually quite disappointed with, tsk. But, it's okay, I'm cool. (:

I had my fair share of pranking people and I did get pranked too, twice! And both pranks made my heart skipped a lil bit.

First prank:

When I got to work earlier this morning, my colleagues asked me to send them gifts on Simply Hospital @ Facebook. Well, we kinda played that game to pass time at work so yeah... Logged in and there was a warning which says

(Okay, somewhere along that line. I can't remember!)
And they give me two options: Ok and a No.
So, I was damn sad + shocked + wtfuck is happening and asked my colleagues if they experience the same thing and they are such good actors they said no and they too looked shocked! ): I clicked on the 'No' button and the next thing I know all my pharmacy and clinics and whatever room there is in my hospital got bomb-ed. That feeling was .... arrrrrgh though I didn't really bother much about the game. After bombing my hospital, a HAPPY APRIL'S FOOL message popped out! That's a good prank from Simply Hospital Facebook Team! (:

Second prank:

Hfz: just put F. fook la, means what? i quit sch already?
Maya: means retain the module la?
Hfz: cos i fail 2 module twice?
Maya: retake again?
Hfz: can't. can retake once only. fook la, die already i feel so stupid
Maya: your friend pass?
Hfz: ya fook. i first one leh. first one to fail poly. the fook sia. cb la
Maya: ): then how? they didn't write anything there? no mail or anything?
Hfz: got ah. die liao. i don't want tell my mom
Maya: really drop meh? they can't anyhow drop you what. you still got other remaining modules
Hfz: fail 1 module twice. gg already. my sis say one
Maya: then no diploma? whaaaaaaaaaaat!?!!! baby!
Hfz: april's fool sia
Maya: *insert all those swearing words*

But, I got back at him with this:

Anyway, I thought this is freaking genius!