Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hi, have you all already heard that I'm now travelling around the world in 60 days with Elly?!
Our first destination was to Paris! It was such a lovely and romantic place y'know

Next, we made our way to Maldives. To get in touch with all those colourful fishes
Currently, we're at the moon now. Such an awesome place to be. They have everything here and all is free!
And, you must be nuts if you really believe me. I'm just being mentally high and crazy at 1:30AM in the morning. #lifeofajoblessperson

I'm currently loving my jobless life right now. I like how I do not have to whine like others do on twitter (especially!), blog, facebook about how sucky it is to wake up in the morning, preparing to go to work. Waking up early in the morning for work is such a horrible feeling, been there done that.
I'm not too sure if I want an office job for the rest of my life. Y'knw the feeling almost every office working adult is going through: going "FML it's Monday, I'm having Monday blues" on every single Mondays and exclaiming "TGIF!" on a Fridays. This whole deal is so ..... (i-don't-know-how-to-describe-it)

*sings* They see my rollin' they hatin'

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Like I mention on Twitter before, if I had a chance to teach in a kindergarten school, I'd play skidamarink! every morning. My students would love everybody everyday!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Photobook Of Love!

Not that fancy. Not that pretty. Not that colourful. But I did it all from my heart.

Friday, June 24, 2011


As I was surfing the net on the 5th of June, I received an e-mail from Nuffnang. *refers to picture above* At first, I thought it was some scam or something since I can't remember participating in any contest and then as I was chatting with Hfz bragging to him about all these, suddenly something came into my mind ....

Well, there was once a contest whereby we have to fill in the blanks given the sentence:
I can ____ with just 1 _____, like how one click connnects Nuffnang to my Churp Churp account!
I texted Hfz and asked him to fill in the blanks and he gave me that answer which then I submitted on facebook.

When I told him that it's all thanks to him that I won, he was so happy he told me this:
Hfz: omg, i finally won something in my life. woooohoooo
Me: Eh hellllloooo, you won something bigger before this ey!
Hfz: Your heart?
Me: Yeahhhhh! (;

P/S: We make a great team, right baby!? ♥

So just this afternoon, hfz and i made our way to Nuffnang's office. I picture the office to be normal typical office but boy was I wrong. It looks like a freaking apartment, so cosy. Wish they were hiring ):
Off we go for a movie date aftermath. i can't remember the last movie date we went to. I remember watching movies every time with him when we are in high school. good ol' times huh. Well, we didn't use the vouchers today because well, i can't bare to use it, yet! hehehe :P first time i won something from nuffnang ok, i'm so happy. Thank you once again nuffnang and oh, churpchurp too. If you have not had a nuffnang account, what are you waiting for? Join now, it's free anyway what's more you will earn easy $$$$ and stand a chance to win attractive prices like I do!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

G'bye BCA Academy

Yesterday marks my last day working @ BCA Academy. It has also been a good 3 months and I've made up my mind to leave that place for a job with a much higher pay (which I have yet to find hahaha i know y'all will start asking me "why you so stupid quit your job b4 finding another?" helloooo it's my life. you jealous uh you must work your ass so hard while i can bum around :P) But honestly like what i told the workmates if i really can't find a job with a much more higher pay i will seriously consider coming back there again!  (:
Yes, the verification counter I'm working at is located at the canteen. Such convenient place to buy snacks in between the working hours. I don't eat at the canteen for lunch though coz the malay food there sucks pretty bad! >:(

We had pizza for lunch yesterday. I don't really get why each time it's someone last day of work we had to order in. Doesn't it means like celebration? Which also means you are celebrating the person's 'departure'? hahaha don't mind my idiotic thinking

5 verification temp staffs! oh how i luv working with young people. environment wouldn't be that dead as compared to working with adults, yes?

Favourite officer who i think is the only not so serious one when talking to us! (Y)

Despite those little unhappiness we had working with one another at times, I enjoyed working there. I won't forget how I always get fucked up customer calling me every tuesday and how there's piles of statements waiting for me to conquer them every single monday. oh let's not forget about the walking to and fro the counter to the office each time there's a missing signlist or when some officer needs something from me (like missing statements!) Not forgetting, those foreign workers. Though they may annoy me with those stupid things they do but some are just plain funny. Like there's one incident whereby I could't match his thumb print with the system and i asked for his passport and asked for his birthday and he couldn't answer me (idfk why they don't know their birthdays. it's pretty sad though, don't they celebrate it?) so i asked him to write them down and y'knw what he wrote? "January, February, March ...." and i was telling rahmah "I think he thought i want test him spelling" but y'knw it's lil things like this that bring us laughters early in the morning.

Now that I'm officially free from work, finally, I'm leading some life! Faster book me out for dates please this is the time for catching up. Eh hey I wish for a short gateway to anywhere out of this lil red dot but everyone is so busy to have time for me ....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I think God is trying to tell me something

Imagination runs wild as broken man started playing on the iPod. As i imagine my life without you, i saw one pair of birds flying together and i told myself this "if they never part their ways and fly together (until i can see them), we are going to be together till death." and indeed they flew together until they are out of my sight. you know what happen next? a couple (let's just say about 5 pairs) of birds starting flying past me continuously.
what does this mean? what is God trying to tell me?

I know I sound so lame and whatnot. and what kind of theory is this right?! maybe it's just pure coincidence that the birds happen to be there. or maybe not ....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Biggest Regret!

Each time we quarreled and I got real mad at you, voices in my head will tell me this "you have no right to be angry at him. You did far worst things than this." That one mistake is my biggest regret in life. If only, I could turn back time, I'd never do what I did

Yesterday, I made someone real mad, insulted, disappointed and sad add up altogether. I say mean things to him which I didn't mean them. I hope he forgives me soon ... )':

Lesson learnt to all the men out there: Never agitate women when they are on her periods.
It may be hard on you but it's even harder for us. Not like we have any control on our emotions. Just like you have no control on your horniness. But i know this is no excuse. I know I was in the wrong. If only I was less childish and just texted you where I was ...