Sunday, May 29, 2011

Neoprints + Jewel Box!

Yesterday weren't any typical date. It was more of a 'pay back' date. Why?
Remember when I say it is a tradition for us to take neoprints every year on the 19 February? Well, this year on the 19 February we didn't took any and it was postpone, postpone, postpone until yesterday! Yes, we dragggggggggged for almost 4 months. Well, mostly is Hfz's fault. He kept telling me that he looks ugly or his hair is too short or his hair is too messy to take neoprints and each time he gave me a reason, I gave in but yesterday NO! we had to take by hook or by crook!
Like I mention in my twitter "Gotta luv neoprints machine! It makes one look pretty and flawless (not tt I'm saying myself!)" I love neoprints since forever and I don't understand why anyone who would dislike it. Just take a look at hfz's eyes. Extra round! He looks like a girl here hehehehee. I like how my hair colour looks like here. Told you neoprint makes you look close to perfection

Favorite 2 has got to be the bottom two! Bestest neoprint take ever these 4 years = love the outcome and love the shape of it (not your typical rectangular shape it's a cube shape!) Once out of the booth, Hfz says this to me "FINALLY. No more neoprint till next year!" Aw but baby you did a good job in posing for the photos you know? Ok actually I told him what poses to do :/ But, but he delivered them well doesn't he? ;P I sound like it's some kind of photo shoot when it's just .... -.- Oh, I feel like suggesting to the neoprint stores to have a 'props' section. Like y'knw props like hats or shades etc for us to use when taking pictures. I hope they invent this in the near future

When night falls, we made our way to Sentosa for ....

And may I add that it totally win Singapore flyer hands down. There's even free drinks and popcorn. (:
Sky dining @ the box next hokay hfz? *winkwinkwink*
So basically that sums up our 'pay back' date <; Picnic and kite flying with you some time soon, what say you?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I will never forget the times when I stayed late in school to complete the many projects deadline and had to carry the heavy ass laptop. I will never forget the times when my fingers ache due to writing of notes for the big exams and whereby I have to memorize tons of dry chapters on computer related stuffs which is totally not my cup of tea because I prefer design-related modules to dry theory modules ...

And all that I've endure for 3 crazy years and is thankfully, well paid off. 26 May 2011 marks the day where I officially became a diploma holder.

I still remember vividly how I felt during the first day of orientation at NYP. The friends I made, the class I got into. I was so thankful I got into DMIT 0815. We were so united as a class. But of course, as we got to know each other more, some conflicts occur but still, I dare say 0815 is the best class I ever had in my entire polytechnic life. I remember when at a point of time I used to hate school because I just couldn't seem to understand all those alien modules and have the thought of quiting school even. So back then everyday I go to school I will rant "I WANT TO QUIT SCHOOL!". But thank God for helpful classmates and friends around me for helping me in all the modules. 26 May 2011 wouldn't be my Graduation Day if I were to give up and really quit school back then. 

But of course all that wouldn't be possible without the support from the parent. Thinking back at how I treated them back in secondary school, I ought to be smack in the face with a chair. I must have disappoint them badly then ): But, hey you know what? After the ceremony I receive xo from the mother and a text from the father about how proud he was of me. ♥
The next graduation post would be one where I will graduate from a University wearing a robe and the motherboard. Insyallah!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Fleas, Daytona and B&J session. Does this routine sounds familiar? Well, yesterday was yet another catching up session with Missy S and Mr Lee. Anyway, I don't know if it's just me or are fleas getting boring! The past few fleas that I visited recently was mehhhh~ but yesterday's one weren't as bad thank god because i got myself:

< fleas >
1) a blazer that comes with a FREE White Chicks DVD.
Weren't exactly the blazer that I wanted because I was being the forever fickle-minded. I will never learn my lesson: See something you like at a flea/F21, BUY straight away and don't have the mindset of "Ok, I'll come back again for you" after walking one round/another day because you won't ever see them again ):
2) a pretty Chanel ring.
Price was pretty %$@#. I already bargain for a price reduced but fail. #funfact: I can't do this whole bargain thing.
< /fleas >
After splurging, walk around town and dinner @ Far East Plaza's Cahaya. cheap-food + good-food = fucking bloated tummy. With bloated tummy, we walked all the way from far east plaza to douby ghaut. Doesn't feel that far a journey since we talked, we gossiped and we made fun of each other.

< arcade >
Basketballs + Daytona which I got 2nd place! Major T-S-K
< /arcade >

< ben&jerry >
It was pretty crowded when we reached there and there's this big group of youngsters occupying my all-time-favourite sofa. So, me being me I was whining and we almost made our way to frolick when the whole group left B&J. and, tadaaaa we got the seat! (:
There was also performance from this guitar dude and a hot lady which btw, her voice sucks. And the whole time she's singing, there's this Caucasian man sitting right in front of her making ^^ contacts with her that got me and sera talking. Oh and by the side, there was also this chinese dude, that looks like william hung clapping and taking photos of her. I presume he is her biggest fan!
And sadly this time, we didn't snap any pretty pictures ):
< /ben&jerry >

But, I got a pretty birthday cards from Missy S! Never fail to cards from her every year (except last year!)
#funfact: I love receiving cards!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

oh beyond surprise!

"We have one task for you. You have to close your eyes"
and then I was blind-folded from harbourfront mrt station, all the way to keppel bay.
So if you see a retard walking with a blind fold like the one below yesterday, that's yours truly!

I've learnt one thing from being blindfolded, walking around with the help of the girls: trust! Trust that they will hold you and make sure you didn't miss any single step lest you fall. Trust that they 'sheltered' your head while getting in the cab to prevent you from knocking your head against it. Trust that they hold your hand and look out for coming cars while crossing the road (yes! we had to cross the roads i was so scared that they didn't look out for incoming cars and i die) but, hehehe i survived! and most importantly, I trusted them (not like I never did b4) but jyeah, i trusted them in taking care of my 'life'. okay i better stop before it get any cheesier. on and may i add that the blindfold hurts my ear so bad because i have soft, no-bone ears (i just found out yesterday thanks to them)
And when I took of the blindfold I was welcome with pretty colorful balloons, paper bag, cakes and a beautiful scenery which I've no idea that it was keppel bay at that point of time. Why are they so sweet? Told them before that I wanted to visit keppel bay then ... tadaaaaa! (': so touched that I shed tears of joy.
I was blindfolded yet again. This time was for the present which is the clove-leaf necklace. luv it! ♥

Aftermath of indulging in nasi lemak and cake, it's time for some america's next top model moments (read: taking pretty pictures!)

Another of the 'trust lesson'. Trust that they won't let you go! "Don't worry we won't let you go" Elly says.
Oh and trust that they are strong enough to carry the heavy you.

Truth told, I wasn't afraid they will let me go, I was afraid of breaking their backbone or something :S

After all that jumping shots and stuns, we decide to exercise our face next. who cares if we look so silly?
we are happy having so much fun and that's all that matters. (:

Before we knew it, night falls ....

It feels like we're kite balloon flying!
Y! Reason why I blurred my face: I look so shagged! ):
We sacrifice one of the balloon (well actually i already wasted 2 balloons: let them go by accident, whoops! :/) to suck in the helium.
I wanted to try em badly to see how my voice will turn out like so here it goes:
I sound so irritating in videos I can't stand it. What's more with that 'chipmunk' voice.
Don't judge my voice. It sounds human and less irritating in real life! Really (:
And the night ends with everyone feeling happy especially yours truly (:

Truth be told, i never expect all these. And as the post title says it all; I'm BEYOND surprise.
sweetest girls ever ♥ and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. With friends like these, who needs armies?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And then, I turned 2-OH!

Nothing beats leaving the house early in the morning with hugs and kisses from the mother and all her 'birthday wishes' to me which is pretty much the same every year.

Like that is not enough to brighten up my day, next I have the love of your life trying hard to run and hide behind the wall but too bad he's a slowpoke and I already see him from far! Not only do I get to see his pretty face but also we had morning walks together to the interchange and I received my first 20th birthday gift from him. Thanks babe, I really need that the most. Well, not only was there a gift there was also
Hfz's yummy no.1 french toast. Apparently, that fork, knife and honey syrup was from McD but the toasts itself was made with love by Hafiz Abdul Wahab. Best french toast I've ever tasted , swear!
"Days in May were disastrous until you came along" 
Like all that is not enough to make me happy for the rest of the day, the colleagues have to add to the sweetness!
A very adorable card and I'm amazed by that pop up heart stickers.
It's too pretty and the sweet message and oh not forgetting the cake! (:
No wonder they've been trying to 'get rid' of me in the office. I already smell something suspicious then!
But still, they caught me by surprise!

Like every other year on the 11th May, the day ended with family dinner, chocolate cakes and presents thereafter.
Simple yet lovely celebration I'd say! ♥♥♥

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am pretty sick of seeing this boring design on my site already.
I want to see pretty things like ponies, unicorns, fairies, glitters, stars and everything that is nice.
Don't judge me! ): Ideas, I need ideas!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hfz love me!

Yesterday, Hfz made me 4 french toast made with love presented in an ice-cream box.

Hfz: I looked everywhere for a tupperware but don't have so I used this ice-cream box.
Baru ingat (Just thought) want to write "made with love" but can't (copycat me only this boy!)

And, I swear the french toast is so yummy! I can feel the love while eating them, really! My baby is a better cook than I am. (':