Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kate Spade

i got my first kate spade, my first xxx$ bag using my own buckaroos and i never felt so happy before. next target? baby c! c for chanel *wink It's an achievement if a woman owns at least one branded item using her hard earned money. Yes? :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

week one

so i quit my #lifeofabum and one week has passed since i started working. gotten myself a temp. role in the resilience and marketing department at mica and i'm thankful for that ;) highlights:
  • pretty slacking for the first week since my manager was on leave.
  • had so much free time to browse blogshop, tumblr and etc. oh and i manage to (sneak) watching tbbt
  • work scope is somewhat related to what i did back in above 1.
  • (some) nice, humorous people
  • workplace is so near shopping district. 
  • got a whole cubicle to myself and i feel lonely at times.
  • my seat is directly in front of the director and behind me is the senior assistant director but thank god they are both very nice ladies. 
  • seated near them, i get to eavesdrop hear all their projects discussion and such which is quite err stressful :s
  • people working there are mostly in their late 20s and 30s. 
  • been having lunch breaks all by myself most days bcoz either they are busy or they have the presidential election briefing to attend to. yes, #foreveralone is me )':
i don't really mind going breaks alone you see but at times it can get lonely especially when the fasting month is going to end soon! p/s: i can't imagine eating alone, all by myself in a crowded room. so, if you are my true friend, you know what to do right? fyi, my lunch break is from 12:45 to 1:45 *wink

Friday, August 19, 2011


highlights: cute and funny boys. not-typical storyline: there's boygirl love and bromance love.
lowlights: stupid random musicians coming up from nowhere each time the background music appears. very annoying and retarded.

and there's this one part whereby the dude write the girl's name he likes all over his notebook and ...
m: you last time like that right? write my name all over.
h: no! you are the one that write my name.
m: *remember something* oh last time i remember you write my name at your school desk and take picture of it and show me.
h: *denies*

but he really wrote my name or was it just the letter 'M' and the writing is in gold! and i really miss those days ok. i would secretly peep at my hp (too bad skss sucks. they don't allow us to carry phones to sch) every time waiting for his text. text like "so what you have for lunch today?" can make me smile till the end of the day. crazy bitch. and if i don't receive his text for the whole day, i'll be erm well, sad and disappointed. talk about the 'chasing stage'. i think it's the best stage, ever. in a relationship ♥.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

pergi pasar beli ikan

dinz with the 1/3 girlies and it was Z's treat. i'm so lucky to have friends treating me to such feasts every single month *winkwink. i feel loved every time i get a treat y'knw. ok so the pick of the day is ... manhattan fish market (pasar ikan - ref. title) it was definitely a great catching up with them. makes me feel like i'm in high school all over again (': 

come to think of it, they have been correcting my malay since secondary school and up till now. like just now, i was so fascinated by zamira's portable iPhone charger so i tried it on my phone ....
M: Eh wah! kau tengok hp aku besar (eh wah! you see my hp so big)
Z: bukan besar maya, it's panjang! (not big maya, it's long)
(yes, the phone plus charger looks long, not big.) so you see, i kinda suck at malay, basic malay at that. even primary school kids can speak better malay than me. sigh. but come to think of it, i scored a better grade than hfz's in malay's o-level #likeaboss. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011


hahahaha err ok that's pretty awkward. the point is not to show my awkward video self but to show off that i have finally figure out how to transform videos into gifs via photoshop. that bitch is magic i tell you; she can transform everything into anything. gotta love photoshop. and that gifs above is yours truly first video-to-gif masterpiece. proud of myself ok

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maya's Pet Peeves Version 1.0

(not in any particular order)
  • When I tell someone something and they give me this answer: "SO?" It's so effing annoying I feel like asking the person to go back to his/her mom's uterus each time I get that.
  • People that give me their "wtfuck. how can?!" look whenever I did well in something at school. _|_ sorry, reality check: I'm way better than you so go suck your thumb 
  • People that says they didn't study at all for the test and is ready to flunk it yet ending up with a good grade in the end. Screw you, your luck must be damn good huh?
  • People that keep asking me the same questions almost every single time we talked. like for example the recent examples "when hfz enlisting NS?" having short-term memory or what?! please take the initiative to remember like recording them down in your diarybook or something k.
  • Recently there's this stupid slang people uses. "Eh this thing like A cool only." seriously. how and why they come out with this thing? LIKE A RETARD Y'KNW!

dig this out from Twitter which I tweeted before:
  • had a (mini) heart attack when I saw the price for threadless' 2nd payment! #mayapetpeeves: shipping fee
  • Noisy motorbikes especially when the biker is a mat! #mayapetpeeves I think they think they one big shot tt own th road
  • Foreigners who work in Singapore yet not able to speak basic English to serve your customers #mayapetpeeves
  • Slow computer!!!!!!! #mayapetpeeves

feeling extra bitchy today. there's definitely more to the list. just can't think of any at the moment. wait for version 2.0 (; don't hate me k, peace.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

bed deco.

high school's dream

if i could open a store of my own one day, it will be one of this kind. watch me (;
i still remember my dream back in high school: having my own boutique shop in singapore and rome (b'coz i'm mad mad about that country idkwhy) and nabilah will be my partner. that, was my dream and it still is now. and the above pictures from tumblr gives me inspiration ...

well, i don't even know if this dream of mine can be achieve but hey, like they say no harm dreaming right?! (; afterall it's better to have a dream than none at all. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

evening (mini) picnic date on 25th july

the reason why it's in the evening and a mini one was because hfz wanted his weekly dosage of 'very peri' chicken from barcelos. not a bad idea to have it in evening because we were just in time to catch the sunset (':

we bought awesome junkfood from marks & spencer!

and, this by far is the best! fuckin' orgasmic, yummmmmms

uhm hi, (:

our first polaroid together. yes i know we very outdated 

just saw a tweet "next time i grow up, i want to set up a shop beside forever 21 and name it FINALLY 21!"

gonna compile them into the scrapbook. i thought of an idea already. the only thing missing is the material.  yes, this calls for a scrapbooking shopping soon (:

O is for the only one i see ~
hello august, i hope you will be a better month since it's ramadhan. 
goal this month: get a job, stop going shopping, stop spending $ like water, control whatever temptations & fight inner demons and last but not least, bringing myself closer to the Almighty.