Thursday, November 24, 2011

halloween came late for me this year. boo?

one day, maya was fiddling with liquid eyeliner and hot red lip-smacker. she sat by the window side as her fingers click the camera button and snapping her fierce-scary-looking look. guess how many snaps did she has at the end of the session? 100 over jpgs. numerous enough to make a halloween photo album .... (or not)

want to take a look at other jpgs? click on the 'read more' link below but beware it's not for the faint-hearted or anyone that dislike maya's face ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


had our 57th celebration over at carousel last saturday. not only was it a celebration for our special day but it was also an advance 'farewell dinz' for the boy before he serves the nation.
clad in navy blue ohvola dress, stockings, accessories and my heartie shoe

clad in H&M navy blouse, topman vest and jeans and his vans
had a horrible bad hair and face day so i guess you will see more of hfz face here than mine. and trust me, he was the main attention that day. he received compliments, one after another that evening while i receive none. first was when we were on our way walking to carousel and this one photographer approach hfz and asked if he could take a photo of him and his outfit for his collection of street-style wear. second, was when he were at a restaurant and this couple praised his photography skills. OH but most of the photos of me that he snapped turned out blurry. irony much? 
mad loving the lobster. i feel like flying to carousel now for their lobster

he is a sushi-lover. #funfacts: me and jap food don't click. at all *pukes*

the hair is going to be gone pretty soon :/

the only decent picture that hfz snapped of me at the stairs
b'coz the rest turn out pretty blur

and the night ended w/ him surprising me with a piece of beethovan's melody ... hahahaha i wish!
my boyfriend only knows how to strum the guitar even though he has piano fingers. what a pity
carousel service was good. the food was good. the company was great. i guess it's worth the $ spend that night. sucks that they have very limited halal buffet restaurant here. we are aiming for straits kitchen next! ;)
people would often give you this one advice before you go to a buffet: don't eat breakfast and lunch so it will be worth your $! if can, don't eat at all the day after hahahaha but of coz our tummy couldn't take it (actually only hfz's coz i ate my breakfast!) we had our all time favourite oreo cheesecake @ secret recipe.

"you are my angel"
actually i need no compliments from anyone else as long as i have your "you are so beautiful."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

freedom at level 6

in case you are wondering why i have time to blog even though i have tons of to-do-list (if you don't know i have tons of to-do-list, that only means you haven't been following me on twitter.), well that's because .....
(afk for 30 minutes)
ok i'm back. wanna know the reason why i'm away from keyboard? there's a freaking fire drill and we had to gather at the field in front of fort canning park. a lil bit waste of time and my energy i'd say! reminds me of the time i had in secondary school. having to gather at the field under the hot sun but lucky me, the weather is very cooling just now ;)

anyways, /back to track i am now seated at a room at level 6 instead of the usual level 5 because i have a new task now as a *cough* "video editor". love it here because i have the room all to myself and there's so much freedom. wanna see my new desk and 'own' room?

say holla to my new desktop ;) love the screen here so much wider and oh there's a speaker too! ^^

cool some shit huh? need it for my video editing #macampaham

the door gives a loud "KREEEEK" sound each time someone opens it. irritating+freaky combined together. and not to forget, it weighs a freaking ton!

a mike for me to sing! ^-^

hi mac, i feel like taking one of you home!

sadly i will only be here for a few days le sigh. shall treasure and savor every moment i am here. timecheck: 5:40; time to pack up and gtfo mica. well, my usual knock off time is @ 6 but i am sure no one will bother about me here and i think i can come to work at 9am instead of the usual 830am tomorrow. rebel *giggles ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

i ♥ you x ∞

what do you do when you are all dressed up and ready to go out but it's raining cats and dogs all of a sudden?
you do this:
polka dot + glasses + ponytail = i felt like a school girl ^^

yesterday was a simple yet fun date. we went ikea for their awesome meatballs and potato, fries and cheese croquettes, hotdogs, ice-cream and 1$ refillable drink. and walking around and pretending like ikea was our home ^^
*while we were on our way to ikea;
h: -saying mean things about me (i think. can't really remember)-
m: if it was other girls i think they would have left you already.
h: that is why you are not other girls. you are my girl!
m: *giggles

after ikea, we made our way to century square for 23:59. i only have one question; does the washroom and room really look like the one shown in the movie? if it is, i pity all them boys. one thing fo sure i know i can't survive in that kind of environment. aftermath, we witness a couple quarreling and screaming at each other at the side of the roadside. hfz suggested we go near them, kiss and 'chant' i love you to each other. but... of course we didn't. i couldn't imagine what would have happen if we did!

we ended the day with wendy's strawberry milkshake at the back of the car talking about everything. oh how i love simple date like this 

Monday, November 7, 2011

first world pain

this happen like months ago when i signed up for google +. i didn't know that my google + account is linked to my picasa account which is also linked to blogger! when i saw the my google + had albums containing photos of what i uploaded in my blog, i happily deleted them w/o thinking that it may affect my blog post. but the good thing is that i didn't deleted ALL of them;

from picasa!

from google +

notice how i didn't delete the albums in 2009 but!!!! it's only from august 2009 onwards. so from 2006 (the day i started blogging and my first link was to august 2009, all the photos burned, all gone :( why can't i just lock the albums like the others instead of just deleting it?! memories gone, just like that. le sigh. and if you were to double check my 2006-aug 2009 entries and you still can see photos instead of ugly black box w/ exclamation marks, it is the ones from photobucket. now now for the first time i felt so thankful for the existence of photobucket

help me google!
already downloaded the program suggested above but i haven't try anything yet. i really hope it will be able to recover though :/ or does anyone has faced the same thing before and had an alternative method?! the reason why i'm only 'overreacting' now and not the first time i found out is because; when i was browsing through finding a particular post, i saw too many ugly black box w/ exclamation mark. and the purpose of this post? to remind myself of how stupid i was in case one day i had alzheimer or something and saw too many black box and panic

the next thing i'm going to rant about is; i can't find the particular post (the one i mention above) anywhere. tried the labels link; none. tried putting in search button on my blog; still no results found. was watching the notebook earlier today and i remember blogging about it the first time i watched but ... oh for the love of god, why is blogger doing this to me?! i picture myself crying helplessly if one day blogger decided to delete all of dearockstar-iloveyou. it contains way too much memories. i love it a lot and i'm going to blog till i grow old and passed it to my children and great-grandchildren *wipes tears #dramamama 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

create film festival

crave to watch a movie but is broke at the moment or have no movie companion?  fret not! with create film festival, you will be able to book tickets, enjoy not one not two but three short movies in the comfort of your own home. this means no one will 'shushhhh' you and you do not have to silence your phone either. how awesome powsome huh?

first story: hi, i'm an engineer. 
it's a story about this dude that went speed dating session for the first time and not knowing what to expect. he is led through a journey of discovery, twist and surprises.

second story: flight
growing up, jeremy has always been fascinated with airplanes but when he was shortlisted for Air Force Pilot selection programe, he is taken aback by his own response.

third story: building dreams
till then, ian pang still can't believe that he gets paid to play computer games at work. this film follows his journey from mario-obsessed kid to someone working for lucasarts singapore.

and personally among three shows, my favorite would be flight. i somehow can relate myself in this film. whatever i am fascinated in since young might not be what i inspire to be in the future ...(ok before i sidetrack about how confused and worried i am for my future i better stop and get back on track!) so yes i prefer flight to the other two. 

wanna know the ending to the three stories above?! 
you gotta watch them yourself! but first you need to book your ticket at film festival! i was pretty amazed at this booking of tickets part. they made it look like you are booking a ticket to a real cinema when it's only a home theater experience! 
the best part of it all is this;
not only that but also there's an instant win prizes (garrett popcorns, movie vouchers etc.) at the end of the show. answer 3 questions (based on the 3 films) at the end of it and if luck is on your side, you would win the instant win prizes! sadly for me, i didn't win :( but hey, maybe i am going to win the iPAD 2. who knows right!? ^^ i'd be able to know the result through their facebook page on the 9th nov *cross fingers and toes*

so so have you booked your tickets to win an iPAD 2 yet? if not, what are you waiting for?! 
hurry before tix are sold out : BOOK TICKETS NOW!

Friday, November 4, 2011


anyone w/ instagram? find me @skinnytoast ! ;)
i'm so loving instagram now. it's like a combo between tumblr and twitter. awesome powsome! 

p/s: i'm losing my blogging vibe :( will regain it soon. promise. 

if anyone of you is interested in starting up an online store globally and hassle free, do check out TheEZSuite! more details here: