Sunday, October 23, 2011

my 101 dream

" i want to travel to different places with you. we will be capturing each moment. we'll be trying new things we haven't done before and we'll make sure each minute counts. at the end of the day we'll be talking about how our trip went, looking at our photographs and i'll be falling asleep in your arms. i always like to dream about you and me, travelling the whole world and we're so in love. "

p/s: i'm having some kind of wanderlust right now ^^

Friday, October 21, 2011

what up future?

i'm glad everything is going back on track relationship wise *happydance but i can't say the same thing for work. i'm still learning, enduring and adapting to changes happening recently. anyway on another note, i was reading an article earlier today about fresh poly graduates finding the perfect job for themselves. very meaningful and useful article for me. this caught my eye and i like it a lot:

"a higher salary doesn't always mean better learning opportunities. as a newbie on the job market, your top goals should be to gain valuable work experience and to improve your skill set"

go figure.
every single day w/o fail i keep worrying about my future. le sigh

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


well, nothing makes sense anymore. what I'm gonna say next is overated/overused but I really do mean it now:

dear god, 
please make me stronger than before. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

for the muslims

so i saw this article at facebook and it gives me the chills and goosebumps. and i kinda teared a lil. kept thinking about it and can't help but feel so scared. well, i don't know how reliable or true this is only He knows..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


skinnytoast is my twitter screen name. it came about suddenly when i'm eating my toast and feeling skinny. hah just kidding. idk, it just came to me one day just like that. oh it sounds so much like my all-time fav. fashiontoast (read: rumi neely) right? i even name my sims rumi neely yknw *giggles* skinnytoast luv fashiontoast. skinnytoast wants to look like fashiontoast. kbye, gotta get back to work ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

war in the wardrobe

it was a stay-home clean my wardrobe sunday. been procrastinating for the longest time and thankfully my hardworking vibe visited me today ;)


so in need of a new wardrobe. pronto. have been bugging the mother for a new wardrobe but she keep delaying and delaying :(  i seriously have no idea i've that MUCH clothes until just now and some of the clothes look alien new it's like they suddenly appear in the wardrobe. the picture above that you see is only like 2/3 of my clothes! ikr mad crazy. wanted to give some away but each time i put them aside i just couldn't bare to sigh. need to stop splurging on clothes already #notetoself if i can't splurge on clothes, at least i can spend some on shoes right? *giggles seriously need to find new pair of flats and sandals! shoe-shopping, anyone? :)

/ooops, i just remember buying a pair of botas last weekend ;x

Saturday, October 8, 2011

review: magnolia sherbet

are you a fan of ice-cream or fruits or both ice-cream and food? here's some sweet treat for all sweet-tooth out there! ice-cream + fruits combo = *poof* it became honeystars f&n magnolia sherbet. the ice-cream comes in three flavor: luscious lychee, marvellous mangosteen and delightful orange. tried the luscious lychee and guess what?! it tastes so good and refreshing especially in this hot and humid weather. ahh, simply heavenly (': i wish they come in those big tub though. gonna try the other 2 flavor soon! anyway if you haven't try this awesome stuff yet what are you waiting for? head down to your minimarts and grab them for only 1.40$ each! hurry hurry hurry before i buy them all *giggles

stay home alone saturday

can't remember the last time i stayed home on a saturday. alone! :( already watched the latest episode of himym, modern family and antm. gonna take a shower and patiently wait for hfz to fetch me for dinz. 
sorry for wasting your time reading this blog post hehe. ok, let you see my ugly face as an apology:

this was a dress-down-lazy date last weekend where we did some couple activities together at tan tock seng (read: making new glasses!) 
i have a total of *counts* 5 glasses now #showoff. ya i know, if only i have 5 pair of eyes right? k, i better shower now before my prince knock on the door and see my smelly face (like he never see b4 like that.) hahaha kbye

Friday, October 7, 2011

mummy's day

mother was away for 3 days but fret not, the house did not turn up side down ok. she can count on her daughters to keep the house clean you see *cough so as soon as i saw her when she got home, i gave her a big tight hug. oh what a bliss to have her back home. the best part? she came home w/ a luggage full of FOOOOOOOOOOOOD! so anyway as soon as i ended work, i made a trip to hunt for her cake. was actually daydreaming while listening to swifty's song in the train that i stupidly missed my stop and had to u-turn back. so yes, got our all-time favourite cake from polar. really fucking awesome b'coz there's nutella and it beats the taste of awfully chocolate's. hands down.

bought the cake and braved the rain, storm and lightning home.  *things i do for my mother part 1*

sissy and i went hunting for her present the other day at town and we practically walk all over orchard road to find the perfect one before settling for the guess wallet. tired y'knw *things i do for my mother part 2* and also in the midst of all that, we managed to shop somethings for ourselves too. oh don't get me started on how much i've been shopping lately. god need to save me. my wardrobe is ... i-don't-know-what-state it is in right now. even worst than pig sty i tell you. shall twitpic picture of it one of these days. *smh

happy b'day once again mother. i love you even though you keep nagging at me and i'm really puzzled how can you still continue nagging and mumbling to yourself even when i'm already out of your sight, away from you. haha funny. i guess all mothers are like that, yes? but at the end of the day, i know my mom is the best. X


and so, i'm having a love hate relationship w/ my job at MICA. not going to rant it all here because it's totally not safe. anyway today is MICA's bring-your-children day. so many juniors running about in the office and i felt like i'm at the playground instead of the office.

M:today office alot lil boys & girls running ard sia
H:bring yr kids day?
M:ya, should have bring you uh!
H: bring yourself la childish! 

so you see i kept nagging hfz to find a job instead of wasting time at home waiting for doomsday (read: National Service) to arrive and each time i bring up the topic and lecture him, he always give me that "whatever you say bitch, i ain't gonna listen to your bullshit" face. and he looks just like boys doing the face when they got lectured by their mothers. don't know what face i'm talking about? let tyra show you:

ok something like that w. the tongue not sticking and my baby looks cuter of course. want to know what's my reaction when he gave me that face? no, i didn't slap him. in fact i pinched his cheeks and gave him a kiss. so adorable to get mad at you see. for a moment i thought i'm in a relationship w/ my son hahaha. ok serious thoughts now; at times i wished he will enlist to NS pronto instead of wasting his time away but at the same time, i can't bear to see him go sigh. /slitwrist

oh hey look the clock reads: 05:30PM. WORK'S OUT! have a good friday everyone and happy birthday to my mother yay she's coming back from overseas today! ;)