Sunday, January 29, 2012

hfz turned 21

my man turned 21 two days ago. and i had this idea of doing a video compilation of his friends and family wishing him a happy birthday. invited 20+ people over the page but only 2 get back to me w/ a video ////wrist. i take that boys don't fancy taking vids + the famous reason to give: "i'm in NS, i don't have the time and no webcam/phone camera/video cam." oh well, but here's the outcome anyways:

i took over 40+ vids for my part. from finding the perfect spot at home to having klutzy hands and butter fingers which result in the paper dropping all over and to working on my facial expression. compiling, combining and editting the videos was pretty last minute. that explain the ultimate failure in background music but seeing that look on hfz's face when he first saw the vids was priceless i guess (it's be more awesome if he shed some tears hahahahaha)

hfz had surprises after surprises (and suspense too) in between the whole day because of...
DIY-ed with love birthday vouchers. a total of 7 vouchers given randomly at different timing. tell me i'm sweet or what?! *self-praising*

what's a birthday w/o birthday card right?! oh how i love receiving cards and a long-handwritten sincere letter. *hinthint my b'day is May 11*
voucher 1: lunch for 2 @ fika cafe. due to some circumstances, we ditch fika for hfz's favourite nandos even though i've made reservation. well, i hope the staff didn't curse me or anything

and just in case you're wondering, we always sat side by side at the restaurant instead of facing each other. we feel more comfy and closer to each other ;) ok, all together now "EEEE SO CHEESY!"

voucher 2: one pair of vans/converse shoe.
which he asked me to put on his list of rain check items.

voucher 3: a day at playnation/e2max
he choose the latter and we played rock band which was so freaking awesome! we sang our hearts out and played the guitar. well, mostly i was the sucky singer and he the guitarist b'coz the guitar and me don't seem to match hahahah i got a lil annoyed playing the guitar.

+ that place reminds me so much of the time i had "filming" there. WHAT! I was once a tv reporter/actress/whatnots yknw. don't remember? here you go: WII Challenge ahhhh, good ol times i look so young with my cheena bangs. I remember cutting my bangs before "filming".

+ pretty red background = time for some OOTD shots ;)

voucher 4: dinner for 2 @ artease
we had their macaroons only because we weren't feeling hungry or anything :/

voucher 5: choosing your own birthday cake
hfz picked secret recipe white chocolate cake! not bad of a choice ;) gotta luv all of SR cakes

voucher 6: star and moon gazing with the love of your life
the plan was to bring him to punggol promenade but we got lost in punggol and couldn't figure our way there. first world problems w/o the car and GPS. iPhone's google map kinda suck sighhhh but i made it up to him by going to.... punggol park!

lit up the candles, sang birthday song, ate the cake, snacking on chocolates i bought for him (part of the surprise and present (fake) star and moon and sky gazing, played with the candle wax and talk about everything

voucher 7: spending a lifetime with maya
ok ya ya i'm very cheesy it's so gross. i was so shy i didn't want to give him this voucher initially but he grabbed it from me

you think that sums up his 21st celebration? well, you thought wrong. we had another celebration at his place the yesternight together w/ his relatives! his momma bear organized a steamboat + bbq feast. oh such a lucky boy man he is huh? ;)
happy 21st birthday once again my handsome mang ♥  

Monday, January 23, 2012

it's crazy how you make me feel everytime

"When we get married, I hope we still act like the fun couple who will always laugh in the end of the day.Don’t worry, I promise to cook for you,sleep beside you,shower together, cuddle in the sofa and ask how’s your day when you came home from work. Just promise me that you will still keep doing the things that made me fall in love with you everyday. That’s all i want. I love you.

I want to have a family with you. Cute little babies, average house, average life. I just want to be your wife. I want to be the mother of our children. I want you to be my husband, nobody else but you. I want us to have babies, name how many. Kidding aside, I want to spend the rest of my life with the one I love. I want to bake you cookies, cook dinner for you, sleep with our angels, everything. We will go to amusement parks with our babies. We will celebrate their birthdays each year. We will go to our dream places together. We will be together forever."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

500 days of red roses for aj rafael

AJ's broke my first concert virginity that monday's night on the 16th  (well, disney on ice and such are not counted of course) and my first was beyond awesome. AJ and his crew were amazing. well, the concert was held at drama theater at 7:30pm and the whole morning and afternoon at work i couldn't concentrate at all. it's like my body was in the office and my soul was already at the drama theater. weeks before the concert, i created red roses playlist and has been playing them on repeat during work. i'm still playing his songs on repeat now. oh talk about having the rafael's fever! ;)

met missy see after work at bugis and we were rushingggggggg everywhere; hunt for finger food to visiting the ladies to the drama theater. and my heart was jumping w/ joy and excitement and what-have-yous! after walking like what feels like forever #exaggerating, we FINALLY reached the venue and was welcome w/...

would like this poster better if his crew's faces were bigger (esp. noah's)
and make that 2 chicks faces smaller (hahaha well i REALLY DO NOT FANCY them
you will know why later...)

we chillax at the lobby before entering the gate of heaven and as expected, there were so many xmms (read: young girls) we felt um.. old especially w/ our working outfit and fatigued faces. oh well, age doesn't matter when it comes to having fun at the concert right? right!
small eyes + ginormous eyebags + bald patches + chubby cheeks = hafiz still love me! #luckiestgirl

krissysings kickstart the concert and it was mehhhh. they sang a couple of songs and swifty's sparks fly. it was ...
them: *sings* the way you move is like a fallen rainstorm~
us: *look at each other* EEEEEEEEEE
if taylor was there, i'm pretty sure she will feel insulted. they are just another pretty face i guess *shrug*
them: and the next song we are going to sing is ....
me: huh what another song?!!! get lost!
missy s: eh throw egg at them!
the only lowlight of the concert was them. i mean aj could easily ask jesse barrera or even my all-time-fav ryan bandong to his show right. ok i don't mind jayasslee too in case some people think i'm biased. oh well, oh well...

so when aj and his crew came on stage, *SCREAMMMMM*
noah was *SWOON AWAY* he looks like he's wearing hfz's secondary school uni and ahhhhhh. guess i'm sick of seeing guys in formal wear. guys in school uniform = turn on #pedho

they took my mind of everything (especially work) and all i did was scream and sing along for that two awesome hours. aj and his crew sounded really amazing. y'knw most singers sounded like shitz irl but his voice = b-e-a-u-tiful.  i can shed tears of joy listening to him ;') ah, such a talent he is. he even tried to speak singlish and it was hilariously cute. disappointed at the low quality photos? pay $ and catch him LIVE w/ HD vision (if you no cock-eye) next year! *SCREAMS* which we are so going to go again and this time? CAT 1 baby, CAT 1! ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

first saturdate in 2012

  • cheap food at the night market
  • heart to heart talk about work at hougang mall's rooftop
  • bought cheap vcds
  • pet safari at vivocity looking at adorable rabbits and doggies
    m: how much did your family bought jippy for?
    h: free
    m: huh how come?
    h: coz jippy come out from my mother what
    m: *burst out laughing*
  • vans and pig lining
  • ben & jerry's waffles icecream
  • barcelos very peri chicken meal
  • DIY manicure and talking about everything at vivocity's rooftop w/ the company of moon, stars and the wind
  • night market food for supper
  • cheeky walk home
our first weekend date in 2012 was simple and cheap . i always can't get mad at you for long whenever you're late for our dates because you always know how to cool this burning heart down. thank you for listening to my work rants, encouraging and comforting me that everything is going to be alright. most importantly, thank you for me making me smile and laugh genuinely again. i love it when i make you laugh like a crazy cow and tell you "only i can make you laugh this way right?" it proves one thing; you're still happy being with me even after 4 years, 10 months, 2 weeks & 6 days and i'm so glad and thankful for that. guess you're the only reason why i'm still sane in this crazy world. yikes how cheesy.

was telling hfz that i wanted to close down my blog soon (joking) and he gave me that "WTF WHY? NOOOOO DON'T" disappointed face. i'm secretly happy with his reaction because at least i know he appreciates my time and effort to blog out our activities together. never am i going to close this blog. dearockstar-iloveyou has already became a part of us. it's like our own 19 february ♥ story novel which i have in mind to let our kids, grand kids, great great grand kids, great great great grand kids (ok you get the picture right?) reads!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

review: bifesta sebum cleansing lotion

they say there's no ugly girls in the world only lazy girls! but it would be a disaster too if you're hardworking in dolling yourself up (read: makeup) but are lazy to remove them after a long tiring day.  just imagine having your makeup on till the very next day or days even! result in: clog your pores = pimple outbreaks = ugly face! yes yes i know removing makeup is such a chore and it'll take quite some time but hey fret not, you have BIFESTA to the rescue!

/sidetrack dearest nuffnang have decided to let me try out their bifesta sebum cleansing lotion/eye makeup remover . oh lucky me. went to collect the product on the 2nd dec at their office and boy was the office cosy. been mentioning it many times now but hey it's really cosy ok ;) looks more like a home than a since then i've been using bifesta as my makeup (in my case remove my eyeliner) remover for nearly a month now and sadly it's going to run out soon :(

  • use anytime and anywhere as it is non-rinse (especially for lazy people like me) you can wipe your makeup off w/ cotton pad while watching TV, after a late night party or even on board a plane!
  • refreshingly light coverage
  • remove waterproof makeup easily 
  • non sticky, non oily! it's water base 
  • contains vitamin e & b for sensitive skin around eyes
3 simple steps (requires minimal effort) and your face will be free from makeup:
(photos not needed actually since it doesn't do any justice but i want to have an excuse to camwhore can or not?! ;P)

1. soak cotton pad w/ lotion.
    alert: do not use directly on hands. 

2. hold cotton pad against eye for a while before wiping it off.
    alert: do not scrub or tug at your face

3. use a new piece of cotton when current ones get dirty. repeat until cotton pad is completely clean which    also depends on how thick your eye makeup are! p/s: i need 2 pads for each eye

4. VOILA! hahah i know you can't really see the different due to webcam quality and i really put very lil eyeliner on so yup

easy peasy right? they have a pretty wide range of cleansing products. from the non-rinse series to rinse-off to dry skin to oily skin to dull skin to agecare to normal - oily skin t all skin type. *phew breathe in and out* and it's recognised for japan's 1st water-based makeup remover!!!!! means = very powerful! so whatchu waiting for? visit your local drugstore and grab them now ;)

y u cho cute workers at nuffnang? hehehe
look i didn't bluff you right?! ;)

thank you too nuffnang for letting me try bifesta. y'guys are forever awesome powsome ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year's kiss

it's a bliss to be able to be right beside you on the last day of 2011 and the start of 2012. even though it's not what i expected but it's still perfect.

fulfilled ;)